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My hardest desision, FREE DIRK YOuNG!!!

30 Nov


The article below was writen by me and seen and by Dirk Young, the intorduction is my personal feelings. I do not know any particulars about this other then what I read in the papers, and the feelings of my friends. i dont know, nor do I want to know any specifics, all information used in the articles comes from newspaper articles and my interpretation of that data.


Dedicated to all those who call street justice revolutionary justice, but never have to live through the after math.

In 2001, a Black youth was slain in front of thousands of witnesses in victoria park. This was done in retaliation to a stabbing that happenned at a night club that was retaliation for etc. etc. shortly after, my best friend came crying to me about her friend being killed, burtally, in front of thousands of people and borrowing julian tactics asked why no one did anything and justice for her friends. (i think there were fire works in the park for Victoria day or some shit and thats why all the people were there) No ones going to snitch to a murder 2 but for thousands of people to be there and do nothing while someone is getting killed?what the fuck!!!!, Shortly after, I found out that Joel was not the target but someone who happenned to be at the wrong place at the wrong time and the rival gang that was involved was full of my friends as well. A mass hysteria was brewed, which tore many people apart and this incident had the potential to a huge bloodbath. Out of this Hysteria, Dirk was charged along with the person who was convicted of the stabbing of secound degree murder. His trial was a joke, and even today I know I will be attacked by friends like my best friend for defending dirk, or other friends for this introduction. So why am I opening old wounds? Because as one can see from the article Dirk is Still in jail, his life and youth spent and most people forgot about him . Since the pre and post g20 drama i thought of Dirk alot, but I did not write, nor get his phone calls I know how easy it is to forget about people on the inside, but what can I say sorry ive been dealing with g20 drama to remeber you? The secound reason is to show how hard some desisions are to make, yet make them you must (maybe thats why I like argueing with anarchists, it distracts me from the real problems we face) But third and most importantly to remind people who easy a diss can turn into bloodshed, how we beef over bullshit and all kill each other for 20 peices while they laugh at us. The sad fact that my best friend will remind me when she calls me in tears when she reads this is JOEL IS DEAD, and when my other friends read this is DIRK IS stilL wrongfully in jail. Who has won? where is the honor. K dub gang violence, like kw people doesnt just happenned in kw, it like crews moves to diffrent citys. im not waving a white bandana, or blue or any other color. Too many people have died from this od’s and other shit. Im trying to make hard desisions in hard times and alot of the time i feel like the work me and my comrades do is damage control. Thats why I believe and even glorify in communism. Because anything is better then this shit and if a bright future does not exist we still have to fight for one, making hard desiosions like this.

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Several years have passed since Dirk went to jail, we still remeber and demand that he be freed!!!!!

Free Dirk Young
Why is Dirk Young in jail for secound degree murder? To be sure what happened in Victoria Park several years ago that led to the death of Joel Munroe was a tragedy, but is justice really served by imprisoning Dirk Young? I feel that it is not, and do not come to that conclusion easily. When Joel Munroe was murdered I too, like so many others, bought the story that he was a victim of a racist lynching committed by a Serbian gang of ethnic cleansers that called itself the “Slingers”. I like so many others marched with Dudley Laws chanting “charge the killers with murders”, I handed out flyers denouncing Kitchener as a “KKK” town who did not care about the treatment of its non white citizens. Yet today I feel that the secound degree murder conviction of Dirk Young is unjust and does not deal with the underlying causes that led to the brutal murder that day in the park.

My first reason why I am opposed to this conviction is that I do not believe that Mr. Young had a fair trial. One must remember that this crime was committed at the height of the national hysteria about ethnic cleansing in Yugoslavia. We were at war with Milosevic and Serbian people were promoted as evil monsters. If they were capable of such atrocities in there own country what could they be capable of doing in our precious land of multiculturalism? The media played this point up as if it was a fact. Ironically none of the names of the accused Miller, Barges and Young sound very Serbian to me, but even today you still here about the Serbian Slingers who committed racist murder in Victoria Park despite the fact that no Serbian has been charged with the murder. In this climate of hysteria how can anyone have a fair trial? You can’t tell me that people in Kitchener have not been biased by years of coverage of this event with the bias that this was a racist attack committed by evil Serbians.

If one examines the transcripts of the trial one can see that Young was not convicted of secound degree murder because of what happenned that day in the park, but rather for who he was and his relationship to the Slingers gang. Barges, the youth who actually admitted to doing the stabbing was found guilty of secound degree murder, meaning that the court found out that the stabbing was not premeditated. In his own word he did not know that he was going to do the stabbing until it happened, the secound degree verdict confirms this. If Barges did not know that the stabbing was going to happened until he did it then how was Young to know this.

What Young thought he was getting into was a swarmming and gang beating, and while this is not angelic behaviour, it was still never proven in court that he knew that a murder would take place hence a conviction of manslaughter, like Miller the other accused would have been more appropriate. The trial however did not focus on this point but instead focused on his life and afilliation with the Slingers. So Young is not in jail for what happened in the park but because he is poor and as a result of his circumstances was a member of a gang.

