Free Marian Price, Free Palestine, Support Political Prisoners in India, report on July 12th and 15th Public meetings in Toronto and Kitchener

15 Jul

We will never forget our prisoners- Lebanese speaker at Kitchener event

On July 12th and July 15th in Toronto and Kitchener, social democrats, Maoists , Marxist Leninists, Trotskyists and Anarchists came together to hear speakers discuss the crimes of imperialism in Lebanon, Palestine, India, Northern Ireland, Greece and against Indigenous Peoples living in North America. A statement from The Irish Republican Prisoner Welfare Association webpage was also read out to update people on the condition of Marian Price today. (here is the link parallels were drawn between Internment, administrative detention and disappearances in all countries and it was made clear that the violence in these countries is a direct result of the occupiers and colonialists and to blame the violence on people resisting a genocidal foreign rule is blaming the victim.

As a result of the meeting and discussion three points were agreed on by all.

One. To create a non sectarian organization to support and defend prisoners of colonialism, imperialism and capitalism here and abroad.

Two. To defend the right of colonized people to resist occupation here and abroad through non sectarian support of POWS

3. To organize a mass demonstration in front of the British Consulate demanding the immediate release of Marian Price and others illegally interned and kidnapped by British Imperialism in the occupied six counties on August 27th.

Unified behind these points of unity we march forward in struggle until imperialism and capitalism are smashed and all POWS and political prisoners of Imperialism are free!!!!


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