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OPP gives my disclosure to KW crown, is that even legal?

31 Jan

Today in kw, I was suppose to testify in regards to community service that someone did with the spot collective. Its a long story about how they got into court so I wont bore you with all the details other then the probation officer did not agree that the KWCCSJ was a legitimate place for them to do community service hours. In the past I myself have given many people community service hours for work around harm reduction, peer counselling that deals with poor on poor violence, alcoholism, etc.

In the past, the courts, John Howards society and other agencies have validated the social work we do while condemning the political by doing such things as making exceptions on bail orders to allow The Spot to function or give us the power to grant people community service hours etc. as long as it was for our social programs and not protests etc.

This case arose from a failure of communication between us, agencies etc.and we felt that we could sort this out in court. Since I worked with this youth in terms of publishing his prison experience in a local magazine, peer counselling where his negative experience with Alcohol and other such things could be used positively by teaching others to learn from his mistakes and other such things, it was agreed that I would testify. This trial took two days and this morning, after I talked to his lawyer I was prepared to take the stand. Lo and behold, before the proceedings started, the lawyer handed me a binder from the crown which was part of my disclosure for the charges I am facing around the blog. I was then told that I would not take the stand but rather someone else who worked at the KWCCSJ would. I felt that this was a bad idea for two reasons, 1.that this persons experience working with this particular youth was minimal, 2. That this person was not there when we tried to contact the social agencies and could not document that and 3. My charges that I am facing are irrelevant to the work that I am doing working with street youth around issues of harm reduction, preventing poor on poor violence etc.

The other main reason was that I felt that this was an attack on ground that we have fought and won through struggle which has shown the necessity for the social work that we do which stems from our political convictions that the people themselves must come up with solutions to the problems that we face. The crown, I knew did not get this information to sit on it and not putting me on the stand would allow them to make any allegations they want about me in court, slandering my name not giving me a right to respond.

Now the issue is not whether or not my name is slandered, im pretty use to it by now, but rather the fact that when my name is slandered in court it has nothing to do with my spelling or the fact that I am a slob or any of that but rather it is an attack on my politics and by default an attack on the politics of the organizations that I am a part of. I felt that these attacks need to be fought head on, not only because of the impact that this would have on the case of the accused, but also on the impact that this would have on other people in the future who have done hours there or want to do hours there. Regardless of what one thinks of what I believe, we should not hide our politics but rather meet political attacks head on and not give any ground to those who want to slander us on the work we do based on what our politics we have.

As this other person testified, giving their experiance with the accused, it became obvious that the crown was preparing to launch an attack and lo and behold, the crown began an attack on the basis of what my involvement was with the KWCCSJ, what my relationship with the youth was etc. At this point in time I asked the lawyer if he could still bring me up and excused myself hoping that I could testify. After it became obvious that was not the case, cursing the lawyer in the hallway (later I apologized), I re entered the court and listened to the sentencing, the judge stuck to the fact that he disobeyed his probation officer,giving a verdict of guilty. In the sentence it became obvious that he was not ruling on the validity of us doing hours, but took into account the fact that he did do something, as well as positive changes in their lives, giving him a $400 fine instead of jail. I was happy at the verdict but still felt that a ruling of not guilty could have been reached had I explained the reason for the failure of communication between us and John Howards etc. and felt that my present charges and political slander should have been met head on not to show any fear to the state that we are ashamed or must apologize for the fact we are political. This judge has dealt with me in the past and has ruled fairly around political issues so I felt that this would not have had an impact on my friend’s case but rather could have totally got him off. Still there was something that was bothering me. I apologized to the lawyer for cursing him in the hallway and we chit chated for a bit. Only later did it hit me what was wrong.

It was the fact that the OPP sent documents relating to my charges to the crown. These documents looked exactly like m,y disclosure and where part of my disclosure. Based on this and the fact that it was directly out of my disclosure and not the notes of the police officers in question but rather guilty plea synopsis etc. that I assume that it is my disclosure. I confirmed later from the lawyer that indeed the KW crown received these documents from the anti racketeering branch of the OPP. Is this even legal? My understanding is that the so-called conspirators, myself included did not have access to the disclosure (and later those that did had to sign a document that they would not share it) specifically so that we dont share it. What gives them the right to share it? With who else have they shared it with and to aim or purpose? I am not convicted yet and I assume that the idea that one is innocent until proven guilty still applies in this country (maybe last night when i was sleeping Harper snuck in his omnibus bill that this no longer applies). Why are these court documents being circulated by the OPP? If the OPP feels that I am not in a place to give community service hours, then the burden of proof is on them and they should have sent someone in a position of authority to testify to this effect, not mail documents which will be used against me in court which I can’t respond to yet because my case is not yet in front of a judge during trial. By doing this, they are putting me in a position where I cant testify, giving them cart blanche to say whatever they want and not have me respond. legally all the court needed to know was that I am up on charges, which I have done nothing to hide, nor have i denied this. I have not yet agreed to any of the facts and leaking these documents to the KW Crown is not just an attack on my person but an invasion of privacy and screwing with my right to a fair trial. Where is the accountability? Where is the justice? where is the fairness?