The secound reason why I am opposed to the incarceration of Young is because it does not bring justice nor solve the underlying problems that gave rise to that horrible day in the park. There are several factors one considers when sentencing someone, the first is to rehabilitate the person and make him a productive member of society,after all we call prisons correctional centres. However as someone who has done time in jail let me assure you that nothing in jail that young will learn will improve his behaviour nor make him a better person. Jails are overcrowded colleges for criminals where they go, hang out with only criminals and must adapt to the mores of a society of deviants. Nothing in that sounds like it will correct his behaviour. Another reason for sentencing someone is to stop others from committing the same crime. This would be better served by recognizing that this particular crime was committed in retribution to a stabbing that took place in a night club before. It was a gang beef, not a Dahmers like crime. To prevent this from happening again it would better serve the community to fight the conditions that give rises to gangs, poverty, hopelessness, despair. Give something for people to believe in, to hope for, to live for. Young himself came from a broken home, who only knew poverty and despair, give familys like his help so we don’t have history repeat itself. It would better serve our community to have young speak to schools and other youth who are going through the same thing he went through and tell them wake up don’t end up like me.

Finally the three accused were not the only people in the park that night, nor are all the people who were at the lyric when a slinger got stabbed arrested. Many people who were involved in the beef are still on the street. What the downtown community needs is closure, not to reignite these evil passions. In South Africa after the aprthied government fell there was a truth and reconsiliation commision where all sides got together, admitted to the crimes committed by both sides and worked to forgive and move on. This is what is needed, this is justice and makes sure that we learn from our collective mistakes as a community. Until this happened there will be many more youth dieing for no good reason and many more rotting

Mihai Eminescu Emperor and Proletarian

30 Nov

This is a poem by Romania’s national poet and national hero Mihai Eminescu it’s called Emperor and Proletarian. This is his most controversial poem and if you want to start a fight among Romanians bring it up. I do not put this hear because i claim he was a communist, nor do I want to reopen a old discussion on what his politics are and which faction owns him. Eminescu is for ALL Romanians and the peoples of the world to enjoy. I publish it because it is my favorite poem and when I would be sad or think of cops (usually happends at the same time) my mom would quote me from it in a booming revolutionary voice and I would laugh. So here it is

“Squatting on wooden benches, within a tavern bare,
Where daylight’s rays but dimly through dirty windows show,
Before a long, stained table, their faces drawn with care,
Wearied out by wandering and doubting’s black despair,
These are the wretched sons of poverty and woe.
“Ah friends,” said one, “you think man is a light that glows
Upon this earth of sorrowing and misery?
Why, not a spark is there in him that candid shows;
His lamp is dark as is this globe on which he grows,
And over which the lord omnipotent is he.

Tell me then what justice means… The powerful secure
Behind their wealth, within their circling laws conspire
To mass still greater wealth against the needy poor,
Against ourselves, that we shall all the toil endure
Bowed down and bent in labour’s yoke our lives entire.

Some pass their time in ceaseless revelry and play;
The hours smile for them, and amber wine they drink;
The winter months in gardens do they wile away,
Coolness of alpine snows the summer fires allay;
They turn the morn to eve, and from the sun’s eye shrink.

Virtue for them does not exist, but they will preach
Sacrificing, love and diligence to us.
The heavy car of state must rumble on, and each
Of you must pour his blood into the battle’s breach,
That of your endless pain they may grow prosperous.

Countless, mighty hosts, and navies on the sea,
Splendid golden crowns on noble foreheads worn,
Riches from near and far, in thoughtless quantity,
These hold the rich aloft in high sublimely;
While on our aching backs are all the burdens born.

Religion-but a tale, astutely spread abroad
To rivet on your shoulders the heavy harnessed load,
For, had you lost all hope of heavenly reward
After a life on earth with pain and hardship scored,
Would you go on working as an ox beneath the goad?

With what strange phantom shadows are your illusions fed
That make you set your faith in heaven’s promised store?
No, when your life is passed, all hope of joy is sped,
And he who dies in misery, in misery is dead;
For those who pass the grave come back again no more.

In lies and windy phrases their state and safety stands,
Their holy law and order is but an empty creed,
To keep their stolen wealth safe from your needy hands,
They arm you to destroy your like on foreign lands,
And you against yourselves triumphantly they lead.

Why should you be slaves of their immoral gold,
You who scarcely live for all your endless toil?
Why should disease and death you in their arms enfold,
While they in plenitude and boundless wealth grow old
Even as though they hoped to cheat death of its spoil?

How do you forget the power that numbers mean?
You could take back today your rights they will not give.
Build no more these walls with which their wealth they screen,
Or which for prisons serve when pressed by torments keen
You dare assert at last the right you have to live.

Every pleasure they enjoy surrounded by their law
And all their careless days in utmost sweetness spend,
In luxury and vice, and drunken wild uproar.
They call your virgins in, blind instruments before
Their old corrupted satyrs who their young beauty rend.

And should you ask yourselves what part is left for you
The drudgery on which is based their happiness,
A lifelong servitude, and crumbs of bread a few.
Robbed of your daughters, and dishonoured too . .
For them the earth and sky, for you naught but distress.

