Whose the animals that built these prisons?

10 Jul

Disclaimer I am only writing this because i saw the bullshit way the media is reporting this story and feel another side should get out.

Last night i got a call from a lawyer that several of my friends were arrested on gun and drug charges and I should be in court tommorrow. Rumors were flying around about what happenned and it was hard to tell what was what.

This morning I go to court to find out that police raided a house party and since a gun was found as well as a quantaty of methamphetamines everyone was charged.

Since my friends are my and no one is perfect, I decided to do what I can to help. Now I dont intend to rant about the injustice of charging everyone for the crime of one individual, nor about the fact that the people that they are trying to throw the book at are those with the fewest resourses who cant afford bail or find a surety instead im going to talk about the conditions that some of my friends who are acing these charges live in and how it was the system that failed them and created this.

Case one: a indigenous youth who has lived his whole lives in foster homes and at age 11 ended up on the streets forced to fend for himself, although he was quite intelligent its hard to apply yourself to schoolwork when you live from hand to mouth and are fleeing abuse at the hands of foster parents. His life since has been in and out of jail sending more then thwo thirds of his life in correctional facilities. Needless to say he is not the same person who went in and little correcting was done.

Case number two: a youth whose family lived on the streets for most of there lives or in shitty apartments. Surounded by violence drugs and poverty he somehow maintained to keep his soul. He lost his mother, his only connection to family due to poverty related issues and obvipously this deeply affected him. Ironically after my moms death it was him who made me see things clearly and taught me to remember the good times so that she could live forever in my heart.

Case number three. A person from a working class family whose father had an accident and could no longer provide through the traditional means. A life of welfare, moving around alot, homelessness and despair. In and out of prisons he just called me a week ago that he just got out and we should have a drink. I wish I took him up on that offer.

The list goes on and on. Our society creates the conditions through de industrialization, unemployment high rent that welare cant cover and then wonder why people turn to crime. Children, our future are thrown to fend for themselves, selling ther bodies and sould to survive and then when we see what we created we call them monsters. Those who have addictions or mental health issues are thrown in jail where the only law is brute force and come out ten times worst then they go in. The funny part is those groups such as SOS, The Spot Collective etc.who actually try tp create alternatives are criminalized brutalized and repressed. So yeah I support my friends, cause rom what i see it doesnt seem like anyone other then us revolutionaries give a fuck.

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