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Eric Lankin (one of the six facing sentencing today)

28 Nov

There are many student activists who talk the talk, but dont walk the walk. Eric is not one of those. I stated earlier that I wasnt close to most of my ex coaccused before the g20, but I always loved eric. I have so many great memories, of that guy. I bet you his parents hated me, cause for Eric, hanging out with julian meant getting SO drunk that he could barly make it home. One joke he said was” mymom said she wants to talk to you,” Julian would reply, lets talk it over a drink”, then it would be her, stumbling home after quite a few bottles of rum.

Why do I love Eric, cause he is genuine , wants to know about the plight of the oppressed, and wants to help.

Of all the people whom i would hate to be divided by Khalids lies, Eric is the one it would hurt me the most. When I saw him at a Legal meeting after my moms death and he gave me a hug, I knew he didn’t.

Once he asked me what it took to be a revolutionary (as if I have the book of answers), well here is my response to love the people above all else. No love is greater then to give up your freedom so that others may be free, which is what you did . You are my hero, and trust me these days its hard to earn my trust, much less my admiration.

And even though Im on the no drinking trip these days, there will be many bottles of rum waiting for you when you get out!!!!!!!

Our bodies, self hatred and political status.

27 Nov

Dedicated to Murphy and My ex-(not Kelly)you know who you are
I ran into an ex the other night, we had fun and the discussion that came up was about rekindling the old flame. Im not ready for a serious relationship right now, but it would be nice to have some fun. Of course they had to be a moodkiller and bring up my charges (remember I was out to have fun and not dwell on sad things) and tell me how they support my stand etc.

The thing with reengaging with someone you have history with is that its easy to get intense quicker, cause of that history. Recognizing this and the Damocles sword hanging over my head at this moment, I walked away, not wanting to put someone else through what I going through. If i was still dating Kelly at this time, I would have no choice but to walk away, not to put her through this. The worst thing they have done to us is stolen our ability to love and have strong relationships.

One interesting thing that came up during that discussion, was why I loved my ex to begin with. They started saying, all sorts of things, and in there narratives, I heard my voice speaking to others that I have dated. Stuff like my body is deformed, Im ugly, im nothing, what did you see in me etc.

The state has convinced us that its not enough to be good working bees and just be judged by our capacity to produce, but we must hate ourselves, our bodies, and our beings. We are told we are nothing, and our worth is only based on our productive capacity. When someone yells out the window Go get a job, to somone in chronic pain it means that you are a burden, you dont produce you should not exist. In the past I have hated my body, I felt like I was nothing, and could never understand how someone could love me. I feel diffrently now. I see my body as a history of who I am and love every part of it. My body is a road map to my struggle, and every wound from my two broken middle fingers (some agents of the state dont take kindly to you showing them that part of your body), to the small cut on the tip of my nose, to the fact that the top of my head is not fully closed. All of this defines who I am and I love it.

My body has taught me alot, the most important thing being that by will power you can overcome insurmountable odds, anyone who has any sickness knows this struggle I am talking about, and for some walking up the stairs is a victory, for those terminal like my mom waking up every morning is a victory. Regrdless all those who fight pain learn great leasons from our bodies, and are stronger because of it.

My body has been used time and time again to criminalize me, either excluding me from what some people call real activism, to just looking shifty. I love it when people come and ask me for drugs and i say fuck you im not a drug dealer, or do I look like a drug dealer? when people say yes, all sorts of political conversations start.

I rememeber a certain doctor kept asking if i smoked pot, I said no, he had to run a bunch of tests, unknown to me he ran a drug test. I tested positive for opiates, which was normal cause I was perscribed pain killers, but negative for all other drugs including marijuana. Pot stays in your blood for a long time, a couple puffs at least a month. I first felt violated, why didnt he just take my word? Later vindicated, not all poor people are drug users.
I talk about this to show even our bodies and apperances are used everyday to criminalize us.

