Repost Drop All g20 Charges end political persecution!!!

18 Jun

Just realized that the link from mandy’s blog to my blog kinda screwed up because my blog sucks so I reposted the blog so people can see it.

Call and email the attorney general demanding political status and an end to political persecution
21 Jan

Given the fact that it has come to light that many people who were targetted for survelliance, infiltration and attack by the state around the g20 were done so for holding a “criminal ideology”, given that the organizations that were targetted were political organizations, and given that areests are still being made around people who are political for speaking about there experiance as victims of state attack, whose aims are to silence dissent, The Spot Collective is calling on all people to call or email the office of the Attorney general and demand political status for all g20 arrestees, as well as all other people in jail for political reasons and by doing so admit that Canada has political prisoners and act accordingly. Furthermore we are calling on people to demand that the Attorney General end the political persecution, incarceration, survelliance and criminalization of protest, ideology and dissent.

Toll Free Number 1 800 518 7901

Toronto number 416 362 2220



One Response to “Repost Drop All g20 Charges end political persecution!!!”

  1. Portia July 13, 2012 at 10:24 pm #

    Lenin never wore a mask and had a GF that advocated, “smashy-smashy” and said she just like saying, “smashy-smashy”.

    You wear a mask, you are a coward.

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