On Mayday Let us intensify our struggle for politcal freedom, against Austerity and against Imperialism!!!

1 May

Speech to be given by Julian Ichim of The Spot Collective at Kw Mayday

Comrades and friends

Today on May 1st the international day of resistance against capitalism and exploitation we must remember what lead us here today in the strugglle, where we are and what we must still achieve.

In the age of austerity where vital services and jobs are being cut to intensify the capital of the rich we are seeing an attack and intensification on peoples right to be political. This is no accident, nor is it an accident that at the g20 summit in tornto where many activists were targeted for infiltration areest and criminalization, the ideas of austerity were discussed and a framwork was set up for its infiltration. Those who were targetted were targetted because they held criminal ideologies, that is true, but what is also true is that the people and segments of the movement under attack, AW@L, SOS and The Spot Collective were those forces in this society that posed the greatest threat to the implementation of this agenda because these were the groups in southern Ontario who were organizing in solidarity with those that would be most affected by these cuts.

The trial continued criminalization and attempts to destroy these groups were not just attempts to criminalize our politics but to rob from the people the ability to resist this agenda. These groups were the onmes fighting it and as such these were the groups targetted for destruction.

But there repression and criminalization has back fired, at the time there were only serval groups resisting openly and mobalizing those communities affected in this area, now if we look at how many people are here today we see that the majority of people in the downtown core are if not organizing at least supporting. There attempts to destroy our movement have failed and instead not only has our movement grown but links between diffrent organizations are solidified and ties forged in strugglle have been formed. There repression, instead of intimidating us has intensified our will to resist struggle and win !!!

In terms of myself, the police hvae tried to criminalize me, lay charges and now are proceeding against me inditably to silence what really happenned with the infiltration and by attemmpting to lock me up they hope to silence the truth. With this new lawsuit against the police the cat is out of the bag and there is nothing that they can do to stop the world from knowing what the police did and are doing to silence our movement. The fact that I am currently not in jail and have basicly no conditions of any significance is a testement to the ability of the people to mobalizer and resist. Thousands of people have circulated my blog and were mobalized on the internet making this bullshit publication ban in the words of the crown “moot”. The people have spoken and the courts were forced to listen and that is why they are trying to throw the book at me. My charges will not be beateb in court but in the streets with people like yourself taking a stand on our rights to be political.

However the battle is not over people like Mandy and Leah are in jail, doing hard time simply for the fact that they are political. Alex Hudert will also be doing time soon as well as a slew of otheres as a result of this implementation of criminalization of organizers aimed at robbing our community of valueble comrades who can assist in resisting the implementation of austerity.

Let us intensify our strugglle and let the state know that if they rob us of alex, three more will pop up, since they rob us of mandy 4 more will take her place and if the crown actually wins and i am incarerated i have no remorce and go with a clear consience knowing that our movement is more then individuals and is unbreakable.

Abroad the struggle still continues for people fighting for self determination and criminalization because of there politics. In the 6 counties in Ireland Magaberry prion is filling with republicans who refuse to be broken and are fighting for political status. Marian Price an organizor with 32 county soverighnty movement, has been illegally internned, held without trial for simply holding a peace of paper. She has been held for the most part in an all mens jail and has recentlly been moved due to the deteriartion of her health, her only crime being that she is an unrepentant republican!!!

The attacks in Lybia, syria and here on six nations land have increased and indigenous peoples land is not only being stolen but those who are resisting are being targetted like dudly george for extra judical assasination.

On Mayday let us intensify our struggle for them and for ourselfs recognizing the unique conditions here as settlers living in the belly of the empire. Let us not be ahsamed of our politics but rather hold high our banner of revolution. Let us stay united and eal with internal contradictions in a friendly manner andnever forget our comrades wiuthin the belly of the beast.

Together we will fight
Together we will win

Victory belongs to the people!!!

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