With this blog I am taking a stand and refusing to be criminalized. It has been a hard struggle. Every time I am feeling victorious I get some bad news. Sometimes it comes from my lawyer, sometimes from sources in the media, who sympathize and tell me things said in court that i cant repeate so they dont get fucked over for violating a court order. Yesterday I got alot of bad news. One lawyer, told me I have actus reas (the act), Mens reas (intent) and worst of all I am unrepentant. Then I got another peice of bad news that I cant talk about other then to say that unless I win the moral battle Im looking at hard time. Ok lets go to a demo, it will make you feel better. I hear of ashley smith and how she died because of jail, then this discusion on prisons (guess what I was thinking about the whole time?) The demo lifted my spirits. Then I go home and get into a huge arguement with my spiritual advisor. I have to blog, my spirits were low when I wrote my peace yet I still wrote, was still honest with every emotion, have kept my promise to get my story out. Sometimes I think I should just stop talking to lawyers etc. and treat them like docters a necesarry pain, but avoid at all costs. Gehl is actually good, he treats me like a human asks how I am feeling and always shows me the silver lining. He has called to ask about my health even when I was not his client.

Like I said in an earlier blog, I have two demands the first is to keep my story out and not be silent. The secound is not yet so well articluated, but has to do with custody and hungerstriking when Im in jail because it is political. I havnt yet had time to make it sound all nice and everything but in a nut shell this is what the second is about. I AM A DISSIDENT NOT A HOOLIGAN, AND MY STRUGGLE IS A POLITICAL STRUGGLLE, I have never revealed the cops real names, which i knew for months before the blog, one of whic has to do with the stupidity of the cops, HOW CAN YOU EXPOSE YOUR PEOPLE BY KEEPING THERE PICTURE UP ON THE WEB WHEN THEY ARE RUNNING AN OPERATION? (the picture is now down so thats why I righting this). I know the real name of the snitch where he lives how to contact him etc. I did not reveal any of this because I dont want blood on my hands. Someone asked me whats the snitches name. I know he is neutralized, everyone knows who he is and hes probably scared shitless, cause they didnt give him any witness protection, and like a bone, marrow sucked out was thrown to the wolves. That is how the Police treat there friends.

So this is a black and white issue , which is rare, I am not chjarged for protest or self defense, I am charged for righting my experiance. SO THIS IS POLITICAL. I WANT AN END TO ALL POLITICAL PERSECUTION, FAILING THAT THAT POLITICAL PRISONERS ARE ACKNOWLEDGED AS SUCH. I am willing to accept anything they throw at me that doesnt shut down my blog or incarecerate me as a criminal. I am a political dissident, attacked by the state and I cant live with myself if i deny this basic truth about my blog. Am scared, hell yes, am I terrified yes, yet I did not start this fight they did, When I got the call my body just wanted to fix itself rest etc. You dont choose your time of struggle, it choses you. To back down would have underminded everything I and others in my history stood for. The fight for political status is a serious fight. I am sorry if sometimes I sound defeatist, but its a fucked rollercoaster ride and I am not Heidi Santa Maria, Im not Che Guevara, Im not Bobby Sands. Im trying to do the right think so that others dont have to go through this EVER. I will eventually articluate my secound demand better, with quotes from the geneva convention etc.
Until then I remain, unbroken and unrepentant, I remain political.

Yours in Struggle
Julian Ichim

Beyond Fuck The Police

27 Nov

Today was a good day, and despite the pain I am currently in, I am feeling very strong emotionally. There was a march today around Ashley Smith, whom was buried so far In the belly of the beast, that she saw her only way out as hurting herself for human contact. She had a non intervention order, which meant that the only time the screws could enter her cells is if she stopped breathing. The guards sat by and watched as she hung herself, their inaction letting her die.

The irony of this is that reason she was buried so far in the belly of the best was infractions, her original crime being throwing a fucken apple at a postal worker.

infractions always scared the fuck out of me. I said you can enter prison and never leave, getting dragged lower and lower and their is no bottom to the deep dark hole in the belly of the beast. I remeber once, when being transported a prisoner was very sick, the rest of those with me, knowing what I am about started banging with their feet against the metal side of the transport vehicle.

