thoughts on Alex Hundert

26 Jun

Most activists who are amazing organizers are really caught up in theory and arguing about pointless things and use big words that no one understands. By doing this they are very un approachable and you kinda are too scared to talk to them. This is NOT Alex Hundert!!!!!!

Alex Hundert is one of the most approachable down to earth people I know who always puts the movement and others before his own personal interests. One need only read the callout he put out below which was his parting words to a community that he played a big role in supporting and sustaining to see this.

I did not always agree with Alex and we have had a few arguments in the past, nor am i the closet person to Alex, but whenever I had an issue or problem etc he would take the time to listen to me, talk to me and generally make me feel better no matter how scared I was DESPITE the fact that he was going to go to jail and had his own things to worry about.

Alex is one of the few people who would take the time to get to know people, and give his imput and accept you as you are warts and all.

By the cops and courts throwing Alex in jail, they have removed an amazing organizer from our community, but wherever he is I know he will educate and organize remain unbroken.

Until he is free let us support him by supporting Six Nations and continue the political struggles that he played a vital role in.


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