What would happened to me if I decided to mail my court documents to other people such as the globe and mail because I feel it is important for them to know whats going on. This whole affair, like my charges and the g20 in general reeks of injustice and unfairness. No im not surprised at this at all, what I am surprised at was that the kw crown had no problem openly displaying this violation of trust showing that the new order of things is the state can do whatever they want and get away with it

Why we must fight this legal battle, why we must win!!!!

30 Jan

The current government is shedding any illusion of legitamcy and ruling by decree. In the political field this trend is very obvious and very dangerous. Before the g20 even took place the state decided that the groups and people who were targetted for infiltration and attack were those groups and individuals who hold a “criminal ideology”. in other words, gone are the days when they need actus reas , a act and mens reas an intent, now to hold an ideology in and of itself makes you a criminal. In other words, anarchists, Marxist Leninists, socialists and Maoists, are targets not for anything that they do but rather for choosing to hold an ideology. So a political person stops being a person and rather is made into a person of interest or a suspect. This is diffrent then in the past becuase although there were many attacks in the past the state has always tried to mask it behind other things such as applying criminal laws to them and saying that acts like protesting, flyering etc. were issues of law and order as opposed to the state criminalizing people for there politics. With the fact that the state is open with there intent we now know that under the present regime to simply hold an ideology in and of itself is a crime. The state then after making a list and turning public figures, whose politics are open and not hidden into people of interest and suspects began to mointer, befriend and infiltrate peoples personal lives. The use of undercovers in the movement is not new, what is new however is the use of conspiracy charges against political organizers. in the modern framework this was first tried in the US on the Cuban five, who infiltrated right wing terrorist groups carrying attacks on Cuba, seeing that they were able to use this without mass public uproar, the stage was set where they decided, when it became obvious that political people who were organizing a political protest were not doing anything wrong, to use these charges not only to attack the peoples movement but to silence and intimidate any dissent. having set up this ting operation to nab any organizor whom they targetted, the state decided to set up a military zone in downtown toronto during the g20 summit, lie to the people about a five mile rule that did not exist and impose it all the way to allen gardens and wherever they wanted targetting and arresting whomever they wanted simply because they did not like how they looked, were deaf or did not identify themselves. Having imposed this police state, check points and all, they proceeded to use strong arm tactics, sheer brutality kettling etc. to destroy the peoples movement and attack the people. This brutality was not hidden but rather done in the open to warn people that if they decided to become political they will face the whole oppressive appartus of the state which will crush them. On the staurday and the night before, organizors were dragged out of there beds, with guns in front of there loved ones and arrested for conspiracy. I myself, was kidnapped out of a tim hortons, beaten in plane site with the van door open and then charged with conspiracy later having it changed to councelling. Being beaten in plane view of people and loved ones was there strategy to let people know that if you chose to be political you will be beaten, you will be brutalized and terrorized. I wont comment on what happenned saturday because A. I was in jail and B. i already discussed my analysis in a diffrent blog called something like why did the g20 violence happened or something like that. What I will say is that the conditions were so brutal that many main stream papers have called it Torontonamo. The overcrowding, mass arrests and brutality that people faced was because they chose to take a political stand and this was used as a way to intimidate people and stop them from participating in the peoples movement. The legal fallout and conditions had nothing to do with stopping crime or anything but rather was aimed at silencing people and stopping them from acting political. Alex Hundred was arrested for speaking on a panel and was warned not to talk to media, conditions that people faced stated that they could not participate in ANY protest and the weight of the state was put to crush any discussion among the peoples of this territory about what happenned. Those who were in reltionships were not able to associate except in the most ridiculous conditions and from what I understad brothers and sisters were not allowed to speak in one case. As soon as those who were victimized began to gather there wits and talk about what was and is going on, they were being mointered by theanti racketting branch of the OPP from what I can tell in regards to this there role being to arrest anyone who discussed the brutality of the undercover operation and silence all discussion. When Dan Kellar wrote his blog, he was arrested and told that anyone who republished it would get arrestted, when i wrote my experiance with Khalid Mohhamed, I had a court order thrown at me. These attacks from the begining till now are a example of what the state has planned for the future for those who choose to become and act political, violence, brutality jail and court. The systems full weight is being put not only to attack people who were targetted simply for having an ideology, but to silence what is really going on so that the peoples of this territory can forget and move on. In other words this sint just a political attack, but it is an attack on the collective memory of the peoples of this territory and this movement, the same way that the dirty tricks done by police and there agents in the 60’s and 70’s have been forgotten. This political attack does not happenned in isolation. Harper himself said fuck you to the supreme court around the issue of the wheat board using the same mentality that was used at the g20 we can do whatever we want the law does not apply to us. if you disagree screw you. One can see, when examing the attacks on the workers movement and the state allowing U$ Steel to destroy and dismantle the manufacturing industry that the governments new agenda is one of no acctountablity and destruction. This brutality and force is being used against the settler society, if one sees the policy to natioms colonized by the state here and abroad one can see that the aims of today are war and facism. In Afghanistan, Lybia, Syria and Iran the soldiers of the state, under the new methods of operation are not even trying to pretend to be peacekeepers but are openly embracing there role as murderers, colonialist and bruralizers who “kill people because they need to die” to paraphrase a certain army higher up. In terms of our relations with the original peoples of this land the state is answering all questions of rightful hereditary rights to the land with the same air of no accountability, we can do what we want and might makes right. In this context, we can clearly see that we have an obligation to resist by first and formost forcing the state to admit its crimes against the peoples of this territory by admmitting that the attacks on the g20 protest organizors are political attacks and those who are being arrestted and targetted by the state are being targetted because they are political. In this context it is important that I, when fighting my charges, will do so politically on the basis that i have the right to my politics by virue of being human and have the right to share my experiance with these peace of shit infiltrators and the impact that they have had on my life. Not cause I am special or anything but rather because all of us have the right to hold whatever ideology we choose to hold and should not be criminalized by our politics. In this cintext the legal struggle ahead has nothing to do with whether or not you think my politics are goos or bad, but rather come from the place that do people have the right to there politics, if they do then the state should stop political targetting and attacks and take responsability by admitting that those arrestted at the g20, those in jail on bullshit charges and all other politicla people are there because they are political. This is what political status is about, this is why we must fight for it, this is why we must win it. Victory belongs to the people!!!