To those who have never been to prison this may sound, childish at best, to a person stuck in the belly of the beast, this is serious rebellion that can have serious consequences, i joined everyone, soon the guard opened the door, and said “If anyone makes any noise, im writing you up” pointing to me. That is justice inside the dark empty hole. I hate going to prison because even if I go for something minor, there are so many ways that they can make sure you do not leave.

The only consolation I have, is I know that if I lose this fight and go in this time, im not leaving except in a body bag.Any sentence longer then two months to me is a death sentence, since i will hungerstrike and not back down. To me at this point in time, the slogan “they can take our lives away but not our dignity” is what I have to give me strength in my dark moments. Sometimes I wonder if they will allow me spiritual council and grant me last rights. I am a believer, after all and to me this is important. But not important enough to back down. I hope God understands and I get to tell my mom my stories of resistance and joke around. If not i remember The book The Catechism of a revolutionist that states ” a revolutionary is a condemned man” i never understood that as well as I do now.

The march went well, one comrade threw his blood all over the new court-house. The idea being that if the state wants blood take my blood. Very brave. We marched to the police station and handed them the below stated notice “Open Letter To The Waterloo Regional Police” i asked if i could accompany them inside and I told the cops word for word what the police said to me when they came and laid charges. I took out the charges words but other than that it was the same thing that i was told, very empowering. I got to go in front of the police station and say my piece. When i was talking, I wasnt talking to the activists but rather to members of the community that were in the very back who just stopped by, but understood what I was talking about. I could tell by the way they nodded their heads etc. that they understood me, and my talk about prion and not seeing your loved ones resonated with them and that fuelled me. I dont remember what I said (i never write a speech, i think its cheating and alway talk from my heart) but I know i felt amazing after.

At one point in time there was debate between the group what to do to keep us safe from crime. I was very emotional at the time and walked away, as much as i could, from this discussion. Well Here is my contribution to this conversation.

When I was in university (for economic and other reasons like missing class and exams cause I was in jail or had some other serious crisis) I never got to get to the level I wanted, leaving at least two classes unfinished, there was a police officer in my program. I avoided him as much as I could and exchanged few words, but I followed his career with much interest. You see he came to many of the same conclusions that I did about the police DESPITE the fact that he was a cop. I was sure having Julian Ichim supporting your theories is a career killer in the Waterloo Regional Police. All my sympathetic profs wanted to get us together, i knew better. You see he believed that (and i am repeating his papers through my lense, and my views) the police had a legitimacy crisis in the community and if they were to be seen as legitimate serious changes had to happened. He advocated community integration and many other reforms to deal with what he saw as the problem in community police relations. i hear he is now really involved with the KW drug court, a program where addicts can avoid jail and deal with there issues. Good for him. (you see why i found his work interesting, and this is coming from A COP)

While I have respect for him as a human and admire the courage to think this way and maintain your humanity in a brutal and unjust system, his changes still are REFORMIST, and as a revolutionary, let me take it to its logical conclusion.

The police have no legitimacy in the community because the police in its present form is ILLEGITIMATE, they serve the ruling class to impose “law and order” eg. protect what is most sacred in this illegitimate society, private property of the Ruling class, and impose this mockery of a system on us.
Most of all people in jail are there for economic, non violent crime. To paraphrase Fidel, you condemn a man for stealing bread yet not condemn the system that forces him. Before we can get anywhere, this must be addressed.

But lets say this happened, there is still anti social behaviour etc. that we as a community must adress, I am not an anarchist, but I believe in accountability. Politically, we have community associations that elect someone who represents the views of the community, if they dont do what we tell them to do, we kick the fuckers out!!!!! same goes to the police, the police must live in the community that they serve and must be held accountable by this community forum, or we kick them out. The word radical means going to the root of the trouble, so let us do that. Anti social behaviour, will be dealt with by the community by examining and dealing with the cause of the behaviour eg. addiction etc. ALL THE WHILE, AllOWING ALL PARTIES TO MAinTain there huMaNiTY. The g20 shows that people are starting to understand that cops,politicians, etc. lie and cant be held accountable. people like my ex classmate hit their head off the wall trying to change a system that spent hundreds of years adapting, repressing and doing everything possible not to change. We cant have accountability until we have POLITICAL power, what the system robs from us and will never gives us.

