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ALL OUT AGAINST CAS IMPUNITY, Court Support for single mother!!!!!

28 Feb

Thursday March 1st 10 00 AM, 200 Frederick St. Kitchener Court House
Free Coffee

A single mother of four has had her children taken away from her with no paperwork by CAS through deceitful means. Orginally she was not even given her court date. We now know that her court date is this Thursday at 10 00AM at the Kitchener courthouse and are calling on all people to join us in supporting her. Her case is one of the many cases here in our city where CAS openly flaunts rule of law and does what they want because they are accountable to no one. This case further highlights how poor people, particularly minorities are targeted by CAS, who cares not of the harm they do to marginalized communities. So come out take a stand and support this single mother targetted by CAS simply because of economic reasons!!!!!

CAS Demo a success, we will keep fighting

28 Feb

On Feb. 28th, supporters of a single mom who has had her children illegally abducted by Childrens Aid Society protested this in justice.

Demanding an end to impunity and accountability protestors were met with support from most people whom had there own horror stories to tell. In fact other then the CAS workers at court it would be fair to say that pretty much everyone was supportive.

The single mother of four has had her children taken from her despite the fact that she was not served with an apprehension order, nor given any documentation of any sort.. Her worker still has not told her or her lawyer when her court date is. CAS has acted in there typical manner of being decietful and thinking they are above the law. This is unnacceptable!!!
We will continue to fight against this injustice, and call on people to join us every Tuesday outside of Family court 200 Frederick St. Kitchener to demand accountability and justice!!!!!

Emergency action against CAS Tommorrow Feb. 28th

28 Feb

Today CAS has stolen our comrades children without any paper work and against rule of Law. CAS is acting with impunity and using there unchecked power to profit from the misery of others. The reason why this family has been targetted is economic. So we are calling on all people to jain us tommorrow Tuesday Feb 28th at noon in front of 200 Frederick St. , which is the local family court and say no to CAS impunity and to support our comrade whose children have been stolen

Khalid, My charges, and the state once again trying to re write what has happenned

27 Feb

So today I got a call from Vancouver, someone wanted to write about the impact that Khalids infiltration has had on my personal life, since im kinda sick i didnt do the best interview that I could but the interview made me really think about some important issues.
Many people still see the infiltration and g20 arrests that followed as part of the state trying to find out information and stop criminal activity. The discussion that the media is presenting is one of ohh my god, the police broke the law, or ohh my God the police advocated violence, as opposed to the real discussion that should be takeing place which is why did these infiltrations take place, what was there purpose and why is the state trying to cover up what has happened by arresting the people like myself and Dan Kellar that are speaking about this.

As i pointed out earlier, in the g20 papers the people who were targeted for surveillance and infiltration were not targeted because of anything that they were doing but rather because of the so called criminal ideology that they held. In other words to hold an ideology is now reason enough to be targeted, infiltrated and attacked by the state.

So i was not targeted because of what i did but rather for what i thought and still think, that I am and will always be a Marxist Leninist. The others that were targeted were so targeted because they were anarchists, socialists etc.

In this light the state attacks and infiltration were a direct result of the ideology that we hold. Most of us who were charged were open organizers, part of this community for quite some time. If the state really wanted to know who we are and what we were doing there was no need for them to go to such length and infiltrate our movement, one simply needs to go downtown KW or other such places and ask people, or more simply actually investigate who we are. None of what I do politically is secret and as a political person my politics ideology and platform, what I stand for are public information. During the monday protest at the g20 our goals were clearly stated in the call out and for the saturday and sunday of the g20 protest the aims that I wanted to achieve were openly stated in the KW Record. I did not at any point hide what I was doing but as a political person have been open with my aims and goals.

