Rally and march against anti masking law and in solidarity with Quebec was a success!!!

3 Jun

Despite our slow start, due to another event being held at City hall, todays march in solidarity with Quebec students and anti masking laws that the conservatives want to implement defiantly kept the police busy!!!!

As students, street people and youth were taking over intersections, giving speeches and defying police, police was scrambling to try to keep traffic flowing and the march contained.

After marching through the downtown core and hearing speakers from poverty makes us sick at one of the intersections, people went to the police station to denounce the criminalization of protest and dissent pushed by harper and implemented by the police.

Speakers included a member of the spot collective, common cause and a Quebec student.

Speakers spoke about the fact that under the new law being passed by the conservatives, simply wearing a mask at a “unlawful assembly” is in and of itself a crime, as well as other ways in which students in Quebec as well as people all across Canada are being criminalized for protesting.

The march ended at the bus terminal where people disbursed. All in all the demo was a success, one we will recreate and intensify!!!


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