They have no need of rules: virtue is easy when
All that you want you have. Round you their laws are wound,
Their punishments designed to strike you, wretched men
Who date to stretch a hand to ask your own again:
Even your needs become a crime that has no bound.

Hurl to the earth their scheme founded on greed and wrong.
This system that divides, making us rich and poor !
Since there will be no prize in death awaited long,
Demand the rights today that do to you belong,
And let us live in equal brotherhood secure !

Smash down the antique bronze that Venus naked shows;
Let pictures that do wickedly entice be brought to dust,
Snowy limbs that tell of wonders no man knows,
And break in passions rude our maidens soft repose,
And lead them unawares into the claws of lust !

Scatter wide what rouses and sustains perverted mind,
Temple and palace storm that shield disgrace and crime,
Melt the statues tall that of tyranny remind;
Wash from the marble steps the footprints left behind
By those who near the great through lies and pandering climb !

Banish the signs of pomp and false deceiving pride;
O, strip from daily life the granite robe it wears,
Its purple and its gold… its foul and ugly hide;
To make of life a dream, of living purified,
That without passion is and happiness prepares.

Gigantic pyramids from this life’s ruins raise,
A memento mori unto the end of time;
To open out our souls that we may justice praise
Unto eternity, not nude and shameful ways,
With harlot soul, and eyes grown wild with lust and crime

Oh, let the deluge loose; you’ve waited long to know
What recompense your meek humility will get;
The wolf and the hyena do in the courtiers grow,
Their cruelties of old still baser patterns show,
Only the form is changed, the evil lives on yet.

Strike and the golden era will return to us again,
Of which old legends tell us that all was gay and fair;
That happiness in life be equal for all men.
Even the touch of death will not be awful then,
But seem a smiling angel with long and golden hair.

Then you will die contented and not by sorrow wrung,
Your children will be born and in full gladness live.
Even the church will not bewail with iron tongue
The passing of the free to live the blest among:
None will lament the dead who took all life could give.

Thus slowly will grow less the toll of dire disease,
While that alone will flourish which nature did intend,
And all these things will come in gradual degrees,
Till man but leaves the earth when earth no more can please.
The brimming cup of life drained empty to the end.”

Along the banks of Seine, drawn in a gala coach
The great king slowly goes, pallid and deep in thought.
Neither the lapping waves, nor rumbling wheels encroach
Upon his brooding mind; before his train’s approach
There stands the suffering crowd with suffering distraught.

With ready piercing glance, and subtle smiling air,
He reads the secret thought that fills the people’s soul,
The hand that holds the fate of those poor creatures there
Salutes them now with bland, acutely reasoned care
Because his fate and theirs is but one single whole.

Loveless he is, and lone, going so grandly by;
Convinced like all of you that malice, vice and hate
Will always govern all things and under all things lie,
While ever human history its age-old course will ply
As on time’s heavy anvil blind hammers heedless fate.

So he whose very person is tyranny’s high crest
Nods a gentle greeting to these ragged human things.
If they who are the power on which his glories rest
Would one day raise their heads or challenge his behest,
Low, yes low indeed, would fall the king of kings.

For all your shrewd mistrust, your deeply doubting sense,
Your cold and bitter smile that ne’er to pity woke,
For all your strong belief that law is but pretence,
For all your numbers might, the shade of violence,
‘Tis he who holds you dumbly, still toiling in the yoke.

Paris is drowned in fire; the tempest bathes in flame,
Steeples like black torches blaze in the wind away.
Amidst the billowing sea whose waves no power could tame,
Cries and the clash of arms high battle do acclaim.
In very truth in France an age has died today.

Down streets where flaming houses glitter on pikes and sword
Barricades arise from blocks of granite piled;
An army marching forwards, the proletarian horde,
Company on company, that soon the ramparts board
Midst thunderous echoing clang of the alarm bells wild.

With faces pale as marble, as marble too as cold,
Women carrying muskets pass through the ruddy glow.
Their hair hangs o’er their shoulders and does their breasts enfold;
Mad with lifelong suffering and with dark hatred bold,
Black their eyes, yet gleaming with the brightness of despair.

Courage little soldiers wrapped in your tresses long,
Great today has grown the poor abandoned child,
Through the fire and ashes to justice march along,
For all your deeds of horror do to this hour belong;
Not you to blame, but those who your young souls defiled !

And now the ocean shines, as though were on it laid
And slid upon themselves broad plates of crystal bright;
While low above the trees, the secret forest glade,
The lonely yellow moon on azure field displayed
O’er floods the silent world with her triumphal light.

Across the silver swell, with motion smooth and slow
Ocean battered ships draw their old wooden sides;
Like mighty gliding shadows across the sea they go
While through their straining canvass the moonbeams seem to throw
A fiery golden wheel that e’er before them rides.

Upon a cliff corroded by the billows’ restless chide,
Beneath a weeping willow, with branches to the ground,
The king of kings is gazing out o’er the falling tide
Where gleaming silver circles midst one another glide,
And where the night breeze wanders with slow and cadenced sound.

And to the king it seemed that through the starlight fair,
Treading the forest trees, and crossing the ocean clear,
With long and snowy beard, and heavy thoughtful air,
A crown of withered grasses caught to his tangled hair
There came the mad King Lear.