So what was the role of the infiltration and attacks that the state has launched against me and others. Simply put there goals and aims were to criminalize our politics, sow distrust among activists and revile and smear what we stand for. After a year and a half of infiltration, my charges were dropped because they were bullshit, and the whole so called conspiracy was thrown out the window, with 6 people pleading guilty to the lesser charge of counselling to commit offenses for holding public workshops on civil disobedience. My understanding of why these six plead guilty for simply holding open workshops was because of the impact that peoples bail conditions have had on there personal lives and the desire just to get shit over with. I dont get this information from any one person but rather from the information that is in the media etc.
So what was the impact of the infiltration, my arrest, the disclosure and all of this on my life and the life of my community? For one thing every aspect of my personal life was revealed to every single one of my ex co-accused, there lawyers etc. and if the case would have gone to trial the general public, twisted in such a way as to cause mistrust, anger and create a climate where it is easy to point fingers and divide. Yes i was made to look like this crazed person, but from what I understand i was not the only one. The fact that peoples personal lives were so well documented and distorted shows that the purpose of the infiltration had nothing to do with just getting the facts but had everything to do with taking public political people and demonizing them. For example, there is in the disclosure how and what positions my ex and me enjoyed during sex, how is this an issue of national security? What does this have anything to do with getting a conviction? From what I understood about the charges that we faced they had nothing to do with what I do in the bedroom. From what I hear most of the rest of the disclosure pretty much reads the same way, which is that issues that have nothing to do with getting convictions or collecting facts but has everything to do with dividing the movement and embarrassing people by documenting gossip, internal drama, and twisting peoples personal lives to make them look bad, of which, I look the worst.
Furthermore, the state through this infiltration and the brutal attacks at the g20 on organizers of political action were sending a clear message to the people of this territory, which is if you decide to become political you will feel the attack of the state and you to will be targeted and attacked. During my arrest for this so called conspiracy i was nabbed in broad daylight out of a coffee shop, and brutally beaten in full view of my ex and the general public. The police was nice enough to leave the van door open so people could watch and know what will happened to them if they decide to become political. After all its not my first beating by cops, but it is the first time they acted with such arrogance that they did it in full view of the public not even trying to hide the fact that they are acting like thugs and brutalizing people becuase of there roles as political people. This arrest and act was carried out as a direct result of the fact that I am a political person with the purpose of showing to the general public the consequences of dissent.

Peoples bail conditions, non associations etc were put in place not to stop people from committing crimes but rather to stop them from organizing. For example, Alex Hundert was arrested on a breach for speaking on a panel at a university for participating in a public demonstration. The way the issue was posed was was this or was this not a public demonstration as oppossed to the real question being why does the court have a right to ban people from participating in public demostrations in the first place. Even after my charges were dropped in Nov. I had non associations with many people including my ex (except in the presence of her parents)despite the fact that I no longer had any criminal charges. This was only dropped as a result of me quitting Sense of Security, which was a open public political organiziation. So the issue had nothing to do with crime but rather had everything to do with attacking, criminalizing and dismantling our political organizations.

If these attacks are not enough we are now getting arrested and charged for talking about what happened. Dan Kellar was arrested while biking for writing about Khalid, I was charged not for protesting or Occupy Guelph but rather for sitting at home and writing my side of the story on my computer? Why? My charge was a hybrid charge which means that the crown could have chose to go either summarily or intiable, they chose inditable, why? The message that they are giving is simple, if you will talk about what happenned, try to get your story out or start a discussion about it then we will not only criminalize you but throw the book at you. This is not just an attack on me but an attack on our collective memory, the state does not want people to remember what happened, so they can do it again and again and again. The state does not want people to discuss the over 1000 arrest, the attacks, the brutal overcrowded prison conditions, the infiltration and criminalization of politics, the same why that after the Mcdonald commision in the wrong doings of the RCMP during the october crisis which included arrests all the way in vancouver, they did not want the peoples of this territory to discuss that but rather forget. They want to make an example out of me and Dan to show people what happenneds when you speak the truth. Well let them!!!!! In this blog I show every aspect of every part of my life because I am no longer afraid and I have nothing to hide. I will fight them with everything I have and I will be an example, but not the type that they want, they want an example of humilation and fear I will be an example of defiance and resistance, because I am in the right. They want us to forget, well i will never forget the damage that they caused me nor the last two mounths of my moms life when all she wanted was for her son to find another surety. I will never forget the damage that they have done our movement simply for the fact that we are political. I will fight this battle because if i dont then they dont just silence me but anyone else who wants to speak out, and they do it so that they can impose there version of what happened, and so we forget the truth. I will fight so this is not so and ask others to join me.

