Make The State Pay, Call For Court Support for Sueing Cops, undercover and Crown

13 Jun

Press Conference then we serve the the cops
June 25th 11:30 am
40 College Street Toronto,
Toronto Police Services

On June 25th at 11:30 am I will be serving my lawsuit to Toronto Police for the harassment and damages I have suffered from the undercover investigation, my arrest, beating and treatment due to my involvement in organizing protest to the G20 Summit in June 2010.

As stated before the purpose of this lawsuit is to highlight the criminalization of political people such as myself as well expose the violence of the state.

Named in this lawsuit will be the undercover agent who went by the name Khalid Mohammed whose irresponsible actions have caused serious damage to myself as well as other activists.

The state has criminalized me and targeted me because of my Marxist Leninist ideology. As a result of this I was charged on bogus charges and forced to live under conditions aimed at stopping me from organizing. These conditions and the stress have caused sever damage to me and my relationships, particularly to my dying mom whose last thoughts were about me finding another surety so I dont go back to jail.

Despite all this shit that I have suffered due to my politics, instead of doing anything to remedy this situation, the state has attacked me and criminalized me simply for trying to tell my side of the story on my blog charging me with inditable offences simply for words that I have written.

From this it is clear that the state does not want the truth of there dirty tricks to come out and the fact that they are still proceeding with these inditable charges aimed at throwing me in jail for awhile only shows that they will go to any lengths to silence the truth about there dirty tricks aimed at demobilizing people who are organized.


By filing this lawsuit I hope to shed light on the truth what the state has done to crush legitimate opposition and what they are still doing.

Join me on June 25th and lets show them that we will not be silenced nor intimidated.

Victory Belongs To The People!!!


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