Two Years after state attack and infiltration, we are stronger then ever!!!!!!

28 Jun

About two years ago the state kidnapped me, threw me in an unmarked van and beat me with door open for all to see, shortly after this I found out that the same tactic was used against many organizers and community members, with the purpose of criminalizing those protesting the real conspirators called the g20 who have created this crisis that we are now living in.

Since then the state has tried every tactic to disrupt and destroy our movement by jailing those who resist the designs of this monstrosity known as capitalism and imperialism.

Those like myself whose charges have been dropped have been the victims of increased repression as the state was waiting for an excuse to arrest us and every pressure possible has been put on our organizations with the aim of destroying them and breaking the backbone of a movement that is engaged in a social and political struggle in defense of rights people have by virtue of being human, and though the state has definitely hurt our movement, and may have won some battles, the war for social justice and equality is not over and we remain defiant and undefeated.

The mistake that the state makes is that it believes that by repression and criminalization our movement will be intimidated and silenced. Nothing can be further from the truth, if anything there repression only fuels our resistance and strengthens our resolve to continue fighting.

As long as capitalism breads poverty, as long as people are brutalized by police, as long as austerity and colonialism is forced on the people of the world we will keep fighting and no jail cell, cop, police infiltrators or dirty trick of the state of the state will break our resolve.

Two years after the G20 we remain defiant resistant and unbroken.


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