With mute astonishment he watched that shadow hang
Against the riven clouds, through which the stars unfurled
Blazed out; and in his head a train of visions sprang..
Till loudly echoing above it all there rang
The people’s voices that clothed in fire the stricken world:

“In every man the earth is entirely built once more.
Old Demiurges still strives within each heart in vain,
For every mind puts in questions that all have put before:
Why is the flower that blooms to death inheritor?
Longings strange and sad, that rise in obscure pain.

The seed of a whole world of greatness and desire
At hazard have been sown within the hearts of all;
And when their time is come, their nature does aspire
After a perfect fruit, with all its strength entire;
Yet ere the fruit be ripe, the blossoms often fall.

Thus is the human fruit oft frozen in the bloom;
One man becomes a king, another but a slave,
Covering with chaos their different lots too soon,
Before the morning sun their works like petals strewn;
Yet nature to them all an equal knowledge gave.

Throughout the length of time, different and still the same
Their yearnings and their hopes are of one kind composed,
And though of countless fashions does seem life’s secret flame,
All are alike deceived that call upon her name;
While infinite desire is in an atom closed.

When you but recollect that death will end this dream,
That nothing much is changed the day your life is passed,
This struggling desire to right the world will seem
Folly, and you’ll grow tired; but one thing true you’ll deem:
That life is but the way to endless death at last.


Two Amazing Poems by Jose Marti

29 Nov

To those readers who are or understand Cuban history, Jose Marti needs no introduction. A poet, prophet and thinker, his ideas gave birth not only to the war against the Spanish Colonialists, but his ideas were so profound that they gave birth to the July 26th movement, the struggle of Che’s for one united Latin America, and with Bolivar and others, dreamed of the movement that is just rising out of the ashes of the FTAA in Latin America. To me he is a hero, and when one lawyer tried to say I felt repentant it was his words I threw in there face after saying I am not, “I will always side with the underdog”, While people were fighting against Spain he saw the U$’s desine onLatin America, The Platt amendment etc. and said ” I know the monster well, i have lived in his entrails”. He is an inspiration, and though his blood was spilt for Cuba, He like Che lives on in hearts whereever there is resistance.

I Cultivate a White Rose

I cultivate a white rose
In July as in January
For the sincere friend
Who gives me his hand frankly.

And for the cruel person who tears out
the heart with which I live,
I cultivate neither nettles nor thorns:
I cultivate a white rose.

No. 5 from Simple Verses

If you see a hill of foam
It is my poetry that you see:
My poetry is a mountain
And is also a feather fan.

My poems are like a dagger
Sprouting flowers from the hilt;
My poetry is like a fountain
Sprinkling streams of coral water.

My poems are light green
And flaming red;
My poetry is a wounded deer
Looking for the forest’s sanctuary.

My poems please the brave:
My poems, short and sincere,
Have the force of steel
Which forges swords.



St. Andrews night

29 Nov

today i realised that tomorrow i got to go to Toronto for finger printing. While I was preparing that a family member mentioned that it was St. Andrews night tomorrow. For people not of my culture this may mean nothing, but for those in my culture tied to the land it means everything. It means the death of the sun, times of scarcity and worst of all it is the night of the strigoii. The strigoii, is a creature that looks human but lives off of sucking the soul out of people. I took it as a bad omen, and stated I needed to find a Calushar, my father, thinking at first that it was a cultural thing started saying everything with you is last minute, where are we going to find a calushar in Canada with such short notice. Seeing that i took it as a bad omen tried to talk me out of seeing it as such, unsuccessfully, then tried to convince me that strigoii are only legend.

At this time my friends picked me up to take me to Guelph, and the friendship and solidarity I felt was amazing. In guelph I was greeted by comrades with love and resistance in there hard I took all this as a good omen and my spirits were lifted.

Still though, how to fight a strigoii? from the legends there are three ways, Iron, the color red and the song miorita.

The song Miorita is a story of a semi nomadic shepard whose friends were planning his murder, maybe he looked at them the wrong way or something, but in anycase they were planning to Kill him, The lamb hearing this, told him and he instead of running, said to the lamb bury me with my music pipe and tell my mom I married a princess. To some this may sound sad, but it is really uplifting, the music pipe is his culture and the princess he married is that thought they took his life, he will be unified with all great and small who maintained there culture.

My dad says strigoii don’t exist i disagree. I met many in my life and they dont have orange hair and two hearts. Some wear the suit of beurocrats, others the uniforms of police officer or jail guards. Regardless they are creatures that look human that live off of draining the souls of others. I need not go far on St. Andrews night to find strigoii i just need leave my house. Yet I am armed with the weapons to fight them, my culture and collective memory of struggle (the song), the iron will of my comrades who will never let any harm come to me, and the blood of our martyrs, the color red. Though tommorrow on Saint Andrews Night I walk into a building full of strigoii i fear no harm, because not only am I armed with the above mentioned things but the sun of hope shines still in my heart and no strigoii can take that from me.