Reorganization and consolidation, strength till victory

30 Jan

As of this point in time FTP in Guelph is facing a variety of organizational and structural problems which are a result of both state attacks on members and economical issues that people are facing. Though there is a need for FTP, which has been made obvious today through discussion with a variety of people, FTP as an organization is good to no one if it is functioning at a minimul capacity and cant deliver everything it says it can. Therefore during then next few weeks discussion, dioluge and selfcritism will be carried out for the purposes of strenghthening our assets identifying our liabilities and turning our liabilities to assets. Members or those who identify with FTP and its program must ask themselves if there is a need for a group like FTP, what will its role be, what must be done to empower its memberhip and what must be done to be able to implement its program, what are our strenths, weeknessses and how can we move forward. If we are to continue as an organization that has support among segments of the people these questions must be taken seriously and our survival as an organization rests on this. Yes there is a need for FTP but it cant exist  without sacrifices and the hardwork of the whole of its membership andf its ability to stand on its on two feet. This can only be done through examining everyaspect of this organization and pushing forward to keep what is good , discard what is bad and push forward. Let us then strat this discussion and set a plan for ourselves which allows us to meet the needs of the people, resist state attacks and strenghthen our community

Night of Cuban Culture and planning a success

26 Jan

Today at The University of Waterloo street affiliated people and students heard speakers talking about the importance of culture in Cuba and how the revolution provides opportunity for all youth in Cuba to participate in the cultural life. Examples of how Cuba takes culture to all youth including those living in rural areas were given and the importance of culture in the proper development of youth in Cuba. Later the Romeria De Mayo festival was discussed and plans were layed to assist getting street artists and students to this festival which is taking place in Cuba in May. Our next event will be held on Feb. 16th which will include speakers, music and salsa lessons. The event will be held at the University of Waterloo and all are welcome.

