Moss Park, kickin it and why we are fighting!!!!

6 Jul

Some days when you wake up its hard to see the good around you, especially when you are in a community that is feeling the brutal force of unfettered capitalism and assault from the gentrifiers who just look at unemployed workers as cheap labour and a problem to hide.

My morning started with serious conversation and planning. In the corse of this conversation the subject of the high suicde rate among our friends was brought up. Behind this backdrop, you saw the lost faces of people, searching for meaning and purpose to there miserable existance as condominums encroach on a working class de industrialized nieghbourhood pushing people further and further away, destroying there homes and hopes.

Since meaning is hard to find in an insane society where you are judged on how much profit your employers/exploiters can squeeze out of you, meaning and purpose is found in a crack stem or syringe.

Walking down Sherborne towards Queen, i hear six up in front of the shelter, which means the cops are cruising and they dont give a fuck if you are committing a crime or not to be poor or racialized in that community is crime enough.

This guy comes up to me who I know from around and is like got a butt? I pul out my pack of smokes and hand him one. Hes like i sit with you cause you fuck with them and they wont touch me. Im like shooting the shit and asking what his deal is anyways, cause he is an intelligent guy and he tells me his story, similar to so many, getting fucked by immigration, not being able to work due to his status, stealing just to get by and the downward spiral. His story, like so many arent told.

I keep on walking down queen towards parliment and I see an old friend, and though I knew who he was he had no idea who I was, after all crack is a bad mistress that may take your pain for a few secounds, but at the price of your soul and all you hold dear.

I remember I needed to get my friend some lunch so walk through the armories where a homeless man was brutally beaten to death to the new “trendy” poutine store, grab whatevers in vouge these days and head to my friends work. I tell her Ill be chillin at the moss park buildings in the park and wait. I run out of smokes and am now broke so i mooch two smoke of this guy I know, my friend meets me and as I lay back inhaleing my smoke, this guy comes up on a bike and hes like hey your julian, im like the guy whose charged for not taking down your blog and sueing the cops, Im like yeah. Hes like good for you those fucken bastards are destroying my community. He then tells me in minute detail every strugglle he is having mobalizing his community to fight police brutrality hold land lords accountable and fighting for basic rights. Of course we exchange contact info and talk various things about the strugglle and what we are fighting for and the importance of people like us standing up. We switch from english and spanish and joke for a bit, but we realize in our conversation not just the need to fight but the need for victory and the importance regular people put in this work. He salutes me with Hasta La Victoria Siempre, Venceremos and I say Back seremos como Che!!!!!

Yes we do live in a fucked up society, and to be normal and stand back and not be affected must mean you are a sick motherfucker. Yet this degeneracy leads to resistance and for every guy organizing his building or fighting the system or taking a stand there are many more cheering and supporting, there repression breds resistance and through our struggle we not only find solutuions but create hope, and like small leaks in a dike the pressure will build until one day it will overflow!!!!

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