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The foolish old person who moved mountains

16 Nov

Once many years ago when I was in China, i heard this story that I think is very relevant to the present situation,
The wise old man was talking a walk and saw a foolish old man digging at a mountain. The wise old man being all snobby and such started telling him that he would fail. The foolish old man contiued to dig and stated, im gonna dig here my whole life and when I die my children and there children will contiue and together we can move this mountain.

Maybe I am being foolish, after all what can one person do against the machienery of the state. It seems foolish to put so much at risk over a “shitty blog”. But its not just a blog, I am fighting against the state trying to hide and bury what really went on and if they can do it to me today they will do it to you tommorrow. There comes a time when u have to draw a line and say enough is enough. Im not changing a word of my blog because the state says so. I have drawn my line. Like the foolish old man i will continue digging at this mountain no matter what they through at me. What I am asking of you is to be “foolish” with me and help me move this mountain. By myself I am nothing, together we are everything. Anyonbe who has had experiances with these officers share it. If you have not had experiance share or post someone elses. Let us not be scared or intimidated. Together us foolish people can move this mountain.
yours in struggle till the end

Julian ichim
Nov. 16th 2011

Upon arrest my conditions for stoppng hunger strike

16 Nov

Upon arrest I will hunger strike and refuse to stop until these conditions are met

1. Im realeased from custody.

This is not because i am scared of jail but i think that to jail me over a blog is an attempt to silence others from speaking out. Trust me jail sucks, jail in an isolation room while hunger striking is 20 times worst but if we can win this battle less people will be scared for speaking out.

I am willing to accept any and all bail conditions EXCEPT to take down or change the post that they want me to change.

2. until this issue will be either too big to silence or the state will remove conditions stopping people from speaking out.

while i am principled I am not crazy, if I am not in custody and do not have to remove the post i will not be on hunger strike.

Everyday in custody, i will refuse any and all medical attention as well as hunger strike.

These are reasonable conditions, my post hurts no one, taking it down hurts all those who want to speak out against the injustice they felt at the hands of this Police infiltrator.

The waiting game

16 Nov

This post is dedicated to all police agents mointering this website.

One tactic that the police has used over and over again to criminalize g20 activists has been to wait till they are most vulnerable and then attack. In some cases this was used to state that people are avoiding arrest and further criminalize them.

One case i know the police, which was monitering there facebook waited till they left to spend the morning in another city before they went to her home looking for them. The person was bewilderedred when there face was splashed all over the news.

I will not let that happened to me. I am not running, I am not evading responsability, I am staying at home and waiting for you to come to me. If i need to leave i will leave a detailed map with were i am going and how i am getting there.

Maybe your psych analyisi of me is not that good,after all I am the son of my mother and if you knew anything about her you would know she stick to principle no matter what and is hardass stuborn. Maybe you have not talked to my friends, I am twice as stuborn…….so lets play the waiting game bet u a jailhouse toothbrush that i will win!!!!!!!!!

Who provoked the g20 violence?

16 Nov

Several months before the g20 at a NATO conference, it was agreed to that by the year 2025 the military “will play an active role in all major democracies”.

The g20, whichwas not orginally scheduled for Toronto is what i believe to be an experiment in how people would react to “having the military play an active role in major democracies”, and that the violence that broke out on saturday was a provoked response orchestrated as part of this experiment.

I want to be clear, I am not saying that the black block was all police agents, that all the windows smashed were caused by cops etc.

What I am saying was the police, intelligence and military created the conditions where the only logical response was violence, and they wanted to see how far they could push people before they snap.

I know several people that participated in the violence and NONE OF THEM consider themselves activists.

case A. a methadone user whom for the whole week leading up to the g20 could not get to his treatment due to checkpoints

case b. A person “who fits the discription” of an activist whom has been stopped over and over again the week leading up to the g20.

I could go on and on but in most cases it was poor and marginalized people fucked over again and again all week.

Let me recap the week leading up the g20.

A bogus five mile rule is enforced and used as a reasobn to search whomever they want all the way to Allen Gardens which is way way far from the summit area

Police in force do whatever they want to whomever they want with the excuse “We are the police”, They arrest, and beat, in plain view of peoples loved ones key organizors on charges that have never been used in the history of the country against political protestors.
I could continue listing the tactics they used but the point being, the police new how people would respond and chose to proceed with this social experiment.

