Minister of social service gets visit from those who his policys directly affect

8 Jun

On June 7th, The Spot Collective and those dirrectly affected by the cute to the special diets, as well as the austerity budget passed by the Liberal government decided to visit the office of the minister of social services and tell him what is what.

After a preamble of explaining why we are opposed to the austerity messures implemented by the Liberal government in the provincial budget, people told there stories that had an impact on those who were listening. One person spoke of how there girlfriend in a wheelchair who cant digest food had her special diets cut, which she needed to buy ensure, as well as discribed what the freeze on disability really meant to her.

Another woman spoke about the impact of cutting community start up meant to her and her friends, especially people who need such programs to get out of abusive relationships etc.

When told that we all have to tighten our belts, we pointed out that this “tax on the rich” which only applys to those who make over $500 000 is meaningless because those who are that rich will find a way out, and secoundly that money does not go at all to the communities affected but back into the pockets of the rich through parlimentarian bullshit such as paying back the debt that the ruling calls incurred.

All in all our action was sucessful and is a biginging to the intensification of resitance against austerity.
We may suffer, but we will not suffer in silence!!!!!!


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