Since all ways to change the system are block and it is old sick and deadly, lets throw out the system.

Together unified, and with love in our hearts, let us create a just society fit for human beings.

Open Letter To The Waterloo Regional Police

27 Nov

I did not draft this letter, nor organzie the protest that it was handed to the Police, but this letter is relevant to my next post and is powerful even if i dont agree with everything (btw all spelling mistakes are mine im just copying it from in front of my face)

For some time now it has been clear that marginalized peoples are intentionally targetted by our police.This is certainly true in downtown Kitchener and uptown Waterloo. We, concerned community member, regularly witness Police harrassing those who are forced to beg for change on the streets. We, as marginalized community members, have been harrassed ourselves. Since it is not a crime for a human being to ask another to share resources, we can’t help but be suspisious of your motives for your dehumanizing behaviour It is clear to us that the capitalist class has co-opted your good work for their anti social gain. They seek to perpetrate negative stigmas aginst us, our sisters and brothersPlease allow this letter to remind you that the police work for the people. You dont work for the Down Town Buisness Assocciation or other buisness interests we ask you to Stop Criminalizing The Poor.

There are far fewer people panhandling iin downtown Kitchener this year then last. It would be misguided to sugesst that this is a result of posative turn of events and you dont believe it either. This is not a result of an improved local economy allowing upward mobility. Rather it is because you, our police, have displaced human beings who once called owntown there home. By doing this you have robbed them of access to sustenence. We have regularly witnessed threats of violence and arrests. We have seen forced mental health hospitaliztions. As gentrification continues at a staggering pace, we are left wondering where our friends who were forcefully evicted, en masse from the old Mayfair Hotel/Apartements now live. Do they live in a community of their peers, close to freefood programs as they did when they were downtown?Its important that you understand that your detroying communities.

We dont believe that you are not familiar with the larger picture at play. For instance, As the Police here gets over a million dollars in funding (PAVIS) We see cuts to social service. As more fools lose there jobs we see more jails and mandatory minimual sentences. PAVIS and the reshuffling of police work for more patrolling wont make our streets safer. The homeless, indigenous youth, people with mental health issues queer youth and other marginalized sectors know your increased presence will only make the streets more dangerous. We do see where your presence could be helpful, please allocate some of your resourse to enforcing the rule of law on the brutal security force employed at party town.

We want to believe that our police force seeks to serve dignity of the people. We are concerned that you are robbed of of your own dignity by the KDBA, government, and cultural shit towards elitist hegemony. We want to see you free from manipulation as much as we want our own freedom. We are here tp demand your freedom to act as human beings. You have been lied to and corced into fearing poor people and other activists. We have been oppressed by you. Our trust in you has been damaged. Lets fix this, shall we, we waiting hoping to see a true change in your outlook and behaviour.

We have encountered too many cops without badges or ID to sighn this letter.

The above letter is important to my next post, as you know I have been taking nothing for pain in the little bit and you can only push your body so far. It has taken me almost three hours to write this letter and am collapssing physically. please give me an hour or two to rest before i tell you an amazing story about today.

Its not legal vs illegal, its right vs wrong!!!!!

25 Nov

Dedicated to those who can always call me uli, u know who you are.

Trauma is a terrible thing, not just because it makes you hurt, but rather because it makes you forget who you are and where you stand in the struggle. To say that my moms death and the g20 drama was traumatic is an understatement. My mind and thought process only came and thought post g20. In many ways I forgot who I was and where I stand in the struggle. Yesterday I saw an old friend, and I opened up. I was a basket case of emotion, the floodgate opened and would not stop. I cam home by myself, my dad was out, so I had ALOT OF TIME TO THINK, AND REMEMBER WHO i AM.