Nuremburg anyone?

Im lucky i was in jail on the saturday, cause if i was not prearressted they would definatly frame me as a violent protestor, like quite a few innocent people i know…………….

The politics of hungerstrike….the only thing we have left is our bodies

16 Nov

Many people have tried to talk me out of hungerstriking, telling me that it is important for one who wants change to be healthy enough to see the change he wants. Others have been telling me thatI already made my point. Sitting up at like 7 in the morning i was going over in my head why what I am doing is correct and thinking of others whom have chose this tactic.

The politics of hungerstrike is based on the idea that when all avenues to fight injustice are blocked, you use the one thing that in theory you have absolute control over to make you point…….your own body.

Hungerstrikes have been used againand agin in places were the state have activly used coercive messures to stop all sorts of dissidence such as Northern Irleand under occupation, India , Mapucha territory etc.

But wait a second this is Canada, a free country you may say. My response is that freedom is not something that disapears overnight but rather slowly and in gradual steps as a result of complacency, feelings of not being able to do anything etc.

While i hate Burkes politics, I do agree with his statement, to only thing that needs to happened for evil to triumph is for good people to do nothing.

Let us look at what brought me here. Orginally i wanted this blog to lead up from my youth to the g20. Given the circumstances, I am running out of time.

so here are the facts
1. We tried to organize a legitame protest against the g20.
2. For a year and before that i was befriended and severly harmed by a police officer who became my friend to spy on me.

3. My charges were dropped because”it was against the intrest of the crown to proceed” aka they dont want my story to get out

4. Dan Kellar and other people who talk about it are targetted and arrested.

5. I start a “shitty blog” with spelling mistakes etc. and the police try to silence me pressing charges.

As one can see all avenues of protest and dissent have been blocked. The only thing that is in my control is my body. It is not me who is harming myself but the state that continueing to try to silence whatb happenned. Either i will be silence and this will happenned over and over or I will take a stand and fight with the only thing i control….MY body.

Like i said earlier freedom isnt something that disappears overnight If they come for me today and people are silent its only a matter of time until they come for you

Choice includes the right to life

16 Nov

When i was 16 years old, my aunt, who only had 10% of her lung walked into a hospital,was given, without informing her, an injection of diazapham and morphine and then went into a coma.
For those of you that don’t know both diazapham and morphine are known to slow down breathing. To give both of them to an ex TB victim with only 10% of there lung capacity is at best, negligent, but what happened after was in my view, criminal.

The hospital stated that they did not want to put her on a respirator, nor use any other machinery, to keep her alive. Although i was only 16 at the time, I called the docter a “fucken idiot” and said i would raise hell. My sister, who is not knowledgeble in pharmacology, but a kick ass immunlogist, threatened to sue. They gave her the necessary treatment and she came out of her coma to live several more years.

Having many members of my family who have been sick and died in hospitals i began to notice a pattern, and this is the pattern.
1. Docters perscribe inssuficient pain medication to patietients with diseases that they feel are either incurable or untreatable.

2. These same idiots start baddgering there patients not to be a burden on there family friends etc.

3. They send idiot chaplins to talk to the families about the “value of life” and the need to let go.

4. Docters then talk about resources being wasted to the family and the patient.

Then they give you the “choice ” to “die with dignity”.

Given the above stated circumstances where is the right for the patient and the family to make a truely informed choice?
To me the word choice means that you are free from coersion and you yourself get to decide what happenneds to you.

Given the fact that our society only values “productive members” aka those whose surplus value can be exploited, patients who have disabilitys or dehabilitating diseases are already made to feel like they are a burden. Having docters and chaplins etc. drumming this idea in there head and pestering concerned family members is at best robbing a patient of choice, at worst some sort of screwed up forced voluntary eugenics cost saving program.

Yes i believe and fight for choice…… long as that choice includings being free to coose life.

The politics of fear

15 Nov

In dictatorships it is not uncommon for the police to call you in the middle of the night,make you wait hours until finally when u r broken starting there interogation.

In my case these are the facts…….i was tolf to change my blog……i refused…..i was told that i am breaking the law………i said i will face the concequences………several hours later …….I am still here. If i am going to get arrested arrest me…..if i am getting a sommons give it to me……Why and what is the point of making me wait? Is this just another form of the politics of fear?