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Statement of Anti Colonialist Working Group Condemning Black Mountain Attack and English Provocation

29 Jun

Statement of Anti Colonialist Working Group
Condemning Black Mountain Attack and English Provocation
The recent attack in Belfast by loyalist mobs armed with hatchets and knives against Irish Republicans is reminiscent of the lynching’s in the southern united states by the KKK in the twentieth century. Their only “crime” being their political beliefs, a display of their flag on Black Mountain in the face of a foreign occupying monarch. This in indicative of the new era of Anglo-Irish relationships, ultimately being the same as the old era of Anglo-Irish where political disputes between the colonizers and colonized is dealt with through brute force, paramilitary attacks and mob violence.
The Anti-Colonialist Working group in Canada condemns this most recent attack against Irish Republicans and recognizes the fact that the PSNI not only did not stop this attack but provoked it. They did this through attempting to remove this banner earlier which clearly demonstrates that they are no different than the RUC (another armed wing of British Colonialism that works hand in hand with loyalist mobs to attack and destroy anyone who takes a stand in asserting the rights of Irish people as a nation to determine their own Destiny).
Our hearts and supports go out to the victims of this most recent attack on Irish Republicans and we salute the brave people of Belfast for having the courage to defend their Ideology and hold high there banner of national sovereignty in the face of British aggression.

Casserole held in minister of social services office in solidarity with Ontario Student Mobalization Coalition and Quebec students!!

29 Jun

On June 29th a small but militant group of community activists decided to hold a “cassrole” in the office of the provincial minister of social services John Milloy who also happens to be a cabinet member and hold serious sway in Queens Park.

This action was done in solidarity with the Quebec students and the Ontario Student mobilization Coalition who is fighting to make education accessible to all not just in name but in fact!!!

After a speech was given stating that Ontario has the highest tuition rate in Canada and that it increase significantly under the Mc guinty Government, noise was made in the traditional cassrole way and protestors left of there own volition vowing to come back.

This action is the start of the intensification of the struggle for our right to eduction and in solidarity with those fighting in Quebec.

Two Years after state attack and infiltration, we are stronger then ever!!!!!!

28 Jun

About two years ago the state kidnapped me, threw me in an unmarked van and beat me with door open for all to see, shortly after this I found out that the same tactic was used against many organizers and community members, with the purpose of criminalizing those protesting the real conspirators called the g20 who have created this crisis that we are now living in.

Since then the state has tried every tactic to disrupt and destroy our movement by jailing those who resist the designs of this monstrosity known as capitalism and imperialism.

Those like myself whose charges have been dropped have been the victims of increased repression as the state was waiting for an excuse to arrest us and every pressure possible has been put on our organizations with the aim of destroying them and breaking the backbone of a movement that is engaged in a social and political struggle in defense of rights people have by virtue of being human, and though the state has definitely hurt our movement, and may have won some battles, the war for social justice and equality is not over and we remain defiant and undefeated.

The mistake that the state makes is that it believes that by repression and criminalization our movement will be intimidated and silenced. Nothing can be further from the truth, if anything there repression only fuels our resistance and strengthens our resolve to continue fighting.

As long as capitalism breads poverty, as long as people are brutalized by police, as long as austerity and colonialism is forced on the people of the world we will keep fighting and no jail cell, cop, police infiltrators or dirty trick of the state of the state will break our resolve.

Two years after the G20 we remain defiant resistant and unbroken.

Peaceful Protest By Belfast Republicans attacked by Loyalists

27 Jun

While the media is portraying the Queens visit to the occupied six counties as marking a new era in Irish Anglo relations, one need not look far to see that nothing has changed. The occupation of the Six Counties continues, Republicans are facing more and more repression and political prisoners of conscience like Marian Price still face torture and brutalization. The PSNI, the new face to the brutal RUC continues to attack Irish Republicans causing serious trauma children. Below is an article taken from the 32 CSM website that is both shocking and appalling. Every person who has a conscience should speak out against the continued occupation of the six counties and denounce the violence and aggression that people are facing as part of the continued genocide that Irish people are facing under british occupation.

Peaceful protest by Belfast Republicans attacked by Loyalists

Belfast Republicans united to display a successful message on Black Mountain in protest at the visit of the Commander in chief of the British armed forces, Elizabeth Windsor.

The message consisted of an Irish National flag some 120ft x 60 ft and the words “Eriu is our Queen” which was made up of letters spelled out some 30ft high.

The message could be seen on the mountain from near and far across Belfast and was followed by demands from Unionist politicians for RUC/PSNI intervention to remove the articles stating that they could constitute a breach of the peace.

Shortly after the calls from the politicos, a RUC/PSNI helicopter was deployed to the mountain and it subsequently hovered closely over the message trying to blow it off the mountain with the downdraft of the rotors.