The KW Youth Collective was a revolutionary organization of a new sort in Kitchener. Based on revolutionary principles, we stated that if the downtown business community and street youth can’t get along we need our own place to discuss the problems that we face and come up with our own solutions. We had literacy classes, free food programs, classes where we studied Giap, Che, Sandino, Ward Churchill, Mao not just for understanding our history but to learn tactical ways to organize. We believed in the mass line and serving the people,and in terms of the law our view was that of the Nuremberg principles, that obeying an unjust law in a repressive and genocidal state does not excuse you. That given to choose between legal and social justice, we will always chose social justice. We stood in Solidarity with the FMLN fighting their election battles, the Cuban five and even played a big role in organizing the cross Canada tour of Aleida Guevara March, the daughter of Che.

We took street youth who never left Canada to Cuba, Venezuela and other places. In Venezuala we fought to have Pierre George, the brother of Dudley George be the representative of our delegation and to have his voice heard about the assassination of his brother by the paramilitary organization known as the OPP (Amnesty called it an extra judicial execution). We sat on panels with Chaves advisors and also on housing panels. Our struggle was not just for our freedom, but the destruction of Colonialism and imperialism so that all peoples and nations can determine their own destiny.

Many things we did were classified as illegal, but at the hight of our repression, the most oppressed people in this territory stood shoulder to shoulder with us.
I remember Shawn Brant driving all the way from Tyendenega, while they were facing mass repression, to sat he stands with the youth, i remember Pierre talking, joking and laughing with me when times were really tough.

In terms of our relations with Pierre it was simple, what do you want us to do, non-intervention in any sectarian battle, always taking the lead from him ( as well as pestering him with my own problems until i lost his number), I really miss him and if he is reading this please get my number from the KW phone book and call.
We would fight for housing and take over abandoned buildings and turn them into squats because people deserved decent housing. When on the Wayne Mclean rogers show 54% of people agreed with us despite the fact the question was posed in a stupid way, our squats started to mysteriously burn so that we would be criminalized. When our Tent City was taken down, we moved it to the mayors front door step and refused to leave until we got housing decent for human beings. I remember, the cops coming, i told everyone else to get off the lawn, and me with a picture of Ho Chi Minh, stood eye to eye with many police and said the only way they would remove me is by brutal force. They backed down, and the next day we sat down with the mayor and talked about how many units we needed.

I remember the battle for the Mayfair (part one) when it was turned into affordable housing. We were a new breed of people, who sat in front of the judge, sticking by principle. It really screwed with the courts head, here are these people, getting youth off of drugs and stopping gang violence, facing severe charges unapologetic, talking about serving the people. They didnt know what to do with us. In one case the Judge said “you will spend alot of your life in jail, but i admire your courage”.

We all did alot of dead time, in and then out and then in , bail conditions aimed at stopping us to organize. But they admitted The Spot our centre was a good thing. I remember having conditions like not to associate with…..EXCEPT in the spot, not to leave your house….EXCEPT to go to the Spot. Our main political goal, was to maintain The Spot and our survival programs.

The police said we were criminals, the media said we were thugs, but many people stood behind us and I cant walk through downtown Kitchener without being reminded of our victories. Eg. a store owner had part of his store damaged by gentrifiers, he came to us , we fought and won and the city fixed the damage. etc. etc. We were using peaceful tactics and tactics of self defense BUT WE NEVER PROVOKED ViOLENCE, and always tried to de escalate if peoples lifes and safety were on the line (many time getting booed down by our “ALLIES” who would go home safely and avoid the inevitable repression we had to live through).
All this was right yet, illegal.
I remember two comrades who cracked under police violence and became agent provocateurs saying extremely sexist and homophobic things to deepen our contradictions, when this came out, and gang youth not affiliated with us wanted revenge on our behalf, i bought them, out of my own money two bust tickets out east, to a certain city, and my friends would watch them, if they got involved in political or criminal activity i would out them. All three agreed to these terms, they are now in university, on the straight and narrow. I hated them to the depths of my soul, but did not want their blood on my hands, that is how much i hate REAL violence.
Our method of organizing was simple we all agreed to a decision, we were open about it, but each of us had a portfolio, and the implementation was done by whose portfolio it fell under and who they trust. Things were done on a need to know basis. We were like our lives are open, our plans are open, but implementation is secret so as not to be stopped. What damage could they do to us? You can jail the revolutionary but you cant jail the revolution (how wrong I was , Khalid, i told you nothing really illegal, yet my personal is smeared, distorted and skewed for all to see.)