Marx’s theory of Alienation and putting the people First

29 Nov

Today, my Cuban friend, an elderly woman visited me. Even though she is here for economic reasons, her heart is still in Cuba. Today she was collecting toys that people were throwing out, cleaning them and sending them to Cuba. She had so many bags, yet despite carrying them all, she still found time to go to the store to buy me a pack of ciggerretes. She remembers from her collective history what repreesion is and from her own experiance remembers the Batista days and Liberation. She knows the economic struglles of Cuba against the blockade and though she is not there, her heart is. While some people look at me and see someone crazy, she sees someone facing repression, What most people in the first world see as garbage, she sees as vital aid to Cuba. Like someone once said when you engage in strugglle you see things diffrently.

What I always hated about university (other then being alienated because of class etc.) is that it take the teeth out of everything revolutionary and turns it into a commoditity. You learn Marx, but his theory of revolution are taken out, Gramscis theory of hegemony is turned into the reason why any strugglle is hopeless and the heroic Viet Cong are so dehumanized, that they too are truned into a subject of research. In other words, the current academic world takes out the Human factor and turns everything into things to be dissected and studied. Anything revolutionary is so convluted and obscure that by the time your class is done you feel hopless dejected, and broken.

Why do I like Marx? because at his time there were two schools of thoughts, the Idealists and Materialists, the idealist said ideas by themselves change the objective reality, Materialists were saying that the material conditions shaped ideas. Both gave no way forward and were blocking the path to progress. Through the Dialectics, Marx shook both up and stated that Humans were the driving force of history. Yes our material conditions determine who we are, but we are thinking beings and as such can change our material conditions and thereby change our social reality. To top it off he took the intellectuals to task and said something along the line that you guys have studied the human condition for centurys NOW is the time to change it.

Alot of univeristies befuddle the theory of Alienation with mystification and other university mumbo jumbo. Poor people and those engaged in strugglle, know Alienation from our own experiance. In a nutshell it is the dehumanizing process that the system creates that alienates us from each others ourselves, our labour and our humanity, and if the intellectuals have there way even our own revolutionary theory!!

When bosses own assemblly lines, we are alienated from our work, when culture becomes something that is bought and sold we are alienated from our culture eg. who we are and our collective historys and memories, when the state runs things you are a number, wheather that is your sin number, your jail number or you health card number. In other words you are dehumanized and cant take part in determining your own destiny. The human factor is removed.

Those engaged in struggle know this feeling well. the system robbs us of our right to exist as we are and when we resist and try to maintain our humanity we are given two choices bend or break. eg. accept alienation or face social death. Through gossip, police lies, slander and threat of imprisonment even our ability to love and form meaningful relationships is stolen from us by state intervention in our affairs. At this point A intellectuall will start talking about Freud and mumbo jumbo and why its cant be done. I refuse to do that. As a old song says. “revolution is not just an aspiration, BUT A STRUGGLE ThAT WE TakE uP FOR SOLutiON”

I choose to fight back and by doing so seeing the world in a diffrent light, rejecting the alieanation and trying to maintain my humanity in an inhumane system. I choose to follow the example of the Cuban lady and while my body may be in the heartland of imperialism, my heart is liberated fromalienation by engaging in struggle and seeing the world diffrently. By doing this myself and my comrades are saving our political theory from those who are saying it can not be done, with a clenched fist and a responce that IT Must BE DonE and by doing do once again putting the human factor first!!!!

The Nuremburg principle and the right to rebel!!!

28 Nov

One of the most important things that came out of the Anti Facist resistance that lead to the collapse of Nazism and gave renewed energy to the anti collonialist struggles aroud the world was The Nuremburg trials.

What was beutiful about the Nuremburg trials was the legal international precedence that saying “I was told to” is not an excuse. In other words those who live in unjust societies not only have the option of disobeying an unjust order, BUT HAVE A DUTY to do this. This is not Julian ranting this is international law.

Looking at todays society and applying the nuremburg principle, one must first examine of our society is unjust. Given the fact that it was built on genocide, the political parties that formulated this genocide are still in power, and the indigenous peoples of this land have had and still have there culture language and heritage destroyed, against laws on Genocide then the answer is yes. Given that the physical genocide still continues with third world like conditions on the rez, urban violence and poverty in urban centres and paramilitary assaults out west at Gustofsan Lake etc. Then the answer is yes.

Looking at the living conditions of the homeless working poor and exploited and the number of workplace injuries and deaths then the answer is yes.

Given the treatment of immigrants and visible minorities at the hands of police, the state and prisons then the answer is yes.

Finally if you are one of those people who only cares about when it happeneds to white people then remember the g20 where the state violence was nothing compared to what the oppressed feel everyday.

Primo Levi, one of my favourite writers talked about how Never Again was just becoming a slogan because it did happenned again in Vietnam , cambodia etc. If one looks around at the violence waged against the peoples of the third world in virtually every country because of the imperialists one sees that Never Again will be an empty slogan until people practise the nuremburg principles THE DUTY TO DISOBEY AND RESIST INJUSTICE.

The state is trying to confound us with there false dicotomy of violence vs non violence, addict vs non addict etc.

The nuremburg courts didnt have discusions of tactics etc. those were internal discussions of movements. They asked a simple question what did you do to stop the murder and genocide going on. I want to be able to tell my grandkids who will live in a more just society that when imperialist war and genocide was taking place I fought tooth and nail!!!!!!!!

