Casserole held in minister of social services office in solidarity with Ontario Student Mobalization Coalition and Quebec students!!

29 Jun

On June 29th a small but militant group of community activists decided to hold a “cassrole” in the office of the provincial minister of social services John Milloy who also happens to be a cabinet member and hold serious sway in Queens Park.

This action was done in solidarity with the Quebec students and the Ontario Student mobilization Coalition who is fighting to make education accessible to all not just in name but in fact!!!

After a speech was given stating that Ontario has the highest tuition rate in Canada and that it increase significantly under the Mc guinty Government, noise was made in the traditional cassrole way and protestors left of there own volition vowing to come back.

This action is the start of the intensification of the struggle for our right to eduction and in solidarity with those fighting in Quebec.


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