suicide solutions, revolutionary and reactionary

24 Jan

Hobbes, as much as he is a dick has one thing right, for poor and marginalized peoples life is short miserable and brutal. Being cut of from political power and resourses poor people are at the mercy of charites, psuedo lefty hippies and politicians whose interests are not the same as those who are marginalized. In the case of politicians there interest is to maintain power and wealth, which comes from the explotation of labour and resourses plundered from the oppressed, unemployment being there to remind them what happenneds if they get out of line. So there interest is to maintain the status quo and increase there power and profit margine on the backs of those whom they plunder, increase the explotation and misery. In the case of charities and prsuedo lefty hippies there role is not to find any solution as well meaning as they are because there analysis either excludes the people dirrectly affected from gaining political power or they themselves transplant themselves on top of marginalized people and fight for there agenda, as oppossed too allowing the exploited to set there own agenda, discuss the problems that they are facing and come up with a solution that rests on the ability to implement it, hence express political power. From this perspective marginalized people suffer political death since they are forced to have no role in the political life or public sphere. This impacts there personal lifes forcing those excluded from power to have no say in there destiny or enviroment leading to a bitter existance. Out of this comes the problem of suicide. Suicide is very rampant, particularly to those community that face the brunt of brutal colonization and capitalism. This is not because indigenous people, marginalized, excluded , poor and racilzed communities have somedeath wish or genetic defect but rather because the material conditions make life unbearable and for survival are forced to depend on others who have no understanding of there reality and in most cases dont give a fuck. Ozzy osborne, in his song suicide solution talks about alcoholism as a form of suicde and the point of the song is the evils of the drink. While i think it is a good song , he uncociously makes a very good point, alcoholism, drug abuse and other forms of escapism are suicide in the sense that suicide, alcholism and drug use for those directly impacted by brutal capitalism are ways in which to escape the harsh brutal reality that people face. In otherwords, since oppressed people have no direct impact on there material conditions they choose to escape the harshness by escaping reality, in many cases with deadly consequences. like Tupac says ” wake up every morning and i ask myself, is life worth living or should i blast myself?. Escape in this form while understandable is reactionary in the sense that it does not solve the political problems that people are facing but rather is used to maintain the status quo allowing those in power to maintain power and not allowwing those who are feeling the boot of capitalism on there neck to change there direct reality. For those under attack your life is already planned for you , in the words of DMX, “the streets, the cops the system harrasment, the options, get shot go to jail get your ass kicked. In this framework escape is not only desireable but rather logical. The questions is how to escape in a way that changes the powerstructure and create space for change. Huey Newton when dealing with the problems that black people were facing in the U$ put forward the theory of revolutionary suicide, that being black and colonized in the U$ is a death sentence if the racist state wont kill you directly it will kill you indirectly through the harsh brutal reality of day to day life, and if you are to die anyways you may as well die fighting for liberation. While I dont claim to understand what its like to be black, i recognize that no solution can be found to our current crisis that does not include black people determining there own destiny, which includes repartation for the crimes committed and still are being committed here and abroad by the racist state. Furthermore i feel that the states desine of death and destruction apply to a whole range of people including theose whose bodies are not seen as fit to exist in society, the unemployed, queer people and indigenous people. To me in my life the choice is simple, to die in jail or blow my brains out because the problems in front of me have no solution until I have the power to change them, hence reactionary suicide, weather by bottle or gun or gang violence or to analyze the problems facing me, fight to change them and if in this course the sacrifices are great know that i died for something, maybe not personal victory but political victory but victory none the less. Revolutionary suicide is the path i choose to die on my fight rather then to be hung slowly on my knees. From this perspective all becomes clear either we win political freedom and have the power to determine our own destiny or we lay down and die. If we loose the political fight, which we wont because of the material conditions, then at least we have the knowledge that we would have died for something and that at least we tried to escape, not our reality but the gallows of capitalism

The vampire slayer

24 Jan

Disclaimer when i wrote this i was in a dark place and i believe the anaylsis is simplistic and somehwta problematic, I am too easy on myself, still i do believe the story needs to be told and i ask anyone who reads this in london if they figure out who this is that they keep it to themselves. This person is brave revolutionary and solid and we can learn alot from there example

The Vampire Slayer

Its funny how memory blocks out the things that hurt you most. For the most part around my moms death I deal with it by pretending she never existed and it was always that way. I still cant look at a picture of her cause its to hard. Its funny how a simple thing like an arguement can bring everything rushing back. I was immobalized by pain, and feeling the darkness coming over i wanted a pepsi, my bro was going to the store anyways, i asked him to get me one, he forgot my sis went out same story, finally i snapped when they said im not the only person in the universe, and started argueing for my rights. in that dark moment memmories started coming back, particularly about my previous relationship with the Vampire Slayer, whom I blocked out. Im not saying I blocked out there whole existance, whenever ive been in crisis I would always turn to them, when i was at home alone awaiting arrest losing ten pounds thinking ill be in jail the next day, when no one else would take my calls, it was the vampire slayer who would. When id be home alone, my body exhausted from the severe anti biotics and forced marches of 10 minute without my cane to learn not to show weakness, it was the vampire slayer
who talked to me. I use to be like they know there shit, thats why im calling them, then they understand what im going through, thats why im calling them, the real reason is that even though all our interactions ended with them hurt, they still talked to me and had my back cause they are a revolutionary and for once in my life my initial instinct of trust was right.