Shit son, your on your own son!!!!!!!!

28 Nov

The informer I am speaking to is not active and has not been seen in any community I have been involved in since the g20. All contact I have had with him has been over the Phone. ….

Im writing this message to a certain g20 snitch who use to be cool, but couldnt keep to the code. STOP SNITCHING!!!!!

I was listening to a K Kobe song, a friend said its about Khalid but no its about you!!!! We use to be tight, hit on the same girls, role together and chill. I use to think about how when I get older I would wanna be like you and still get girls etc. You use to say you is solid as a rock, shit son your a fucken soup sandwich!!

How many times have I covered for you and cleaned up your messes? How many times have I chosen you over other comrades, cause yo soo hood? How many good friends have I lost cause I chose you?

Thats called Loyalty, something you know shit about!! See your not some student who fucked up, you use to be street, you know the code, say nothing!!!

But your werent just a simple snitch you were a fucken informer, snitching not once but many times. Not just on me and my crew but on your own fucken blood and heritage, thats fucken low man.

How did the pigs turn you? What did they have on you, i hope it was something serious and not just money, cause even for an informer boy thats really low!!!!!

You know I was loyal to you and i understand that the pigs use all sorts of tricks and torture to turn people. If you were in shit and had no choise to turn someone in, why didnt you tell me, we could have come up with a great story to tell these fucker, fuck id even get busted with like 20 choclate milk containers and you could have told your new friends, that I was planning to milk the g20 literally, you know thats what boys do for each other, eat charges, we would have had a good laugh after I got out, you knowing you didnt break and it would be all good.

I should have know there was something wrong with you when you were slamming Shawn Brant one of the solidist people in the world, but we all thought it was a ego trip, and ignored it.

So your new friends arent protecting you, I knew you were snitch for a long time after the g20 and when I called you all those times to talk shit about Khalid, I was giving you a chance to man up, but you didnt, even the last time we talked and I said over the phone your a snitch, you still didnt do that.

Your new friends ditched you, no witness protection no nothing, shit they dont role like we do you should have know that, they left Brendas picture on the OPP website and shes a cop, one of there own, what loyalty do you think they have for you.

I dont want violence against you, which is why i havent named you, if I could phone you I could find you, and if i wanted violent revenge I would have had it. But I dont, and none of us want to hurt you, cause what you did to yourself is worst then what anyone could do to you, and i want you to live with that. Everyone who use to be your family knows what a peace of shit you are and you know your not welcome back here, or anywhere else, your usefulness to the pigs is over so they dont give a fuck about you cause no one trusts you anymore, you have no peeps left cause you betrayed them all. Your alone, and you have to live with that. No theres nothing I can do to you that you didnt do to yourself, i want no violence to come to you, cause you did the most violent thing to yourself, you became there tool, the tool of a system that murdered and genocided your own peeps, a collaboratorer, a little pig!!!!! The only people who would have stuck by you no matter what , you sold out!!!!

Shit Son, Your on Your Own Son!!!!!

Eric Lankin (one of the six facing sentencing today)

28 Nov

There are many student activists who talk the talk, but dont walk the walk. Eric is not one of those. I stated earlier that I wasnt close to most of my ex coaccused before the g20, but I always loved eric. I have so many great memories, of that guy. I bet you his parents hated me, cause for Eric, hanging out with julian meant getting SO drunk that he could barly make it home. One joke he said was” mymom said she wants to talk to you,” Julian would reply, lets talk it over a drink”, then it would be her, stumbling home after quite a few bottles of rum.

Why do I love Eric, cause he is genuine , wants to know about the plight of the oppressed, and wants to help.

Of all the people whom i would hate to be divided by Khalids lies, Eric is the one it would hurt me the most. When I saw him at a Legal meeting after my moms death and he gave me a hug, I knew he didn’t.

Once he asked me what it took to be a revolutionary (as if I have the book of answers), well here is my response to love the people above all else. No love is greater then to give up your freedom so that others may be free, which is what you did . You are my hero, and trust me these days its hard to earn my trust, much less my admiration.

And even though Im on the no drinking trip these days, there will be many bottles of rum waiting for you when you get out!!!!!!!

Our bodies, self hatred and political status.

27 Nov

Dedicated to Murphy and My ex-(not Kelly)you know who you are
I ran into an ex the other night, we had fun and the discussion that came up was about rekindling the old flame. Im not ready for a serious relationship right now, but it would be nice to have some fun. Of course they had to be a moodkiller and bring up my charges (remember I was out to have fun and not dwell on sad things) and tell me how they support my stand etc.

The thing with reengaging with someone you have history with is that its easy to get intense quicker, cause of that history. Recognizing this and the Damocles sword hanging over my head at this moment, I walked away, not wanting to put someone else through what I going through. If i was still dating Kelly at this time, I would have no choice but to walk away, not to put her through this. The worst thing they have done to us is stolen our ability to love and have strong relationships.

One interesting thing that came up during that discussion, was why I loved my ex to begin with. They started saying, all sorts of things, and in there narratives, I heard my voice speaking to others that I have dated. Stuff like my body is deformed, Im ugly, im nothing, what did you see in me etc.

