Fuck Police Intimidation, The Red Flag Will Triumph!!!!!

15 Jun

All Out tomorrow June 16th 7pm Kitchener City Hall, No To Bill 78 No To The Anti Masking Law

To wish the victim success is not enough, one must share his fate, one must join him in victory or death-Che

Recently, as a result of police intimidation, people are scared to come out to demos in solidarity with the students striking in Quebec, or a demoralized because less people are coming out.

When these “cassroles” started we knew what we were getting into and our aim was clear, solidarity and spreading the social strike.

Solidarity means more then just waving a flag when it is convenient and running away when things get hard, solidarity means joining those in struggle and fighting side by side till the end. It means taking on risks and not just cheering from the sideline hoping that things get better, it involves the act of immersing yourself in the struggle and by doing so learning fighting and growing.

The fact that the police is reacting this way is a good thing, it means that we are being effective and if we really want to stand with the Quebec students who are taking on the state we should not expect hugs and kisses from those who carry guns on behalf of the state. Like Mao says ” To be hated by the enemy is a good thing , not a bad thing”

Right now our comrades in Quebec are getting beaten brutalized and thrown in jail for fighting for rights that they have by virtue of being human, let us not simply watch as they fight alone.

There struggle is our struggle and there victory is victory to us ALL!!!!

So let us hold high our bright red banner of revolution and not be intimidated!!!!!



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