Abandon hope all ye who enter here

18 Jul

Today I went to court to try to help get one of my friends out of jail. It seems to me that in the last few weeks all ive been doing is going to court, political prisoners, economic prisoners, friends who fucked up etc.

I go to talk to the lawyer who is so desperate that hes thinking of using me as a secondary surety, however the judge, who presides over many case of poor people who get arrested for petty things such as being out past curfew, which is easy to get busted for especially is you are homeless is the wife of a member of parlement who belongs to a political party that is ideologically pushing for mandatory minimum sentences, get tough on crime legislation, and whom one member suggested solving the drug problem by killing all the addicts and another member state that the best way to deal with the homeless problem is to jail them all. So much for an independent impartial judge!!!!!!

Im sitting using the phone and of course intelligence agency’s, cops and others are like hey julian, im like whats up with a smirk on my face refusing to be intimidated and actually not caring. Yeah, the cops all know, and yeah they would love to see me on the other side of the court house in the cells, but im not there, im here to get my friend out.

Of course the fact that I am currently up on indictable charges is brought up and they are for refusing to obey a court order, so that doesn’t look good but the other surety is pretty solid so its all good.

We get ready to get up and the lawyer decides to put the matter over cause if shit fucks up guilty or innocent he will have to be in jail until trial cause you only get one shot at bail and if you fuck it up you will wait at least a year before trial.

This is the third time he has gone up for bail only to have it moved over, every time he has gotten his hopes up and could basically smell freedom only to once more be taken back in shackles to jail, locked in a cell for like 22 hours, cut off from all those he cares about.

We walk down the street and sit next to the new monstrosity of a courthouse, bomb proof, sniper proof windows, many security measures etc. Across the street is a womans shelter that has continuously having a shortage of beds and is overflowing. We sit on the war memorial to those who “died for our freedom” watching the construction workers building this huge building that is there to take away peoples freedom. after all Innocent until proven guilty means nothing if you have no surety or cash moneys for bail and the irony really hits me.

Next to me is a war veteran whose belongings are carried in a shopping cart, so much for supporting our troops and it really hits me.

The only way to survive jail innocent or not is to give up all hope. As soon as the cuffs come on just realize that you will never get out cause from the moment of arrest they start fucking you and dangling your freedom in your face like a carrot only to slap you when you reach from it. From the cop to the station who says you will be out as soon as you are processed to the lawyer who promises you bail, as soon as you have hope it will be dashed and you will be shattered agin and agin and agin. Kinda like Orwell say, your future is a boot stomping on a face over and over and over.

The only hope you can have is not the freedom that can be granted by a key but rather the freedom in your heart, that feeling that motivates you that says no matter what you do to me i will not be broken


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