Pack The Court Monday For Kelly Pflug Back Sentencing!!!!! WCCC callout!!!!

27 May

Monday.10:00am.. MONDAY, MAY 28th – OLD TORONTO CITY HALL @ 10 AM
The WCCC calls to pack the courtroom at Old Toronto City Hall Monday (10 AM) for the final verdict of our sister’s trial, Kelly Rose Pflug-Back. Kelly is being convicted of six counts of mischief over $ 5000, as well as one… count of being masked with the intent of committing a crime regarding the actions that took place during Toronto G20 Summit in 2010.

Kelly has been a fierce inspiration as an anti-poverty activist in creating harm reduction programs for street involved youth and has also been involved in solidarity with indigenous struggles across Turtle Island for the defence of their territories. She has been targeted by the police and the media as being one of the sole authors of so-called mayhem on Toronto streets during the Toronto G20 protests, and has had to endure one of the most restrictive bail conditions since her release from pre-trial custody, including several months on house arrest/recent curfew, no public demonstration conditions, and non-association with many dozens of people including her closest friends and comrades.

This Monday, let us make it clear to the courts that Kelly is not alone in the face of this ongoing criminalization of dissent that has heavily impacted our communities in resistance. We will be there at the court to support her, her family and friends during this difficult period. She will continue to be an inspiration to her friends, comrades and community at large, and that this conviction will only serve to further our solidarity, love and rage against this broken/bankrupt system.

If one falls, ten shall rise up.
WCCC [Toronto]

For More info on the Case:

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