What is the Spot Collective and why do we fight?

26 Feb

The Spot Collective is a grassroots organization that fights to defend the rights of poor and marginalized people from state attacks. We do this not by begging and pleading for crumbs off of the table of the capitalist class, but rather by organizing ourselves and our communities on the basis that we have basic rights by virtue of being human, and when these rights are under attack we will defend them through our collective strengthn. In other words we are not a charity or someone who fights to save the poor street and marginalized People but rather we are made up of people whom the state marginalizes and attacks who realize that it is in our collective interests to organize, take collective responsability and defend ourselves from state attack. We recognize that our condition is not accidental and poverty isnt just something that happenneds but rather is a result of a political system that robs workers, poor people, colonized nations here and abroad, and other collectives of having political power. In other words, the system, by stealing peoples rights to determine there destiny and set there agenda, imposes its agenda on the backs of the people thereby creating the conditions that oppressed people face day to day. We recognize that the state sevres very specific interests and those interests are not our interests. As such we organise collectivly by discussing the problems that we face abd come with solutions. When these solutions conflict with the agenda of the state we stand our grounds, because a right that canm be taken away is not a right but rather a priveledge, and the ability to have basic rights by virtue of beiong human comes from the collective ability to defend that right. As such we fight for an end to gentrification of our nieghbourhoods, the right to decent housing fit for human beings the right to economic freedom based on the principles that people have right to not be exploited, have decent access to basics like food etc. and that the economy must serve the people. All these rights come from the ability for people to exercise political power, which the state denies us. We are against imperialism , coloinialism, and theft of resopurses both here and abroad, as such we support the indigenous struggles for self determination here and abroad, stand with those forces like the FARC-EP in Colombia who are struggling against imperialism and workers here and abroad fighting for there rights. We join with all those who fight, and we will win!!!!!

When the storm comes, we are prepared!!!!!!!

24 Feb

yesterday i was suppose to go to Toronto, to kick it with my friends, go to check out what was going at at a friends court etc. We had a Cuba event the same night, so my friend was suppose to grab me cause they were in KW anyways and just head there. The media said there was a serious storm warning so my friend decided not to come down and since we heard that bus to tornto would not run the next day due to the storm, i got a little pissed off and went to kick it with some friends, we listened to oldschool metal like Iron Maiden, talked about article and the magazine we were doing, whats going on, who we have crushes on, who is sleeping with who etc. Then we started talking about the system and what have you and lo and behold it turned into 4 in the morning i stepped outside and i saw no storm, went home went to bed and when i woke i up (I still kinda assumed the storm was coming ) there was still no bloopdy storm, so I went downtown to see what is what and to organize.

At this point in time I was assaulted by a lot of state attacks on my friends and community, and when the system attacks you its not just one thing, its a whole slew of things. With this pressure, the tendency is to lose ur head, and fear the shitstorm that the state is preparing. They overwhelm you with evictions, harrasments attack etc. that you fear the storm and find no way to fight it. In other words the tactic of the system is one of shock and awe where you feel paralyzed and cant do anything. This is how they want you to feel so that they can walk all over you and you cant resist and just give up, sort of like how i did last night fearing the storm.

However, us as organizors fear not the storm because we are prepared!!!! We have plans and back up plans and other plans and community to support and fight along side us. We recognize the tactics the state uses and have our own tactics to fight back. So no matter what they throw at us we are prepared and leave nothing to chance. There storm doesnt scare us becuase most of the time there assault turns into light flurries, and when they do bring a blizzard we just break out our winter gear and continously march forward. No we are not scared of the storm, we are ready and we will weather any attack they throw at us!!!!


24 Feb

It has come to our attention that you are targetting a family of color for destruction and cultural assimilation by apprehendinhg there children and breaking them up. We are aware that the reason that you are doing this is economical. This is unacceptable and we wont stand by silently while you destroy another family. Those of us who know what you are, a private agency corporation that is drunk on power and profits from the misery of others, know that you are not invincible and can be defeated. We will not sit by silently while you promote your agenda of destroying poor familys and stealing children of colour for the purpose of assimilation. We ask that you seise and desist your attack on this family and other families in our community. We have lawyers and popular support on our side. Trust me you dont want this fight!!!!!

