Khalid Mohhamed-aka police infiltrator

14 Nov

One of the most devestating things that a person can experiance is finding out that there best friend is a police officer sent to frame you.

Sitting in jail, with some of my ex-co accused who were also pre arrested before the Saturday of the g20, I kept asking myself why did i trust this man? i told him about my emotional problems, my moms illness, and trusted him with my own life, yet he was a police officer.

After a year and a half of driving with him to hospitals, drinking in bars participating in actions, helping my sick mom I came to believe, like several others who were close to him that there must have actually been some emotional bond between us and he will only talk about things relevant to the case. After all we told each other he may have been a pig but some part of him must have liked us.

When the disclosure was released (in which i believe he called me a sociopath) I saw what a horrible person he was. Every single personal detail of my life exposed to my ex co accused, there lawyers and if it goes to trial….the general public……..twisted distorted and falsified.

For the longest time, my trust issues intensified. Who is really my friend?why are people being nice 2 me? what is there hidden agenda? Are people really loyal to me or are they gonna trick and screw me over?

To make matters worse, the disclosure was full of gossip, lies and slanders which aim at making me not only look crazy but were specifically put there to turn other activists against me.

How can someone hang with u 24-7, see all the posative work u do such as free food programs, working to stop drug abuse and promote harm reduction, see all the problems that they are facing, drive you and your dieing mother to the hospital……………and then go to the police statement and write a statement and give a report?

What kind of man knows that the only person who can bail you out of jail is a real sick woman and that the stress can exasperbate the situation and yet work anyways to that end.

That type of person must be someone with no emotion, cold, who can do whatevery they want to get there gain. Well Khalid if you are reading this and need a new job cause your exposed how about becoming a serial killer? After all u do have the same traits


5 Responses to “Khalid Mohhamed-aka police infiltrator”

  1. Yo Mama November 16, 2011 at 2:13 am #

    you are a tool shed. get a job

    • the lazy painter November 22, 2011 at 3:22 pm #

      At least the “tool shed” can write & express himself intelligently, which is obviously something that’s beyond your grasp. You seem to have the intelligence & grasp on complicated societal issues as one of the sociopaths persecuting Mr. Ichim, with about as much compassion & humanity. Oh, wait, I used some words with more then 4 letters that you may not comprehend in there. Let me simplify…

      You are a tool, get a life…

      We’d all be better off if stupidity was illegal, of course then the boys in blue would be behind bars, leaving no one to stiffle progress & maintain the entrenched system that keeps the rich & poor separated by an ever growing gap. I thought I reached an all time low last year after the G20, seeing how little we differ from the dictator’s we decry as inhumane. Now we see that freedom of speech & the charter of rights is equally illusionary…

      I’m just thankful I’m not a cop & have the power to think for myself instead of letting the system dictate my thoughts.

  2. Penny November 16, 2011 at 6:17 am #

    I cannot begin to imagine how devastating this was for you. As we go along in life, we make and lose friends, and feel betrayed by some, but to think anyone is capable of doing what you describe above as a career, is more frightening to me than a serial killer. Serial killers are wired differently, but this man made a choice! Whatever he thought was the justification, he chose to abuse another human being emotionally and psychologically for money. Much cleaner to be a hitman.

    Remember, that for all he did to you, he has destroyed the part of himself that was human, and may not be able to make and maintain real human relationships. You will recover, he cannot. He has damaged his soul. Unfortunately, in this world of paranoia, this behaviour has become a part of “policing”. But what a cost!


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