I remember before one of our major conference, those with portfolio’s were targeted for arrest. At the same time a elderly alcoholic was being brutalized, we chose to do what was right, and 30 of us confronted the police, cops threatened me with arrest for “Obstruct sidewalk’ i told him to fuck off thats not a criminal charge, but we moved on both sides of the sidewalk chanting power to the people. The cops. then arrested me, people did not back down, they arrested another comrade, people chanted louder, the cops said next person who says people goes to jail, my friend said people, so he was arrested. in the cells, we, political prisoners started chanting, all other prisoners chanted with us. inside we heard that DJ Cameron (RIP) organized everyone to attack the cop shop with eggs, and that as we sat in the cells waiting to be transported this was going on. Although his heart was in the right place, and I have to admit I smiled when I heard this, i knew i had to get the message out to the youth not to be provoked and focus on what is important, our survival programs and the conference. Through an innocent sounding message i asked my lawyer to pass on to a comrade we got a message out “DO NOT RESPOND TO ANy pOLICE PROVOCatIoN, WE THE POLITICAL PRisOnERs ARE fiNE, we must stand our principles, forward with our may first conference, keep the spot open”!!!!!

Our bail hearing was postponed, i was put on one of the most violent ranges, yet scratched above my bed were two words from a previous comrade “The Spot’, I slept well that night with this simple peace of resistance and defiance. The prisoners loved us and shared there canteen and smokes with me.

I got out but was on severe conditions. At the conference when someone said we should love the cops everyone booed.

Later they arrested another comrade, who when faced with the conditions of not going to the spot or anything choose to escape from police custody breaking out of transportation at a stop light, the people hid here. Those in CAS custody followed that example and liberated themselves with out our help. Quite a few times, when I knew I would face charges, I would hide right under their nose for a day or two to work up my nerves to turn myself in. (I always turned myself in and until now never disobeyed a court order or tried to avoid trial). ALL THis WAs iLLeGAL, but was right, and I could firmly stand on the Nuremberg principles. Those who chose to escape custody or group homes, were escaping horrible violence and repression that comes with being an activist, many of our you were indigenous and to them group homes were a continuation of residential schools, and although I myself never once tried to escape custody, or aviod arrest I understood why people chose to.

Many judges agreed with us, so charges were beaten, dropped or deals were struck that never hurt anyone else. YES WE DID THINGS THAT WERE SEEN AS ILLEGAL, But WE Did the Right thinG.

i mentioned Dj Cameron, he took his life as a result of difficulties he was facing with welfare. I remember my mentor Helmut Braun, who went to the hospital saying he was going to kill himself, and when he was legally turned away he took his life by jumping off a parking garage. They turned the argument into one of suicide barriers and other things I could go on and on from personal experience of friends who have died because of Legal.

To us it is not what is legal or illegal but what is right and wrong. TO US THIs IS A LIFE AND DEATH STRUGGLE.

Doing what is right sometimes has put my life in jeopardy, i remember looking down a gun barrel and saying if you want to shot him shoot me first, I remember another incident of a youth all fucked up on coke and booze coming in with a machete to fuck someone up and putting it to my neck, saying cut me first ( a police snitch active in the G20 investigation, was in the other room all coked up and did nothing, ). This tactic of using your body to stop violence doesnt always work good for you, I remember freaking out for a week when i was a little slow jumping in front of a rum bottle, it smashing in my chest and my blood possibly mingling with contaminated blood (I was fine, but waiting for the results was not fun). Yet i always to the best of my ability chose what is right before legal or my safety. Not because I am strong, or any of that but because I am part of an organization that has a history of resistance, i history i sometimes forget.

this blog issues crystalized every struggle I ever had and makes it a choice between legal or what is right. I chose to follow the Nuremberg principles and refuse to change one spelling mistake if ordered by the same organization that assassinated Dudley George. One again i am asking for succor from the people. DARE TO FiGHT DARE To Win!!!!

