Call For Court Support Fuck Remorse, Smash The State I will always be a revolutionary!!!!!

6 Feb

Feb 8th 8:30 am Front Steps of Old City Hall
Rally in Defense of our politics and for Political status!!!

Bring Flags, banners and symbols of our politics!!!

On Feb. 8th, once again I am called to bow my head in fear and approuch the court of her Majesty cowering at the power and might of the state with fear in my heart. Once again I refuse to do this and hold high my bright red banner of revolution and call on people to join me. We must never be ashamed of our politics or ideology that is the driving force of our resistance. This court hearing is called a Judicial Pretrial and its purpose is to sort out what can be worked out between, me the crown and the judge. I go in with the spirit that there is nothing to workout, becuase i have done nothing wrong!!!!!

These days what the courts are doing is attacking peoples politics through talk of remorse. Smashing a window is not an ideology but rather a tactic, there is not ideology around a tactic, a tactic can be good or it can be bad depending on the circumstance. One can use a tactic and then feel that it was incorrect and feel remorse over using that specific tactic. However what the court is now doing is saying that to say that you are remorseful is not enough, you must prove it by cutting of all your ties with your group that you organize with, change your views through disassociating yourself from your politics and go to Botswana to get a tapeworm. This has nothing to do with wether someones actions were correct or incorrect but rather an attack on peoples politics and there right to be political. Once again by bring up the Robin Henry case at everyones sentencing around the g20 the state shows that it has no concern for whether something is legal vs illegal but rather, there concern is to attack peoples politics and to make themselves dissassociate themselves from there political life. This is fucken bullshit!!!!!!

We are not the ones who have anything to feel bad about or ashamed, but rather it is the state that should feel ashamed for there crimes against the people, here and abroad. It is the g20 leaders whom should feel ashamed for there crimes against the people conspiring to destroy our economy, our lives and build there mansions on the crushed aspirations and bones of the peoples of the world.

Furthermore we have nothing to prove to a court that everyday sentences people to jail for the fact that the are poor, that steals indigenous land and assasinates the original people of this continent, that allows Caterpiller to close up shop and fuck over workers or that still allows U$ Steal (aka we will fuck you cause we can) to attack and destroy the manufacturing base in Hamilton, and this territory screwing over the workers of Stelco the whole time.

Our politics is something that we hold dear and will never give up no matter what the state throws at us and we will never feel any remorse for the fact that we are political. On Feb. 8th join me to tell the state that they fuck there attacks on political people and demand the state to stop criminalizing people for there politics. I remain as always, unbroken, unrepentant and unremorseful!!!!

2 Responses to “Call For Court Support Fuck Remorse, Smash The State I will always be a revolutionary!!!!!”

  1. wendell fields February 8, 2012 at 2:51 pm #

    best of luck in taking on the judge and crown.

    Tried to get there but highway was closed by a big car accident and we would not have made it in time taking the back roads., we turned back.

    we’ll try again for the next skirmish.


  2. Lisa Nussey February 8, 2012 at 3:40 pm #

    Julian! Hamilton tried valiantly to be there this morning at 830, but we were thwarted by a closure of the QEW. At 825 a car load of us were still at least 45 minutes away, likely more. We were there in spirit. We stand with you against the criminalization of dissent and in defense of the rights of all to a life of dignity, free of harassment. We will watch for upcoming court dates. Please, as always, keep us informed.

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