Callout for Tent City July 26th in KW

17 Jul

July 26th 6 pm Victoria Park Gazeboo Meet up

Free Food, music and Speakers include members of Toronto OCAP!!!
There is a continued attack on people with low incomes in Ontario. With over 47 000 people in Waterloo region living below the poverty line, there are more people using food banks and soup kitchenes today then under the Mike harris Regime and his “common Sense Revolution”

In the 2010 provincial budget, the Lie-Beral government announced that the special diets would be cut completly. Due to community outrage and mobalization they were forced to backtrack and they they would keep part of the special diets , however the program is completly gutted. Now in the 2012 budget the Lei-beral government have cut community start up benifits, even though it was promised that they wouldnt balance the budget on the backs of poor people. The loss of the special diets programs and community start up benifits along with the decline in the social assistance rates will drive communitys deeper into poverty and poor health. It is one of the many examples of social cuts that are being implemented as part of the on going government austerity programs and we must mobalize to stop this.

The Lie-berals froze minimum wage in 2011. Workers trying to survive on minimum wage are already making poverty wages and will now see their incomes fall as a result of inflation and frozen wages. Currently there are aproximatly one in six workers working at or close to minimum wage in ontario. The gap between those on welfare and workers and the rich bosses is greater now then ever before.

People have been forced to starve under Harris’s “common sense revolution” and contiue to strave under the Lie-beral government whom have cut special diets, community start up programs and froze minimum wage. If this government thinks that it has the right to make us choose betweenfood and rent, They are sadly mistaken!!!!!


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