Call to Unity

24 Nov

My neighbourhood in KW has one of the lowest incomes in the region, and as a result of de-industrialization, exploitation of migrant and immmigrants, shitty schooling etc. will probably remain so until the gentrifiers try to drive us out (trust me we have and will continue to resist.)

Ceder Hills aka crack hills is known for its drug and gang violence. Due to continued explotation and racism many neighbourhoods in Kitchener are going down the same road. this is not the first time I got in trouble for something I wrote, our neighbourhood faced a brutal war with racist police under the guise of the war on drugs, especially in the 1990’s, we were (and still are) considered a zone within a zone eg. cops patrol and control.

What the media doesn’t tell you about this neighbourhood is it is also a nieghbourhood with a culture of resistance. People from El Salvadour, Vietnam, Jamaica, Cuba,Yugoslavia, The six occupied counties in Northern Ireland and many other counrties the are or have fought the empire live in this neighbourhood. And no matter what they think of the present revolutionary Gov’t in there countrys none of the older generation for a second have any remorse for participating or supporting those sacred moments of resistance and insurrection. Yet the police, out numbered by us “urchins” still control the streets due to gang and ethnic violence that they themselves fuel.

We have (with some success) unified at certain points in time rival gangs in our struggle against the state. Yet time and time again, the police divide us upon these lines of Vietnamese against Hispanic, White against black etc.

I remember talking to a gang leader from Yugoslavia, trying to get him on board and I asked him a simple question “We have more people, and lets be honest, there are more guns in our (poor peoples hands) then the cops have, yet why do they still control the streets” “i donno” He responded I said its cause we kill and hurt each other over 20 dollar drug deals and in the process are exploited and robbed blind by the Capitalist class, imagine if all the gangs unifed and instead of shooting each other, stood shoulder to shoulder unarmed, yet unbroken and said pigs stop brutalizing” he stated What you are advocating is Revolution!!!!!! Exactly.

When I was young I also got in trouble for writing a peace where I said what was wrong with this neighbourhood, named the perps and exploiters and said your day will come. This was considered “uttering threats”, my response was its not a threat but a promise, to all my friends that this exploitation will end revolution within our life time.

At our high point we had a cop watch program and would physically intervene when we saw police brutality. I remeber one demonstration where the police told us they had permission to use live ammo for there saftey ( they didn’t, we marched anyways, when they told us to stop marching, we said no then i got a batton over the teeth and the police tried to arrest me, the crowd refused, and a fist fight between protestors and cops broke out. Despite my bloody face, I tried to restore order and negotiated with the police to march and peacefully disburst at city hall. After the we disburst I asked the cop if I iwas under arrest, he said “not at this time”, as soon as I was by myself the goon squad gabbed me. It was proven in court that the Police knew my arrest would provoke violence, at a demonstration that the Officer in charge called “peaceful, until the arrest”. The officer, an “expert” on our movement was demoted.
Despite the unity we aimed to build again and again the state, through gossip in disclosuire or comments like “so and so thinks your to pussy to retaliate”, have tried time and time again to disrupt our unity. My lawyer friend knows this, he made the mistake of giving me his house keys to thrown a bday party for myself where I invited all my friends some of whom were from rival gangs. Needless to say, heads went through walls, and when he returned I was left by myself trying to explain the damage (to say he was angry is an understatement.) Poor Davin Charney, to say i broke him in to street organizing and all the problems that come with it is an understatement. To make myself feel better, I tell myself he has a better understanding of his Clients becuase of the havoc my friends and I caused in his life.LOL

This divide and conquor technique has also been used in many movements. When the Heroic Viet Cong were fighting with US imperialism, the empire first tried to create a “third way” that the people weren’t buying, then later used the Sino-Soviet split to attack and marginalize them. Many movements, stronger then our have faced this.