The Vampire slayer lived in London, and at that time I found out what polyamory was and decided to try it out. I never ment to fall in love with the vampire slayer, but it was hard not to. When i was in jail or crisis they would take my calls, and I use to (and still do) suffer from extreme exhaustion. I wouldnt ever let me gaurd down, but for some reason I would show up there and be can I sleep or crash for a few hours. They would let me, they would make sure I ate and eventually we started to shoot the shit. We were both into buffy, tomb raiders and other such things. In london with everyone else i had to be someone else, with the vampire slayer I could be myself and let me guard down. They sufferred from Chronic pain and other issues and even though I wasnt where I am right now, i still had some issues, and they understood. You know the saying sparks fly when we first touched, thats what I felt literally, and in the middle of the night when I had night terrors, we joked about it the next day. Everyone else wanted me to be someone else, a gangsta, a bad ass revolutionary someone who was ruthless, not the vampire slayer. i would sitt on there bed look in there eyes and sing skid row, bon jovi and corny ballads and we would laugh. They use to draw these amazing pictures, that even today, when i see them Im like damn thats amazing. All the shit I write about, loving your body, fighting pain coping etc. that people say is so brave and honest, i wouldnt be at this point of analsis if it wasnt for them. I remember one article dealing with the de sexualization of ableism in our society and how it impacted gender dynamics, amazing shit. So what went wrong? I fucked up, there are a million excuses, that I can make that I was put in a bad position etc. but at the end of the day I made a bad choice. I remeber the look on there face when they said you said you would sacrifce anyone for your revoltuion, well i hope your happy, you scarficed me. See they had a friend who wanted to get with me, they were cool with with it, the problem was that I lied. They use to be like you should hook up with so and so, one night i did and after they said, u cant tell anyone, what to do, lie then drop hints to get caught, stupid stupid stupid. Especially cause at that point I had to front to be with this person. I chose not to choose, not to take a stand. Even after this they still forgave me sort of. I went to China and they held the bag, they had an arguement with an amazing activist cause the judge ordered me back in one week which was impossible, they talked to me after a julian adventure ended bad in China and calmed me down. Then some fucked up shit happenned in london, my friends were involved, this is nothing ngew and publicly I would never denounce my friends, but privatly i would. After all when bad shit happenned and my family was involved i was in montreal and we were honest and tried to sort things out, I should have said how i truely felt. I chose to justify that brutality cause i knew that every phonecall i made from china was monitered, i talked bad ass cause didnt want it ending up in my friends disclosire that i think what they and those that egged them on fucked up, but was like when i get back i will explain how im feeling. The breaking point was a peace of legislation that the PRC passed, that they denounced as ableist, what i saw was a westerner critisizing the third world, what I think they saw was assimilationist bullshit that talks about breaking barriers, the same bullshit they heard over and over again. I said nasty things, we stopped talking. I sent an apology and thought when i get back we can sort this out. I got back we yelled at each other, i dont back down so i said some fucked up shit. But after i did apply for trillium coverage and followed there advice on everything else.

Still despite all this, they took a two day bus ride (transportation sucks) years later to help us with the struggle for shenanigans. I was overjoyed, despite the fact I was seeing somone else and would never cheat on them, here is my old comrade, we had serious descussion, it looked like we were wining, lets get a bottle, we drink, somone starts crying a bombshell is dropped. We talked a way to resolve it, i slept comfortabley cause i would wake up see they were there and knew this would be dealt with. It wasnt, if a trustb but not c and c doesnt trust b how do you solve it? there are some things even Che cant fix. If the same thing happenned today I still wouldnt know how to deal with it. But the matter being they came to help and left hurt.

Yet despite all this, any issue I had I could still talk to them, during the g20 they were there, during this crisis they are there, not because there experiance with me shows me to be a nice guy, but because they are solid and my inital feeling of being vulnerable and passing out from exhaustion under there watchful eye was correct. They are the people not the pigs. During my pain issues they talked to me and supported whatever choice i made, they told me how to get freeish meds, i listened, they talked to me when no one else wanted to hear julian whining and complaining.

Why am I telling this story? two reasons it would be unfair to tell my story without saying who inspired me and who taught me the qualities that people admire. Secoundly revolution is not just front line, though the vampire slayer is definatly that, its about the work you do in your communitty, the realtions we build and being fucken solid. our heros should not all be people with guns, but also those who do the groundwork to allow us to maintain our humanity. Yes be like Che, but also be like the vampire killer and follow there example which is just as brave as che.

Fighting Liberalism with gun in hand (Nerf or airsoft)