Having failed to remove the message the helicopter turned away as a large crowd of Loyalists armed with hatchets, hammers and other implements and attacked some of those manning the flag.One man, a former blanketman was savagely beaten with the weapons sustaining serious injuries and was subsequently removed to hospital.

Below is a couple of messages from the scene:

Following todays incursion into west belfast by royalist extremists some of our comrades have been hospitalised. We appeal to all right thinking republicans to help us reject this royalist celebration. While others are shaking hands with a foreign invader, true republicans have been beaten with hatchets, knives and left hospitalised. What happened to the Ireland of equals that we were promised? This is more evidence that just as in 69. This is a british colony for british people and Irish people will be subjected to the harsh reality that they are not welcome in their own land.


Yesterday ,I was left with the task of organising some things from below the mountain, we had most of the day a heavy RUC interest including helicopters, right up until the attack, the RUC were overheard saying “IT must at least be a breach of the peace” they were obviously smarting that Irish Republicans had the audacity to fly our flag and declare the Ireland is Our Queen.
just before the attack the RUC left the area and didnt return, even after the world got news of the attack, as we hurridly made our way up the mountain dozens of young men from our community offered to help and in a co-ordinated effort the bravery of these young men in chasing the attackers secured the Tricolour ,to be reinstated.
It then became evident that a number of people had been injured,some serious injuries ,with one man( An ex-blanketman) left with severe injuries inluding broken ribs and jaw and multiple cuts after he was carried from the scene he was rushed to hospital, the measure of the man was that he said” thank God it was me and not some kid”.
Today we appeal to all Republicans to join us on the mountain and unfurl Our flag declaring once again that ” Ireland is our Queen” bring along as many Tricolours as possible and as large as possible and transfom the Black mountain to Green White and Orange.
show these bigots that were are proud Irish Republicans ,Unbowed and Unbroken.
We call on everyone to come today and assemble at the top of the Whiterock at 8am, but people are welcome to come and go throughout the day.
Eriu is our Queen


Following the attack, Loyalists who took part photographed themselves with their weapons on the mountain and felt comfortable enough to share around social networking sites comfortable in the knowledge that action will not be taken against them.

It is abundantly clear that the shared space and parity of esteem is a one way street.As has gone before, Loyalist/Unionist politicians call for the Irish flag to be removed and this gets followed by security force operations to do just that up to a point where they remove themselves immediately preceding Loyalist attacks on Republicans.

Loyalist paramilitary flags fly from every second lamppost in areas throughout the occupied 6 counties without intervention no matter who feels aggrieved or insulted by them yet the flying or display of the Irish National flag is as much a bug bear to the crown forces as it was in the 1960’s when Ian Paisley demanded the RUC removal of one Irish national flag in a nationalist area in Belfast.

This is your Stormont/Westminster shared space.This is your parity of esteem.

Internment reintroduced! Irishmen tortured in British gaols! Miscarriages of Justice! Dirty protests! Human rights abuses! Political policing and political apartheid!

If you harbour an Irish Republican ideology this is what can be expected.

thoughts on Alex Hundert

26 Jun

Most activists who are amazing organizers are really caught up in theory and arguing about pointless things and use big words that no one understands. By doing this they are very un approachable and you kinda are too scared to talk to them. This is NOT Alex Hundert!!!!!!

Alex Hundert is one of the most approachable down to earth people I know who always puts the movement and others before his own personal interests. One need only read the callout he put out below which was his parting words to a community that he played a big role in supporting and sustaining to see this.

I did not always agree with Alex and we have had a few arguments in the past, nor am i the closet person to Alex, but whenever I had an issue or problem etc he would take the time to listen to me, talk to me and generally make me feel better no matter how scared I was DESPITE the fact that he was going to go to jail and had his own things to worry about.

Alex is one of the few people who would take the time to get to know people, and give his imput and accept you as you are warts and all.

By the cops and courts throwing Alex in jail, they have removed an amazing organizer from our community, but wherever he is I know he will educate and organize remain unbroken.

Until he is free let us support him by supporting Six Nations and continue the political struggles that he played a vital role in.

Statement from Alex Hundert, Support Six Nations

26 Jun

Support Six Nations Land Defenders: an open letter to all those who have supported me

This is a letter I am writing to everyone who supported me over the past two years, since our arrests brought to light the massive police operation against a group of solidarity activists and community organisers.

In that time I have received such an incredible amount of support from friends and family, from allies, from “movement” organisations, and also from civil liberties organisations, academic and journalist associations, and unions. I have a tremendous amount of gratitude and appreciation for all of it.

As I head back into jail on Tuesday, lots of people have been offering renewed support, and having seen how substantial that support can be, I am asking that the support people are hoping to give to me over the next year, be instead extended to the new Legal Defence Fund recently established for Six Nations Land Defenders.