In the Occupied Six Counties, during the troubles, Sinn Fien, a political group, was asked time and time again to denounce those Republican youth in the street fighting british tanks and guns with just rocks and will power (remember those 14 who died in Derry), or to denounce those Republicans who chose to pick up guns to defend their neighbourhoods from British Troops or paramilitary sectarian organizations. They Refused to denounce any republicans and stated the truth that Provo’s were POW’s and political, despite risking internment No Republican ever condemned another Republican during these dark times REGARDLESS OF WHAT THEY THINK!!!

Yesterday two interesting thing happenned, I was asked on the Radio to condemn other comrades, one of which sacrificed his freedom so that others may be free, in regards to Ideology and tactics. I refused, they said it puts me in the same boat as him, I said it was a good boat, the boat of social justice. After having this arguement over and over, some about comrades whom I personally don’t like, I still stood by my principle and refused to condemn another activist. Furthermore I refused to let any of my comrades be treated as hooligans or criminals.

According to CTV “this (The g20 undercover operation) was the most massive sting operation in Canadian history” ,More people were arrested at the protest then any other time in Canada, including the FLQ crisis. This was done to silence poltics and make people scared of getting involved in the movement. The six are going to jail for political reasons, Hence are POLITICAL PRISONERS, not criminals. ALL others arrested and still facing charges are prisoners of a state trying to silence protest and dissent, and we must stand behind ALL of them regardless how we feel about them personally.

I was dismayed to hear last night, that as the dust is settling, people are still throwing mud, regards to violence vs non violence, whose fault is it that the infiltration took place etc. i felt angry, particularly because AW@L, a group that was hit the hardest was condemened. This is what the state wants us to do, divide over tactical, ideological and sectarian lines.

I will not attack the people who wrote this peace, instead i am sking that ALL critisms over ideology etc. be done face to face, as opposed to in the media. These pigs have done enough harm in our community, we don’t need to finish there job for them.

I ask all my comrades not to fall into the trap the empire uses over and over, divide and conquor, and that if you in good consciounss can’t defend people under attack by the state KEEP YOUr moUTH SHUT and say no comment. I will stand behind every victim of this state attack and refuse to condemn anyone, even if I think personally that they are assholes.I ask the same from other comrades, if you can’t grant that at least your silence for now.

Whose Law? Whose Justice?

23 Nov

This morning I heard that the publication ban that I am charged under is lifted. This is a serious victory that many people have been fighting for. Its is becoming harder and harder for them to fight the truth. So where does that put me? As it stands, my charges are still there, allowing the system to still put me in jail and impose conditions that may include a publication ban and shutting down my blog or altering it. So I am charged with breaking a law that no longer exists, to protect the identity of pigs infiltraitors whose true identity I never exposed, while there real names are in todays Globe and Mail. So although everything has changed, everything still is the same. I still plan to hungerstrike if silenced or imprisoned.

Wait you may say, isnt your goal to get the word out and isnt the media doing that for you. The media at this point is only showing part of the story, soon the police will have there spin docters and expert and everyone will forget and it will be buisness as usual. Remember after the FLQ crisis there was the Mcdonald Commission into the wrong doings of the RCMP? There was public outrage for about ten minutes, they created CSIS to deal with intellegence issues, several decades later look where that got us. They arrested Dan Kellar before the court order.

The other issue is the lie that the crown has no political prisoners and the reasons why protestors and dissidents are in jail is because they are criminals. This lie I can no longer stand, if I go to jail and hunger strike it wont be better for me it will be worst, but at least I will fight back against this criminalization. I have been criminalized most of me life for a variety of reason I have no control over, the biggest being that I am poor. But im not a good quite working bee to say yes boss, no boss and quitely wait in line for welfare or whatever crumbs are thrown my way. No, I am guilty of the inexcuseable, the crime of standing out speaking up and demanding basic rights by virtue of being human. How dare these urchins run free food programs, how dare these vulgar beasts demand decent housing fit for humans to live in. Throw them all in Jail, Lock them up, throw away the key. But I will not go silently, you should have known that from my psycological profile. I AM A POLITICAL DISSIDENT AND NO MATTER WHAT YOU SAY OR HOW YOU TRY TO CRIMINALIZE ME YOU CANT CHANGE THAT FACT!!!