My hardest desision, FREE DIRK YOuNG!!!

30 Nov


The article below was writen by me and seen and by Dirk Young, the intorduction is my personal feelings. I do not know any particulars about this other then what I read in the papers, and the feelings of my friends. i dont know, nor do I want to know any specifics, all information used in the articles comes from newspaper articles and my interpretation of that data.


Dedicated to all those who call street justice revolutionary justice, but never have to live through the after math.

In 2001, a Black youth was slain in front of thousands of witnesses in victoria park. This was done in retaliation to a stabbing that happenned at a night club that was retaliation for etc. etc. shortly after, my best friend came crying to me about her friend being killed, burtally, in front of thousands of people and borrowing julian tactics asked why no one did anything and justice for her friends. (i think there were fire works in the park for Victoria day or some shit and thats why all the people were there) No ones going to snitch to a murder 2 but for thousands of people to be there and do nothing while someone is getting killed?what the fuck!!!!, Shortly after, I found out that Joel was not the target but someone who happenned to be at the wrong place at the wrong time and the rival gang that was involved was full of my friends as well. A mass hysteria was brewed, which tore many people apart and this incident had the potential to a huge bloodbath. Out of this Hysteria, Dirk was charged along with the person who was convicted of the stabbing of secound degree murder. His trial was a joke, and even today I know I will be attacked by friends like my best friend for defending dirk, or other friends for this introduction. So why am I opening old wounds? Because as one can see from the article Dirk is Still in jail, his life and youth spent and most people forgot about him . Since the pre and post g20 drama i thought of Dirk alot, but I did not write, nor get his phone calls I know how easy it is to forget about people on the inside, but what can I say sorry ive been dealing with g20 drama to remeber you? The secound reason is to show how hard some desisions are to make, yet make them you must (maybe thats why I like argueing with anarchists, it distracts me from the real problems we face) But third and most importantly to remind people who easy a diss can turn into bloodshed, how we beef over bullshit and all kill each other for 20 peices while they laugh at us. The sad fact that my best friend will remind me when she calls me in tears when she reads this is JOEL IS DEAD, and when my other friends read this is DIRK IS stilL wrongfully in jail. Who has won? where is the honor. K dub gang violence, like kw people doesnt just happenned in kw, it like crews moves to diffrent citys. im not waving a white bandana, or blue or any other color. Too many people have died from this od’s and other shit. Im trying to make hard desisions in hard times and alot of the time i feel like the work me and my comrades do is damage control. Thats why I believe and even glorify in communism. Because anything is better then this shit and if a bright future does not exist we still have to fight for one, making hard desiosions like this.

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Several years have passed since Dirk went to jail, we still remeber and demand that he be freed!!!!!

Free Dirk Young
Why is Dirk Young in jail for secound degree murder? To be sure what happened in Victoria Park several years ago that led to the death of Joel Munroe was a tragedy, but is justice really served by imprisoning Dirk Young? I feel that it is not, and do not come to that conclusion easily. When Joel Munroe was murdered I too, like so many others, bought the story that he was a victim of a racist lynching committed by a Serbian gang of ethnic cleansers that called itself the “Slingers”. I like so many others marched with Dudley Laws chanting “charge the killers with murders”, I handed out flyers denouncing Kitchener as a “KKK” town who did not care about the treatment of its non white citizens. Yet today I feel that the secound degree murder conviction of Dirk Young is unjust and does not deal with the underlying causes that led to the brutal murder that day in the park.

My first reason why I am opposed to this conviction is that I do not believe that Mr. Young had a fair trial. One must remember that this crime was committed at the height of the national hysteria about ethnic cleansing in Yugoslavia. We were at war with Milosevic and Serbian people were promoted as evil monsters. If they were capable of such atrocities in there own country what could they be capable of doing in our precious land of multiculturalism? The media played this point up as if it was a fact. Ironically none of the names of the accused Miller, Barges and Young sound very Serbian to me, but even today you still here about the Serbian Slingers who committed racist murder in Victoria Park despite the fact that no Serbian has been charged with the murder. In this climate of hysteria how can anyone have a fair trial? You can’t tell me that people in Kitchener have not been biased by years of coverage of this event with the bias that this was a racist attack committed by evil Serbians.