Support Kelly Pflug Back Call For Court Support!!!!

22 Feb

All Out in Support of Kelly Friday Feb 24th 9:00am Superior Court 361  University ave. Toronto

On Friday Feb. 24th a solid comrade and important member of our community must stand in front of her majesty feel the attacks of the state on her person. Let us show her that she does not stand alone. Kelly Pflug Back, a solid member of our community has made so many sacrifices for the people. Let us show her that we have not forgotten her and that we stand with her. Her demonization by the system and in the media is a state attack on someone who has started free food programs, fought for harm reduction and defended peoples basic rights by virtue of them being human.

She is labeled as a criminal not because of any “crime” that she has committed but rather for her politics and work that she has done in our community.

Since her arrest the state has done everything possible to isolate and break her will, her conditions were among the most barbaric of all those arrested at the g20 and had nothing to do with stopping her from “committing crime” but rather were aimed at stopping her from being political and punishing her for who she is. These conditions have ripped her out of a community that she has given so much for and attempted to isolate her. This Friday let us show her that she is not isolated and does not stand alone. We stand with Kelly because Kelly has stood with us and we must not forget our comrades. So come out and show the state that Kelly does not stand alone and no matter what the state says or does to her we will stand with her.

Ties of friendship forged in struggle cannot be broken!!!

