Police threaten to arrest me and a comrade for attending a meeting on supporting the Quebec Student strike!!!WTF!!!!!

13 Jun

So today i decide to go and attend a meeting on campus around the Quebec student strike and what we can do to support it. Seeing that the meeting is starting late, i decide to go with someone for a smoke.

As soon as I get to the elevator, who do i see getting off, but campus police. I, knowing that the cop is headed to the meeting room pretend to have forgotten my lighter and head to the meeting room.

The Campus cop, with his bad ass swagger tries to intimidate the organizer by stating some shit along the lines that this meeting is not approved by the campus organization that was hosting it. The person state very bravely that it is not true and that they are the staff of the organization.
Seeing that his tactics were not getting him anywhere, the police officer left, only to later try to demand information from my friend. After just providing his name, i open my mouth and before i can say anything, he states that he knows who i am and that if my and my friend dont leave in 15 minutes, which is by the time he will come back we will both be arrested!!!!!

I state that I have ties to the campus etc. and am a guest of the organizers and he tries to bring up this ban that is no longer in affect, as well as how since we are not students he has the power to arrest us.

I go outside for a smoke, return and finish participating in this meeting and then leave, but during the whole meeting it was kinda wierd cause I was definitely looking over my shoulder. i thank certain people who watched and had my back and would have stood by me if they tried to arrest me.

Still it is interesting because this is not the first time that police have threatened to arrest me around the issue of the support for the student strike. Nor have i been the only organizer who has been targeted by police.

Its very funny that there attempt to split the unity of the movement of spreading the social strike is on the lines of students and legitimate activism versus non students and illegitimate activists. We are all fighting for the same thing and these attempts by the state to break our movement will only strengthen us. By criminalizing things as simple as a meeting and trying to say who can and who can’t attend meetings they are showing the bankruptcy of there system which can only counter our ideas through criminalization, repression and force.

One Response to “Police threaten to arrest me and a comrade for attending a meeting on supporting the Quebec Student strike!!!WTF!!!!!”

  1. Al June 13, 2012 at 2:50 pm #

    First they came for the communists. Then they came for the blacks. Then they came for the gays. Now they are coming for the activists. Each decade /generation have their scapegoats. P.S. let’s not forget Jews, irish, D.P.’s, Muslims etc..

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