If one examines the transcripts of the trial one can see that Young was not convicted of secound degree murder because of what happenned that day in the park, but rather for who he was and his relationship to the Slingers gang. Barges, the youth who actually admitted to doing the stabbing was found guilty of secound degree murder, meaning that the court found out that the stabbing was not premeditated. In his own word he did not know that he was going to do the stabbing until it happened, the secound degree verdict confirms this. If Barges did not know that the stabbing was going to happened until he did it then how was Young to know this.

What Young thought he was getting into was a swarmming and gang beating, and while this is not angelic behaviour, it was still never proven in court that he knew that a murder would take place hence a conviction of manslaughter, like Miller the other accused would have been more appropriate. The trial however did not focus on this point but instead focused on his life and afilliation with the Slingers. So Young is not in jail for what happened in the park but because he is poor and as a result of his circumstances was a member of a gang.

The secound reason why I am opposed to the incarceration of Young is because it does not bring justice nor solve the underlying problems that gave rise to that horrible day in the park. There are several factors one considers when sentencing someone, the first is to rehabilitate the person and make him a productive member of society,after all we call prisons correctional centres. However as someone who has done time in jail let me assure you that nothing in jail that young will learn will improve his behaviour nor make him a better person. Jails are overcrowded colleges for criminals where they go, hang out with only criminals and must adapt to the mores of a society of deviants. Nothing in that sounds like it will correct his behaviour. Another reason for sentencing someone is to stop others from committing the same crime. This would be better served by recognizing that this particular crime was committed in retribution to a stabbing that took place in a night club before. It was a gang beef, not a Dahmers like crime. To prevent this from happening again it would better serve the community to fight the conditions that give rises to gangs, poverty, hopelessness, despair. Give something for people to believe in, to hope for, to live for. Young himself came from a broken home, who only knew poverty and despair, give familys like his help so we don’t have history repeat itself. It would better serve our community to have young speak to schools and other youth who are going through the same thing he went through and tell them wake up don’t end up like me.

Finally the three accused were not the only people in the park that night, nor are all the people who were at the lyric when a slinger got stabbed arrested. Many people who were involved in the beef are still on the street. What the downtown community needs is closure, not to reignite these evil passions. In South Africa after the aprthied government fell there was a truth and reconsiliation commision where all sides got together, admitted to the crimes committed by both sides and worked to forgive and move on. This is what is needed, this is justice and makes sure that we learn from our collective mistakes as a community. Until this happened there will be many more youth dieing for no good reason and many more rotting

4 Responses to “My hardest desision, FREE DIRK YOuNG!!!”

  1. Al November 30, 2011 at 6:31 pm #

    Now that’s an emotional, gut wrenching article. I don’t know any of the principals involved but it sure sounds that if Kirk Young had O.J. Simpson’s lawyer (Johnny Cochrane) and his money, the worst he would have gotten is a conviction on a lesser charge.

  2. tom February 13, 2015 at 3:02 pm #

    Rob barges was released from prison recently which is what made me look up dirk…..odds are dirk young will never get out of prison….the amount of evidence collected in this case relating to the case and other incidents is astounding…..the parole board isn’t a court of law and can use inadmissible evidence collected to determine if Mr young poses a risk upon his release.

    • John November 10, 2015 at 5:40 pm #

      Rob Barges’ day parole was revoked last month and he is carrying out an extended life sentence for multiple breaches of his conditions. He over indulged in reckless behavior while entitling himself to drug use and abusing alcohol daily, since his release in April 2014. He has disgraced his loving wife and infant son within that short period of parole. He is not eligible for re-release for a minimum of 5 years.

  3. John November 10, 2015 at 6:33 pm #

    Rob Barges’ day parole was revoked last month and he is carrying out an extended life sentence for multiple breaches of his conditions. The Parole Board found He had over indulged in reckless and juvenile behaviour while entitling himself to drug use and abusing alcohol daily, since his release in April 2014. He has disgraced his loving wife and infant son within that short period of parole. At 35, He is not eligible for consideration to be re-released for a minimum of 5 years.

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