The type of targeting, repression, manipulation, intimidation and harassment that were directed at anarchist and other activist communities in the lead up to the Olympics and the G20 are realities that are standard fare in Indigenous communities where resistance to colonialism is a part of daily life.

However, in the years since the Reclamation action in 2006, people from Six Nations have not always seen the same kind of support that I and some of the other G20 defendants received.

Part of what is sadly ironic about the contrasting levels of support is that those who were most directly targeted by the intelligence/security operation against activists in the lead up to the G20 were those whose primary organising work includes building linkages and relationships with the strong network of Indigenous Sovereigntists and their allies, migrant justice organisers, and anarchists. The policing operation was largely designed to disrupt those relationships and that movement building. These are standard tactics used against the resistance movements that arise from Indigenous and other racialized or otherwise targeted communities.

I would like to propose that we now strengthen those linkages by turning the massive capacity for support that we have developed over the past two years towards supporting front line land defenders from Six Nations.

Since 2006 there has been a particularly insidious wave of criminalisation and demonisation aimed at Haudenosaunee people who are asserting the sovereignty of the Six Nations Confederacy and defending the land. The tactics used in everyday policing operations against Six Nations, like with other Indigenous nations, are exactly the type of oppressive state security that the rest of the southern Ontario “activist community” got a taste of around the G20.

I would strongly encourage you to consider formally supporting the new Six Nations Land Defenders Legal Defence Fund.

The fund is currently being administered and coordinated by the April 28 Coalition which includes organisers from Six Nations as well as established allies from various unions and activist organisations. If the fund is successful, a formal board of directors will be established and procedures codified. For now, the immediate concern is fundraising for Francine “Flower” Doxtator and Kevin “Sleeper” Greene, though the goal is a sustainable fund that can cover legal costs for people from Six Nations who are charged while engaging in land defence actions.

Support for the Six Nations Land Defenders Legal Defence Fund could include a formal endorsement, a public statement of support, promotion within your organisations or networks, and/or making donations. Please contact the April 28 Coalition ( for more information, or visit this link to donate directly:

Thanks again so much for your continued support

alex hundert

The normalization of repression leads to the criminalization of ideas

25 Jun

Today I filed and served my lawsuit against Toronto police, The Crown Maplehearst Correctional Centre etc. I did not do this simply to get a bunch of money or to be like I got it it so bad, because there are other people who have it way worse but rather to take a stand a fight back against the normalization of repression and the desensitization that people in this territory are experiencing in regards to state violence.

State attacks against people’s movements are not something new, and I’m sure that Dudley George would agree with me if he were alive to talk and not assassinated by the OPP. The peoples living in this territory have experianced severe political and ideological oppression since colonization. So the state violence did not start at the G20, nor, as the students in Quebec are well aware, did it end there.

State violence as a method of social control has been used in this territory against poor people, racialized people and those living under the yoke of colonialism here and abroad pretty much every day.

The difference between today and back then is the fact that the State is shedding any illusion of democracy and acting with impunity, without even trying to hide the aggression. The more the State uses violence as a method of solving political problems, the more this sort of tactic is becoming normalized.

Through the demonization of dissenters in the media and sensationalist reporting the State is creating a conciousness where as it is a normal thing to have police beating and brutalize protestors. It has gotten to the point that the telegraph, an english newspaper, states that in Britain it is now ok for undercover officers to have sex with political activists and even to have children with them.

By demonizing the legitimate dissenters as hooligans and criminals, they are creating the conditions where by political repression is so normalizaed that in the G20 papers they specifically mention the fact that it is ok to moniter infiltrate and attack people for simply holding dangerous ideologies such as Marxism, Maoism and Anarchism thereby making political people into “persons of interests”, suspects and criminals.

The acceptance and compliance that allows this impunity to grow, fostered by the State and supported by the corporate media, destroys any and all room for people to be political and allows the State to implement its will even if most of the people are opposed to this. For example when Mcguinty decided to pass his austerity budgets, comments from his party clearly state that there will be a lot of protestors at Queens Park. In other words, the State knows that people are opposed to this budget yet will pass it anyways because they can and we have no recourse.

With the intensification and normalization of repression simply to engage in discussing and organizing alternatives means at best that you will be ignored, but more then likely you will be brutalizaed, demonized and criminalized.

Given this context anyone who has any opportunity to resist has a moral obligation to do so!!!!!So I am not fighting simply for myself but rather i am fighting for peoples right to be political and engage in politics without having to fear attack intimidation and brutalization.

After all when repression becomes the norm and a mass arrests and brutalization of over a thousand is just a soundbite, then to simply hold a view becomes a crime!!!!!