The state has convinced us that its not enough to be good working bees and just be judged by our capacity to produce, but we must hate ourselves, our bodies, and our beings. We are told we are nothing, and our worth is only based on our productive capacity. When someone yells out the window Go get a job, to somone in chronic pain it means that you are a burden, you dont produce you should not exist. In the past I have hated my body, I felt like I was nothing, and could never understand how someone could love me. I feel diffrently now. I see my body as a history of who I am and love every part of it. My body is a road map to my struggle, and every wound from my two broken middle fingers (some agents of the state dont take kindly to you showing them that part of your body), to the small cut on the tip of my nose, to the fact that the top of my head is not fully closed. All of this defines who I am and I love it.

My body has taught me alot, the most important thing being that by will power you can overcome insurmountable odds, anyone who has any sickness knows this struggle I am talking about, and for some walking up the stairs is a victory, for those terminal like my mom waking up every morning is a victory. Regrdless all those who fight pain learn great leasons from our bodies, and are stronger because of it.

My body has been used time and time again to criminalize me, either excluding me from what some people call real activism, to just looking shifty. I love it when people come and ask me for drugs and i say fuck you im not a drug dealer, or do I look like a drug dealer? when people say yes, all sorts of political conversations start.

I rememeber a certain doctor kept asking if i smoked pot, I said no, he had to run a bunch of tests, unknown to me he ran a drug test. I tested positive for opiates, which was normal cause I was perscribed pain killers, but negative for all other drugs including marijuana. Pot stays in your blood for a long time, a couple puffs at least a month. I first felt violated, why didnt he just take my word? Later vindicated, not all poor people are drug users.
I talk about this to show even our bodies and apperances are used everyday to criminalize us.

With this blog I am taking a stand and refusing to be criminalized. It has been a hard struggle. Every time I am feeling victorious I get some bad news. Sometimes it comes from my lawyer, sometimes from sources in the media, who sympathize and tell me things said in court that i cant repeate so they dont get fucked over for violating a court order. Yesterday I got alot of bad news. One lawyer, told me I have actus reas (the act), Mens reas (intent) and worst of all I am unrepentant. Then I got another peice of bad news that I cant talk about other then to say that unless I win the moral battle Im looking at hard time. Ok lets go to a demo, it will make you feel better. I hear of ashley smith and how she died because of jail, then this discusion on prisons (guess what I was thinking about the whole time?) The demo lifted my spirits. Then I go home and get into a huge arguement with my spiritual advisor. I have to blog, my spirits were low when I wrote my peace yet I still wrote, was still honest with every emotion, have kept my promise to get my story out. Sometimes I think I should just stop talking to lawyers etc. and treat them like docters a necesarry pain, but avoid at all costs. Gehl is actually good, he treats me like a human asks how I am feeling and always shows me the silver lining. He has called to ask about my health even when I was not his client.

Like I said in an earlier blog, I have two demands the first is to keep my story out and not be silent. The secound is not yet so well articluated, but has to do with custody and hungerstriking when Im in jail because it is political. I havnt yet had time to make it sound all nice and everything but in a nut shell this is what the second is about. I AM A DISSIDENT NOT A HOOLIGAN, AND MY STRUGGLE IS A POLITICAL STRUGGLLE, I have never revealed the cops real names, which i knew for months before the blog, one of whic has to do with the stupidity of the cops, HOW CAN YOU EXPOSE YOUR PEOPLE BY KEEPING THERE PICTURE UP ON THE WEB WHEN THEY ARE RUNNING AN OPERATION? (the picture is now down so thats why I righting this). I know the real name of the snitch where he lives how to contact him etc. I did not reveal any of this because I dont want blood on my hands. Someone asked me whats the snitches name. I know he is neutralized, everyone knows who he is and hes probably scared shitless, cause they didnt give him any witness protection, and like a bone, marrow sucked out was thrown to the wolves. That is how the Police treat there friends.

So this is a black and white issue , which is rare, I am not chjarged for protest or self defense, I am charged for righting my experiance. SO THIS IS POLITICAL. I WANT AN END TO ALL POLITICAL PERSECUTION, FAILING THAT THAT POLITICAL PRISONERS ARE ACKNOWLEDGED AS SUCH. I am willing to accept anything they throw at me that doesnt shut down my blog or incarecerate me as a criminal. I am a political dissident, attacked by the state and I cant live with myself if i deny this basic truth about my blog. Am scared, hell yes, am I terrified yes, yet I did not start this fight they did, When I got the call my body just wanted to fix itself rest etc. You dont choose your time of struggle, it choses you. To back down would have underminded everything I and others in my history stood for. The fight for political status is a serious fight. I am sorry if sometimes I sound defeatist, but its a fucked rollercoaster ride and I am not Heidi Santa Maria, Im not Che Guevara, Im not Bobby Sands. Im trying to do the right think so that others dont have to go through this EVER. I will eventually articluate my secound demand better, with quotes from the geneva convention etc.
Until then I remain, unbroken and unrepentant, I remain political.

