The state is really worried, and they are going to worry more, update on my blogging charges!!!!!!

12 Jul

So today I got my response to my list of issues and witnesses for my preliminary hearing that will take place on Sept 18th, whic is the prequel to my jury trial for my blogging charges which they are proceeding by inditement, eg. if found guilty I will do hard time for simply wrioting about my experiance at the g20.

Although I cant comment on the material that I recieved what I can say is two things one that they are trying to throw the book at me and two that in there arogance they seem to feel that this is an open and shut case and before this is over they will lock me up and silence me.

This raises two issues, the first is that they believe that by jailing me they will hurt the movement. IF THEY BELIEVE THIS THEY ARE JUST LIEING TO THEMSELVES!!!!!!!!!! the movement is like a hydra for every “head you cut off two will grow. The moevement has not nor is one or two people but rather a creation of the capitalist class whoch creates the conditions for revolutionary politics thrpough the [poverty and exploitation that they thrive on through the two evils of capitalism and colonialism. For every one of us they throw in jail three more will rise, and as we speak future revolutionarys are born every day in the slums and ghettos that they themselves create. By jailing me they will not intimidate anyone because our movement is not made of cowards and lackeys but rather of cadre forged in the fire of strugglle. WE wILL REMAIN UNBROKEN AND THERE REPRESSION WILL ONLY INTENSIFY OUR RESISTANCE!!!!!

The secound thing that they point out is that they are scared of us not because of any physical threat we pose but rather because of our ideology, politics and words. By charging me they are proving the point that the words that me and my comrades speak scare them because the truth about the g20 its aftermath and the conditions that we as poor and marginalized people threatens there power and must be silenced. If they think that these charges will silence me or any of my comrades they are gravley mistaken. They have the police, military, jails guns and an arsenal of weapons, we have our bodies and ideas and the ability to discuss the problems we face and come up with solutions. Our strongest weapon, our ideologies which motivates us and guides us is entrenched ion our hjearts and this is something that no jail bars or state ;lackey will ever take away from us. We will never be silenced and we will always hold high ouir bright red banner of revolution.

If the state thinks that they can walk all over us jail us and criminalize us, they are sadlly mistaken. Myself personal;y i wont go down without a fight and in court i intend to expose to everyone what the state is really about. Like Jonny Cash says, you can take us down to the gates of hell BUT WE WONT BACK DOWN!!!!!

On a side note tommorrow a great comrade and member of the community Kelly pflug back who has spent her whole life serving the people is having her setenceing tommorrow, she may be severing serious time, and she has given so much to the community. I urge all people to go to 361 university ave tommorrow morning and support her as she has support her community and the downtrodden. Free food programs, harm reduction programs and community building is what she has given us, let us show her that the community stands behind her.
As well Alex Hundert, another solid comrade has most recently been moved to a new jail. Please google his new address and write to him and set up visits.

Dovstoevsky said you can tell a society by looking at its prisons, i say you can judge a movement by how they remember the imprisoned comrades, please show the state that our movement is indestructable and in or out of jail we will always stay united

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