Lessons for working class organizors from the siege of Leningrad, our victory is to survive!!!!!

2 Jul

It seems to me that the older organizors in poor and marginalized communities get, the more fucked up they are in the head. This point has been recently illestrated to me by several events in the last week, including a serious suicide attempt by a close comrade of mine.

Maybe the fact is that the older you get the more shit you see and this really traumatises you, or maybe the brutality that we are experiancing now under the austerity budget is so vicious that one not need read Hobbes to know that under capitalism life is short, miserable and brutal. Maybe its mixture of all of the above compounded by state attacks against yourself and loved that just get to you. Regardless this phenomena is very visable.

I would be lieing to you if i said that for myself everything is hunky dory. I myself have felt despair so deep in the face of the brutal reality i see when i walk out the door that I have questioned the point of everything, including just waking up.

Those who know me well call me an optimist becuase of my faith in the future and the just society that we are trying to build, but even some of my best friends get uncomfortable when they see the bottomless darkness in my soul.

So if life is so fucked and the state is so powerful why fight? After all, one need not have too look far to see the evils that both imperialism and capitalism are committing here and abroad and one need not be political to see the monolthic power that these instituins have in destroying not just our souls but our very own lives.

In dark times like these it may be hard to find hope as the empire seem so powerful and capitalism and imperialism seem deeply entrenched in every aspect of our lives.

However one must remember that nothing lasts forever, especially when its power comes from the destruction and exploitation of many.

During WWII, the people of Leningrad were under seige for over 880 days with no outside support. At this time the Nazi genocidal machienery has already concoured half the european continent and they seemed to be unbeatable. The siege was so brutal that the daily rations were about 400 calories and less, where as to survive the average person needs at 1000 calories to survive. To compound this problem the facists would bomb food warehouse, infastructure and anything that moved with the purpose of wiping Leningrad off of the map. Yet despite all this Leningrad resisted with no outside help or support. The people of Leningrad held out against the facist monstricty at the cost of 1 500 000 people not because it was easy and victory was around the corner but rather becuase when everything seems hopeless and lost in the face of sheer brutality your only choice is to do what is right and resist no matter the cost. And at the end of the day it was the heroic people of the Soviet Union and Leningrad who defeated the facist monstrosity and hung the red flag over Berlin.

Read an account of a survival from Leningrad what struck me was the heroism in there statement that for the people of Leningrad to defeat the Nazis all they had to do was survive.

This is a lesson that all my traumatized comrades can learn. Imperialism will alos coppalse just like the facists did, and our duty is to resist and survive and by doing that we too shall be victorious!!!!


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