23 Jan

So i was sitting at home by the computer 9apperantly thats all i need to do these days to get charged lol) and was trying to find somone to bring me a pepsi. In the corse of this i thought that it would be a good idea to build up an arsenal of various random tools for my amusement, after all boredom is a sighn of someone who cant play tricks and of all things I am not that. So in the course of this, i realised what is the point of amusing yourself if your friends are at work bored being tortured by the thousand papercuts of beurocracy, eg. writing proposals etc. At this point in time i realized that for the sake of saving my friends life from bordom that comes with paperwork, it is immperative i launch an assault on there workplace with nerfguns, jellyfilled supersoakers, airsoft top of the line rifles that ping people with little plastic things and whatever else we can find.Now, since conspiracy is so in the vouge these days, i decide to start one of my own, not as cool as the conspiracy of mr. miller, Khalid harper and the state to silence dissent, but cool anyways, i started to ask around and see who i could recruit for this assualt on my friends workplace and to make things more livly i decide to get money to go to the local chinese supermarket but 50 crans and release them as well into the workplace( i did this in elementrary school and years later i do believe it will still be fun). After i sort out my plan of attack, i let there old roommate know what i am planning and how i intend to free my friend from the trappings of working for a buercracy, but since this person is not yet part of the cool activists he cant join my conspiracy. Following the example of Harper, i aim to give this conspiracy the air of legality by bringing this up at her workplace meeting or AGM (AGM would be easier since its coming up soon and anyone can become a member) and if people vote against my plan i will do what harper did to the supreme court vis a vis the wheatboard and give the meeting a big fuck you, but i will make sure, like harper to stack the meeting with likeminded people and bulldoze my plan through. The only problem so far is I have no pepsi, so cursing the failings of the internet that can let me plan an assault on my friends workplace but cant get me a pepsi, i put on my coat, curse the enviromentalists who stopped global warming (8 deg. in january is pretty nice lol) and start walking to the store. At the store there are some people fucked out of there tree on various random drugs, and on my way home someone more drunk then me asks me for a light for nefarious reasons so i give them my matches and walk. Outside my house a crack user asks to borrow my cellphone cause there dealers not there, this i decline because a. i dont have a cellphone and b. if i did it would probably be tapped and they would not want to use it. I start to thing, and you know that bad things usually happenned when that happenneds. As my friend says we all hang out and kick it until julian gets an idea and next thing you know we are fighting cops ending in jail and never get to see how the movie ends. In the next few weeks we will implement a variety of programs that see street youth and campus based activists working together for common goals. The purpose of this is to build common ground and understading between us and the students and by doing that strenghthening our bonds of friendship and solidairty. We have been working at this since the g20 attacks recognizing that this is work that needs to be done. Several days ago i was on the bus with two people, one of whom was this friend and they were describing how they view there reality and i realized that there view of this city was very diffrent then mine. Everyones experiance and understanding of there reality is valid and all theory for action should be based on a proper analysis of your experiance and reality. However, experiance and understanding is shaped by your enviroment and liberalism, at its roots comes from not understanding but imposing your interpretation of reality on other people cutting out those people from solving the problems that they are facing. I am not calling this person a liberal, if anything they are revolutionary through and through, but there reality is diffrent then my reality because of enviroment. Putting this in the broader context, our success’s working with the students comes from engaging with them in struggle and by doing so sharing a common reality, our failures come from imposing what should be on what is and not seeking truth from fact but rather imposing what we would like to be fact on truth ignoring the concrete reality. For these projects to work we must combat liberalism by engaging in struggle together and by doing so sharing experiances and defining and changing the material conditions that shape our reality. For example, yes let us bring the marginalized to campus and building links that way, but also let us bring the students to areas under attack, and work together as allies in our struggle for liberation.Let us also hold events off of campus, not with jusr campus people but everyone who wants to engage in struggle and by doing so and sharing experiances combatting the sterotypes that society imposes on us and fighting liberalism. In this context, we must also, being good conspiritors invite those who we will attack at there workplace into this conspiracy and let them arm themselves with nerfguns etc. therefore combatting liberalism. Fuck maybe we can even get the workplace to fund both sides, like the U$ during the Iran Iraq war and by doing so, create better relations between people in her workplace and my crew. Fighting liberalism is fun, esp if nerfguns are involved…lol

Callout to reorganize For The People and to Strengthen our survival programs

22 Jan

Sunday Jan 29th 4:30 free food serving
5:00 re organizational meeting
St. Georges Square
Come out have your say in what must be done in the coming year to strenghthen our organization as well as plan campaighns to defend the rights of those who are marginalized and attacked by the state. Find out whaat programs we are runnng, what must be done to strenghthen them as well as what we must implement to defend our community.

