Statement from IRPWA on Marian Price “Supporting The Institutions Responsible for Internment and Torture”

8 Jul

Below is a statement from the Irish Republican Prisoners Welfare Association on the current condition of Marian Price who is still being illegally interned under armed guard despite the fact that the deterioration of her health has forced the British Colonizers to move her to a hospital.

This was not done because the forces of occupation of the Six Counties are concerned about her health but rather because the peoples of Ireland and the world are watching.

The issue is that her health has deteriorated because of her illegal internment and torture which is a direct result of Britain trying to silence anyone speaking out against the genocidal occupation of The North. We must intensify our struggle in solidarity with Price and all Republican Prisoners until they are all free and Irish people can determine there own destiny.

Supporting the institutions responsible for Internment and torture

Marian Price is in chronic ill health under armed guard in a hospital in Belfast having spent over 400 days in total isolation between Maghaberry and Hydebank Gaols .
She finds herself a victim of this torture as a result of a British vendetta which summarily imprisons those whose thought processes differ from the programmed train of thought of former Republicans now in the paid employ of the British government.
Those that once called Marian comrade are now reduced to facilitating Orange order parades through Republican areas, paying homage to the commander in chief of the British armed death squads, painting over graffiti which highlights the ongoing torture of Irish Republican POWs at the behest of the sectarian PSNI and innumerable other U turns that at one stage they would have considered reprehensible.
The reintroduction of Internment has been met with a deafening silence by those who once denounced the loudest. Not for them the threat of bringing down the British institutions at Stormont.
Rather, they bury their heads in the sand and hope their friendly British media do their utmost to keep a cap on the stories of the torture, the dirty protests, the illnesses within the gaol and the both falsified and total lack of evidence against those who are suffering.
During Marian Price’s previous incarceration with Gerry Kelly,the Stormont quislings joined in the choruses of “The IRA will set you Free!”
Now that Gerry Kelly is firmly embedded in the regime responsible for administering the system that keeps Marian Interned in isolation suffering from serious illnesses brought about through her illegal incarceration and dreadful conditions, the former IRA now commit themselves to a system designed to keep Marian under armed guard, ill and suffering as a result of sticking to her Republican ideals and not conforming to their capitulation to the British crown.
It is shameful that ideals and principles can be so ruthlessly exchanged for money and power with a blind eye being turned to the escalating pogrom against Irish Republicans who do not agree with the pro Unionist Status quo.


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