Is death life and do we live in hell?

19 Jul

Those friends that want you to get high are the ones who dont give a fuck if you die-NAS

To say that drugs and gang violence are a problem of poor people is an understatement. Placed in low income housing with no hope of upward mobility, dealing drugs and being a boss is a simple solution. You could be broke, living from food bank to church suppers wearing rags or you can have the gold chains, the cars the girls and the life.
As the economic crisis increases and despair grows, particularly in poor neighbourhoods watching mothers beg and do whatever they can to get by and simply put food on the plates of their straving children the allure of a quick fix is very tempting.

Yet underneath this veneer so over glorified by people like 50 cent who are so detached from the reality we are facing the ugly side of the problem is not shown. Its not for nothing that kids as young as sixteen pack heat, nor is it coincidental that the neighbourhoods that see so much gun violence are the same neighbourhoods where the economic infrastructure has been gutted.

Drug and gang violence as a quick fix is exactly what they want us to do, to kill each other over 20 rocks and fifty dollar bills while the real hustlers on Bay street our filling there pockets with blood money and building there mansions on the dead bodies of our friends and comrades.

Yet its not enough to just condemn or understand the problem we are facing, what must be done is we must fight for real solutions that put the people first. My dead friend Lub use to say there is a hole in my heart that can only be filled by cocaine and there is some truth to that, people who have been hit in the head again and again by a system that steals from the poor to pay the rich feel the emptiness of working minimum wage, or living simple lives of exploitation hustling on the corner or waiting in line for food banks.

This emptiness can be filled by something else, meaning that we are more then this, that we are more then products and commodities in their system. That we are more the statistics in their economic plans aimed at bleeding whatever infrastructures we have to fill their swimming pools with our blood.

This meaning comes from us fighting for the dignity of labour and the struggle to assert our human rights, which start from the basic point that we are human and as such must have the power to determine our own destiny. This hole in heart can be filled with the love for our people which necessitates coming up with real solutions to be radicals and address the root cause of this problem.

Its obvious to anyone that has been paying attention that the system doesnt real give a fuck about us. So let us give a fuck about ourselves and organize our communities to deal with the problems we are facing.

In the coming months let us intensify our work around dealing with drugs as a social issue and create our alternatives. Let us take up our social responsibility and intensify our work in helping people get off of drugs by creating the alternative. Let us and our struuglle of love be the solution to their system of death and hate. Only by doing this can we truly fight, only by doing this can we truly win


2 Responses to “Is death life and do we live in hell?”

  1. doug July 19, 2012 at 8:11 pm #

    So the criminal Kelly only gets 11 months.WTF.She should have gotten at least 5 years.Your next Julian.LOL

  2. Al July 20, 2012 at 2:25 am #

    Julian this is a very well written posting with a lot of thought and heart behind it.
    Doug your comment to this posting is not relevant to what was written. Try reading it carefully first and then comment.

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