Graffitti on the wall

21 Jan

So last night I planned to go out have a few drinks, wake up maybe if i get a ride go to the catterpiller protest, have some fun etc. But my friends car was broken down in front of my house and we needed a battery, my sis was suppose to take care of it but she was nowhere to be found, so im like shit, im stuck at home with this broken car trying to help my other friend fix it, so i call my sis and she starts yelling, now something you should know if i had to choose between dealing with cops and screws armed to the teeth or dealing with my sis i will choose the screws and guards any day. When she yells she hits these certain notes that are like cat claws on a chalk bourd. When we first launched the lawsuit against guelph police i was avoiding my sister and when we got ready to go to the police station who shows up but her, and she starts yelling “you good for nothing Julian, where is the contract with the people from inuvik, they are exploiting you you need to ask for this and that, do you like being exploited? your marxism is shit, cause you dont even fight and are uhhh ok ill take whatever contract you give me,” then in a nice voice shes like “oh hi kelly how are you doing” then she starts yelling at me that i talk abig game but allow people to exploit me like the Youth centre in inuvik. I ask davin how did she know I was here and how did she get here, and hes like ohh i told her, and drove her up cause she was pissed at you and i thought it would be funny. Then theres the time after the intial blogging charges were laid when we had to go get fingerprinted and it was on keele st opp and we ebded up at jane and finch and years ago i use to live there and she starts yelling at me again” you use to live here how the fuck do we get to keele st.” so im like take the bus to jane station gett off at keele and” i didnt get to finish cause is like you fucken idiot does it look like we are taking subways and shit we are in a car how the fuck do we get to keele left or right,?” so im like trying to get her to stop yelling and i guess, which gets us more lost and shes like no wonder you communists will never win, you cant even give dirrections and you use to live here. So anyways I like to avoid my sister when shes yelling, so Im trying to help fix the car, but accidentally kill the new battery, then my friend is on her way to meet my other friend to go tabbozaning, (drunken tobbogganing) and i convince her instead to stay ere and have a few drinks with me and try to figure out this car thing we have a few drinks and who shows up but my sister, and shes like what the fuck julian your drinking where is so and so and whats going on with the car, i try to explain and she says hi how are you to my friend and they gossip and do girl things then she like yelling about something or another but shes like if you wanna leave you can. I dont need to be asked twice so we fill our pockets with 3 bottles of wine Cuban wine , rum cigerrettes etc. and go visit our friends who are Irish and fennian Irish newfies. We start drinking and i want to go grab this other friend of mine who is cool, cause she listens to black metal and lauren hill and other cool shit. So my one friend starts being like ahhh julian has a crush and im like nahhhh but theres this cool person who i think is cute at stanley park lets go grab her. But it was cold so we start drinking and talking and cheersing to fuck the queen fuck the empire etc. Then we get into an arguement about who is a better drinker irish, scottish , east coasters or romanians, so i state that its obviously romanians cause we make romanian wine thats like the crack of alcohol, my scottish friend says the scotts cause they make scotch etc. Well, we all know the truth its the romanians i state, cause we have latin blood and are hot tempered so boozing is in our blood, of course everyone has stories of drunken madness and we agree that alocholism, like revolution must be based on internationalism, cultural exchange and solidarity. For example my scottish friend can bring scotch i can bring romanian wine, irish wiskey winter warmers etc.. Then we start plotting liberation and i tell my story of when i went out east to join my comrades in solidarity to protest the queens visit and how the british intelligence showed up at my friends house in the morning where i was trying to sleep after a night of drinking winter warmers, and at the protest all sorts of intelligence people surround me and demand that i remove my mask or i will be charged, i shit you not, with scaring the queen, and how i eventually do remove my maks cause believe it or not that charge is real and shows how fucked up the system is, i believe you get 25 years for scaring the queen, we start talking about how the queen should be arrested under that charged under that everytime she looks in the mirror, then they get this idea to cook this thing called pea stew which i am suspicous of cause its all like turnips and peas and broth and carrots, in other words it is suspicious cause it has no sauces perservatives, etc. and looks healthy. My friend is cooking it and talking about how this thing called pea stew is the food that kills imperialism cause the imperialists want to steal our vitamins and make us eat shit and we need to eat healthy etc. Im looking to figure out a way to add something into this abomination that may acctually give it taste like mayyonnaise or bbq sauce or even processed cheese, but alas, there is nothing so we end up eating it, with all things multigrain bread, which is scariest of all. To my surpise it actually tastes good and not like the crap that hippies make despite the fact that it is full of things like turnips and carrots etc. We then start talking about the miners strikes of the 80’s and 90’s i believe and the exploitation of resources out east, in Ireland etc. and what makes some people resist and other people not resist, we talk about capitalist indoctrination through television, schools and the political system. We talk of the indiffrence bred into us by the system, the “cool consumer rebellion” of bying nike addidas etc. and the line in rage saying make you think that buying is rebelling. We talk about going out east and how much i would love it there, cause im so into fishing and lobsters and adventure, or going to belfast etc. My arguement is that we should go there and all those places but North America is the belly of imperialism , and in North America Ontario steals all the resoruses and the banks and viens of capitalist exploitation is in toronto, so our duty is to fight here, cause that our obligation. We start talking about heart and how the diffrence between those who fight and those who are indiffrent is heart. Like Che says the ability to feel for the suffering and death of a child half way across the