Students, street people and workers take back the streets, report from todays action in solidarity with Quebec Students

7 Jun

On Wed. June 6th students, street youth and workers marched through the streets of KW in solidarity with Quebec students and to demand an end to the criminalization of dissent.

After meeting at Victoria park and marching the official route to city hall , people demanded that the March continue and as police scrambled to catch up with this new development, the streets were once again occupied by people banging pots and pans!!!!

After taking a few intersections, protestors went to the faculty of social work where one spot collective member spoke of the states attempts to divide the street youth and students through gentrification and criminalization of anti poor people politics. To stress our point, police went inside where a political person was engaging security guards about what we were fighting and attempted to escalate the situation by saying we were trouble makers and demanded that this guy lock down the school.

The march continued despite police attempts to intimidate people “for our own safety” and when we reached the university sub campus at King and victoria a general assembly was held on how to grow the movement and build links that will last between the different segments of our society, as well as how to continue our struggle in solidarity with the students in Quebec and against the criminalization of dissent.

People were happy with the desisions of the general assembly and with the promise to build more actions and intensify!!!!


2 Responses to “Students, street people and workers take back the streets, report from todays action in solidarity with Quebec Students”

  1. doug June 8, 2012 at 1:09 am #

    Just why are these students protesting when they enjoy the lowest tuition rates in the country??What makes them so special that we the taxpayer should pay for their education.Nobody offered to pay for mine so I got jobs and paid for it myself.Geeez…get a job and pay your own way!! What a novel idea!!

    Walking down the streets banging pots and pans won’t get you much of an education!!

  2. Al June 8, 2012 at 5:12 pm #

    Hi Doug: Those are excellent questions. i too have struggled with the idea of the lowest tuiton in Canada province doing all the protesting especially as my two kids (age 28 & 26) are both still in University here in Ontario. All students nowadays including mine are working summers as well as during the school year. Both my kids work or have worked as TA’s & IA’s (teaching/instructional) Assistants throughout the school year. Despite this there isn’t a hope for their year round (part time & full time) work to cover all their costs. As a result we the taxpayer have been helping even though they both will have thousands to pay back when they are finished. I believe that in Quebec the student protests have gone far beyond the original tuition issue. It may well be a continuation of the Occupy movement of last fall and I also think there is a certain amount of targeting Wall St. /banks/ politicians who almost allowed the largest economy in the world (U.S.) to go into the crapper a few years back. Personally I don’t condone violent demonstrations but neither do I condone the Quebec government bringing in new draconian legislation to inhibit future peaceful protests. Surely just like at the G20 in Toronto, the police have enough tools (laws) that they can arrest and charge those damaging property or assaulting citizens.

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