Yours in Struggle
Julian Ichim

Beyond Fuck The Police

27 Nov

Today was a good day, and despite the pain I am currently in, I am feeling very strong emotionally. There was a march today around Ashley Smith, whom was buried so far In the belly of the beast, that she saw her only way out as hurting herself for human contact. She had a non intervention order, which meant that the only time the screws could enter her cells is if she stopped breathing. The guards sat by and watched as she hung herself, their inaction letting her die.

The irony of this is that reason she was buried so far in the belly of the best was infractions, her original crime being throwing a fucken apple at a postal worker.

infractions always scared the fuck out of me. I said you can enter prison and never leave, getting dragged lower and lower and their is no bottom to the deep dark hole in the belly of the beast. I remeber once, when being transported a prisoner was very sick, the rest of those with me, knowing what I am about started banging with their feet against the metal side of the transport vehicle.

To those who have never been to prison this may sound, childish at best, to a person stuck in the belly of the beast, this is serious rebellion that can have serious consequences, i joined everyone, soon the guard opened the door, and said “If anyone makes any noise, im writing you up” pointing to me. That is justice inside the dark empty hole. I hate going to prison because even if I go for something minor, there are so many ways that they can make sure you do not leave.

The only consolation I have, is I know that if I lose this fight and go in this time, im not leaving except in a body bag.Any sentence longer then two months to me is a death sentence, since i will hungerstrike and not back down. To me at this point in time, the slogan “they can take our lives away but not our dignity” is what I have to give me strength in my dark moments. Sometimes I wonder if they will allow me spiritual council and grant me last rights. I am a believer, after all and to me this is important. But not important enough to back down. I hope God understands and I get to tell my mom my stories of resistance and joke around. If not i remember The book The Catechism of a revolutionist that states ” a revolutionary is a condemned man” i never understood that as well as I do now.

The march went well, one comrade threw his blood all over the new court-house. The idea being that if the state wants blood take my blood. Very brave. We marched to the police station and handed them the below stated notice “Open Letter To The Waterloo Regional Police” i asked if i could accompany them inside and I told the cops word for word what the police said to me when they came and laid charges. I took out the charges words but other than that it was the same thing that i was told, very empowering. I got to go in front of the police station and say my piece. When i was talking, I wasnt talking to the activists but rather to members of the community that were in the very back who just stopped by, but understood what I was talking about. I could tell by the way they nodded their heads etc. that they understood me, and my talk about prion and not seeing your loved ones resonated with them and that fuelled me. I dont remember what I said (i never write a speech, i think its cheating and alway talk from my heart) but I know i felt amazing after.

At one point in time there was debate between the group what to do to keep us safe from crime. I was very emotional at the time and walked away, as much as i could, from this discussion. Well Here is my contribution to this conversation.

When I was in university (for economic and other reasons like missing class and exams cause I was in jail or had some other serious crisis) I never got to get to the level I wanted, leaving at least two classes unfinished, there was a police officer in my program. I avoided him as much as I could and exchanged few words, but I followed his career with much interest. You see he came to many of the same conclusions that I did about the police DESPITE the fact that he was a cop. I was sure having Julian Ichim supporting your theories is a career killer in the Waterloo Regional Police. All my sympathetic profs wanted to get us together, i knew better. You see he believed that (and i am repeating his papers through my lense, and my views) the police had a legitimacy crisis in the community and if they were to be seen as legitimate serious changes had to happened. He advocated community integration and many other reforms to deal with what he saw as the problem in community police relations. i hear he is now really involved with the KW drug court, a program where addicts can avoid jail and deal with there issues. Good for him. (you see why i found his work interesting, and this is coming from A COP)

While I have respect for him as a human and admire the courage to think this way and maintain your humanity in a brutal and unjust system, his changes still are REFORMIST, and as a revolutionary, let me take it to its logical conclusion.

The police have no legitimacy in the community because the police in its present form is ILLEGITIMATE, they serve the ruling class to impose “law and order” eg. protect what is most sacred in this illegitimate society, private property of the Ruling class, and impose this mockery of a system on us.
Most of all people in jail are there for economic, non violent crime. To paraphrase Fidel, you condemn a man for stealing bread yet not condemn the system that forces him. Before we can get anywhere, this must be addressed.

But lets say this happened, there is still anti social behaviour etc. that we as a community must adress, I am not an anarchist, but I believe in accountability. Politically, we have community associations that elect someone who represents the views of the community, if they dont do what we tell them to do, we kick the fuckers out!!!!! same goes to the police, the police must live in the community that they serve and must be held accountable by this community forum, or we kick them out. The word radical means going to the root of the trouble, so let us do that. Anti social behaviour, will be dealt with by the community by examining and dealing with the cause of the behaviour eg. addiction etc. ALL THE WHILE, AllOWING ALL PARTIES TO MAinTain there huMaNiTY. The g20 shows that people are starting to understand that cops,politicians, etc. lie and cant be held accountable. people like my ex classmate hit their head off the wall trying to change a system that spent hundreds of years adapting, repressing and doing everything possible not to change. We cant have accountability until we have POLITICAL power, what the system robs from us and will never gives us.

Since all ways to change the system are block and it is old sick and deadly, lets throw out the system.

Together unified, and with love in our hearts, let us create a just society fit for human beings.