world, and not be paralysed by guilt or fear but rather to have that sentiment lead to action. Cause as a certain person once told me guilt and worry are the most useless emotions cause they change nothing. I go do another dip to get booze and my one friend is passed out so then im getting all this relationship advice about how i should ask out a certain person, but this person isnt my type cause she has no heart, and we just dont click, so i leave and end up at another friends house with more booze and im listening to this song and it goes “We love the jungle deep, thats where the lion sleeps, for then those evil eyes they have no place in paradise” the song continues “Graffitt on the walll just as the sun was going down, i seen graffitti on the wall,up the celts up the celts it says were magic, were magic, ” etc. and we start talking about graffitti and how you go to cuba, etc.. the writing literally is on the wall and how we are struggling to find our way to paradise, paradise being a place where there is no place for those evil eyes of indifference, and where we are unified in revolutionary struggle to create a place where all are free. Paradise isnt something that is given to you but something you must find through the road of revolutionary struggle, and in revoltuionary struggle indifference is collaboration with the system. Let me explain, the system exists because we let it exist, dont getme wrong im not blaming the exploitation and imperialism on the victims, cause its obvious wherever you go there is resistance, no what im saying is something else, that the system breeds within us two things, one deaftism, hopeless and the feeling that the system is so huge that everything we do is pointless and bombardes us with all these images of defeatism to make us feel that we are overwhelmed and there is nothing that we can do, those armchair revolutionaries like hakim bey benifit from promoting this view because they have reached resonable acoomidation with the system where they can promote there theories which say that the system is invincible and there indiffrence is jsutified because they have no heart so they can justify there inaction and lavishing lifestyles that they get as a result of exploited labour here, stolen land and war and imperialism abroad. They dont see the truth that imperialism is being resisted and is moribund, in other words, to them they dont want to see that a system build on death has nothing to offer but death, so there promtion of indiffrence actually maintains the system. Sure they sound cool with ultra leftist slogans that have no meaning to those like local 1005 reisting in hamilton, or the caterpiller workers resisting in london, but they are quick to condemn everyone who is fighting as not knowing what they are fighting for becuase they have never experianced freedom, so they should just give it up, but there sloganneering and defeatism is destroyed by the heroic peoples resistance that pits kids with rocks and slingshots against the might of imperialism, or the self scarifice of people in Columbia and Latin America that would rather die with a gun in there hand then submit to subserviance. The indiffrence promoted by these people not to act has little meaning to those whose lives are deidcated to there liberation, from the streets of toronto to the slums of Beirut, from the factory floor to the homeless shelters, there is no place for indiffrence, only place for resistance and heart. Imperialism, though it murders kills and destroys will lose becuase no one , other then those who have reached resonamble accomidation with the system and wants its existance cause they benifit from it, accepts likes or wants it to win. You go to China and everyone has pictures of Mao in there homes, here in Canada, how many people have pictures oof Steven Harper? Who actually will chant here in canada, will honor loyalty and courage we give our blood for Harper? Our ruling class rule us not because anyone likes or believes in them but rather because people feel that there is no alternative and you have to choose for the lesser of two evils. Im not saying the people are not political, look on the streets and everywhere you look there is resistance, what im saying is that confusion is spread among the people by those who want to promote indiffrence or lass consiliation, some forces think that we can bring back the days of kenysian economics and revive the labour management deal, the rand formula etc. that is becuase these forces have no heart and are just pissed of that the new arrangement has no place for them, that there old bosses no longer need them, so they try to take advantage of peoples movements by promoting this idea of the robinhood tax etc., and to do this they must poinson the people with indiffrence, through promoting the view that all the g20 reistance was cops, and that the state is so powerful that we can do nothing so lets hang our heads, fight for a bigger chunk of the pie at the expence of our comrades in the third world, indigenous communities, workers, pensioners and the most vulnerable. They dont see the graffitti on the wall, that says consesions are not solutions, the graffitti on the wall thats says no compromise no sell out, the graffitti on the wall that says the workers, unemployed, indigenous peoples and peoples of the world want not crumbs off the table but rather to smash the table and create new arangements based on self determination solidarity and euqal relations of mutual benifit. The graffitti on the wall says the movement is magic and imperialism capitalism and exploitation will be smashed, the graffitti on the wall that says we will win becuase there is no place in paradise for the evil eyes of the exploiters and oppressores.

Call and email the attorney general demanding political status and an end to political persecution

21 Jan

Given the fact that it has come to light that many people who were targetted for survelliance, infiltration and attack by the state around the g20 were done so for holding a “criminal ideology”, given that the organizations that were targetted were political organizations, and given that areests are still being made around people who are political for speaking about there experiance as victims of state attack, whose aims are to silence dissent, The Spot Collective is calling on all people to call or email the office of the Attorney general and demand political status for all g20 arrestees, as well as all other people in jail for political reasons and by doing so admit that Canada has political prisoners and act accordingly. Furthermore we are calling on people to demand that the Attorney General end the political persecution, incarceration, survelliance and criminalization of protest, ideology and dissent.

Toll Free Number 1 800 518 7901

Toronto number 416 362 2220