22 Feb

So last night, i crashed at a friends place due to the fact that there is lots of asbestos, drywall etc. at the place where im living and my lungs hurt. My one boy is like dont be all crazy cause b’s girl hates you. I go outside and have a smoke with B and ask him whats up with that and he starts laughing, hes like she doesnt hate, she actually thinks your nice but really thinks your a slob and it annoys the shit out of her. We start laughing and start talking about organizing what is what etc. Our boy Dopeys in jail, as is lots of other people but my other friend went to see him yesterday and was denied a visit, given the fact you cant drop money off if your not visiting for canteen, dopeys preety much fucked. We agreed to tryu to set up another visit and call ourt gutemalan mamacitta to come with cause her brother is in the same jail. Later my friend and his partner (i think thats politically correct term) and we start joking around about back in the day and earlier in the day, where they came to visit and we were like we need to drop off a letter and they are like ok cool, then we are like like its to the minister of social services, and they are like is julian and crew dragging us out to an action, and we are like its just a letter drop, and they are like cool, then im like lets all get our balaclavas on, and then they start laughing. The joke that my friend and his partner said was you can never visit julian without getting dragged into some form or other of madness. So we are kicking it and my boys partner is like you can come over whenever you want and my boy is like you need to put some stipulations on that or he will call at 4 in the morning on a tuesday night to discuss the role of the Soviet Union and US imperialism in the Viet Khmer conflict, or show up with many people at some god forsaken hour and be guess what we are doing tonight? DRINKING!!!! TAKE A SHOT!!!!” Shes like thats ok, it sounds like fun!!!! My boy is like trust me, Julians an amazing guy and definatly gives meaning to life, and will help you when no one else will but trust me after 4 40’s of rum and all sorts of political discussion, someone eventually gets bottlled, we both start laughing, and my boy is like laugh all you want cause when that incident happenned it was me, which makes us laugh harder. Im like how is T. doing (our anarcho crazy friend from the urals), hes like i think he left back to mother russia, Canada got on his nerves. We then started talking about all the fucked up shit friends have done to me and how many times through sheer patience, disipline and yelling many problems have been escalated and then solved. We started talking about youth collective and spot collective actions and the amazing results, and how this was solved through strugglle, we joked around that our slogan was we dont care what bad shit happenneds for us to get to where we are going, because at the end of the day we get shit done. We then start talking about our various allies and how to weather the latest shit storm. The question at the end of the day is is person A. solid, or are they like other allies who come and go? I argued that Person A. is solid and gave many examples of how they are solid including that they put up with my shit. We start laughing, and im like no serious, like straight up we have a base of support and all sorts of attacks have been levelled at us but at the end of the day no matter what the state or our so called allies throw at us we are around and fighting because people know us, support us and stand by us because even if we are doing shit in another city we are here and due to the attacks we may be losly organized, but organized we are. We may depend on allies for this and that but at the end of the day we dont do shit cause its cool we do shit to survive. Person A. has stuck by us and whatever shit people are talking about person A. I gots there back cause in many ways they are similar to us and roll like us in there own fucked up way (this does not mean that there is anything wrong or fucked up about the way they roll, its just a figure of speach). My friend comes home and sees that Im feeding there dogs all sorts of good treats and is like fuck julian stop feeding my dogs, did i tell you guys about the time that I really wanted to kill julian cause of one of his antics (i believe it was a late night phone call to discuss the political significance of the split in the bolivarian movement between those who think that Chavez should have taken a harder stand in support of The FARC). I then talked about crazy antics his boys have pulled and how both of us deal with and deal alot of shit. I then decided to go to bed and started to dream that there was this very smart and intelligent woman whom i wanted to have some private time to talk about mathematics (read between the lines) and a bunch of my friends started to come into the room with all there drama so we could not discuss mathematics. At this point in my dream the police came to arrest me which really sucked esp. since the pig was smoking ciggerrettes and not letting me have one. I end up in jail and Kelly is in the cell next to me. Im like this is boring wanna break out? shes like sure, so we broke out of jail, freed some of our friends and then we were surrounded. I decided to pull a julian so my friends could get away. At that point in time i wake up with my friends three dogs kissing my and expanding on the bed which was cute. My friend is like you ass you fed the dogs again in your sleep (i sleep eat at night and dogs usually follow me) and smoked in the washroom. I told him my dream and hes like you cant blog about that they will arrest you and if not they will fuck with me which is what they do after every demo etc. you pull and get away. I swear to god between our friends and hanging out with juniour Bin Laden here its a miricle im still on the street. We start talking a little more and I come to two realizations, friendships like our put up with alot of shit because our bonds are forged in strugglle, both the struggle to survive day to day and the political struggle which is an extension of this.Our bonds are not the type of bonds that can easily be discarded because our bonds are forged in strugglle. You cant stand toe to toe against the state, and have your friends have your back only to walk away from that. These ties cant be broken because these are the ties that bind. Regardless of whether julian is sloppy or dopey annoying or the dogs magically consume food they shouldnt, a comrade is a comrade because strugglle unifys. If the street, the statre and the system havent broken you yet, you become something else you become a fighting machine that still has compassion to put there comrades and the strugglle first. Many of my friends have done time when they could have walked by simply repeating the cops lies against me. They did not because our friendship isnt based on gossip girls and going to the mall or coffee shop politics but rather is based on identifying the problems we face and coming up with solutions. In the process it is strugglle anmd you must be there for them and them for you no matter what. The ties that bind us are ties of strugglle, and while it is true some have fell to the wayside we honor our fallen comrades and despise those who chose comfort, because those people come and go. Yet we will always stick by our comrades no matter what bridges we burn, cause tourist activists come and go but we will always be here.

Masked members of Spot Collective visit minister of social services

21 Feb

On Tuesday Feb 21st at around 3:20 in the afternoon, masked members of The Spot Collective visited Liberal Minister of Social services John Milloy and publicly read a statement around the upcoming Liberal budget. The purpose of wearing disguises was not to intimidate peop;le but rather to show solidarity with g20 activists who are targetted by the state and all others who resist. In the words of one member, “you have your uniform, well this is mine”. Below is the statement.

We members of the Spot Collective are appaulled at the anti poor people attacks initiated by your government. We see these attacks as part and parcel of the Mcguinty agenda of Austerity and repression. It was after all your government that spentover 1.2 billion on targetting political activists to stop dissent before and after the g20 in toronto, while at the same time money for social programs like the Special Diets are cut. In March your government is passing another provincial budget. We demand that you as minister of social services make sure that this budget is not another slap in the face of poor people, but rather serves the needy not the greedy!!!!