The normalization of repression leads to the criminalization of ideas

25 Jun

Today I filed and served my lawsuit against Toronto police, The Crown Maplehearst Correctional Centre etc. I did not do this simply to get a bunch of money or to be like I got it it so bad, because there are other people who have it way worse but rather to take a stand a fight back against the normalization of repression and the desensitization that people in this territory are experiencing in regards to state violence.

State attacks against people’s movements are not something new, and I’m sure that Dudley George would agree with me if he were alive to talk and not assassinated by the OPP. The peoples living in this territory have experianced severe political and ideological oppression since colonization. So the state violence did not start at the G20, nor, as the students in Quebec are well aware, did it end there.

State violence as a method of social control has been used in this territory against poor people, racialized people and those living under the yoke of colonialism here and abroad pretty much every day.

The difference between today and back then is the fact that the State is shedding any illusion of democracy and acting with impunity, without even trying to hide the aggression. The more the State uses violence as a method of solving political problems, the more this sort of tactic is becoming normalized.

Through the demonization of dissenters in the media and sensationalist reporting the State is creating a conciousness where as it is a normal thing to have police beating and brutalize protestors. It has gotten to the point that the telegraph, an english newspaper, states that in Britain it is now ok for undercover officers to have sex with political activists and even to have children with them.

By demonizing the legitimate dissenters as hooligans and criminals, they are creating the conditions where by political repression is so normalizaed that in the G20 papers they specifically mention the fact that it is ok to moniter infiltrate and attack people for simply holding dangerous ideologies such as Marxism, Maoism and Anarchism thereby making political people into “persons of interests”, suspects and criminals.

The acceptance and compliance that allows this impunity to grow, fostered by the State and supported by the corporate media, destroys any and all room for people to be political and allows the State to implement its will even if most of the people are opposed to this. For example when Mcguinty decided to pass his austerity budgets, comments from his party clearly state that there will be a lot of protestors at Queens Park. In other words, the State knows that people are opposed to this budget yet will pass it anyways because they can and we have no recourse.

With the intensification and normalization of repression simply to engage in discussing and organizing alternatives means at best that you will be ignored, but more then likely you will be brutalizaed, demonized and criminalized.

Given this context anyone who has any opportunity to resist has a moral obligation to do so!!!!!So I am not fighting simply for myself but rather i am fighting for peoples right to be political and engage in politics without having to fear attack intimidation and brutalization.

After all when repression becomes the norm and a mass arrests and brutalization of over a thousand is just a soundbite, then to simply hold a view becomes a crime!!!!!


6 Responses to “The normalization of repression leads to the criminalization of ideas”

  1. doug June 26, 2012 at 2:56 am #

    If this Country is so terrible ,why are you here?? Why not take yourself and your warped political views to a Marxist Country and live happily ever after.
    The only problem that I see with this idea is that you wouldn’t last very long in such a place and nobody would give you the attention that you so desperately seek!

    • Stig June 26, 2012 at 2:17 pm #

      Seems to me doug, that he doesn’t have to go anywhere, the forces of government repression and authoritarian rule are already here in Canada. If you are going to be paranoid, at least point it in the right direction, because soon, even you are going to be watched secretly, and every word you type or utter across this medium will be theirs. You must be old.

  2. Shags June 26, 2012 at 8:05 am #

    If the lawsuit is not about money, then give it away to charity if you win. Second do you really think that taking 4 million away from Canadians (as we will pay your settlement through taxes) is the way to solve the problem. If you are really so self-righteous, make sure that money goes to people who need it, and that’s not you!

  3. julian ichim June 26, 2012 at 6:51 pm #

    As I already stated cash will go to support those who are fighting to change the political system so that there will be no need for charities, secound of all one must use every and all avenues open to push for acountability and change, this lawsuit is only one of the few avenues that I am persueing. Thirdly the fact of the mater is that if we dont resist the criminalization of what may be seen as radical politics, and people like myself are getting charged for stuff like simply writing a blog, its only a matter of time before your opinions and right to be political will disapear. Despotism is not necessarily born over night, by sometimes by the quite and slow disintegration of basic rights. If we dont stand up now we may find ourselves in a position where that by the time we realise what has happenned it may be too late

  4. The Mad Hatter June 26, 2012 at 6:59 pm #

    If you win I really hope you buy a gold and diamond crusted cane.

  5. Al June 26, 2012 at 11:06 pm #

    Julian you got a great writeup in the Waterloo Region Record today. I view you as the “canary in the coalmine”. In other words what happens to you vis a vis local authorities is probably our fate as well down the road. Also you are right in regards to tyranny. It is introduced one step at a time always with an attempt at moral justification to remove our rights.

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