Brits lock consulate rather then talking to people about freeing Marian Price

11 Jun

On June 11th members of The Anti Colonialist Working group visited the British consulate to raise the issue of the continued internment of Irish republican Prisoner Marian Price and deliver letters for Owen Patterson demanding the Marian Price be freed.

Despite presence of consulate staff inside, the Brits refused to let us in and in the process turned away there own citizens or other people who had appointments. Despite this, we held our banner and told all visitors about the plight of Price.

After several people came outside to tell us to wait and security surrounded us we eventually spoke to the deputy consul (I believe) who took our letters demanding Freedom for Price (after checking to see if the letters contained anthrax).  He assured us that they will be passed on to Owen Patterson and assured us that they were aware of Marian Price’s plight..

After that we went outside with the banner and handed out 375 flyers to passerby who were very receptive.

Despite the peaceful nature of our protest, the RCMP kept on interrupting us with stupid questions.

All in all today was a success, and we will continue to fight for Marian Price until she is back home with her family


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