Who is Martin Corey and Why must he be set free?

21 Jul

Martin Corey, Irish Republican was originally arrested during the troubles for participating in a military action against the british occupational puppets, the RUC. The purpose of this action was to disarm this paramilitary organization that has terrorized and murdered many good republicans. Due to the violent response from these occupational forces he was imprisoned for life.

In 1992 he was released from jail unconditionally and pretty much kept to himself. Two years ago he was rearrested and held without charge, in other words interned by the occupational forces. This year the British judge Treacy ruled that his internment was unconstitutional and breaching his human rights. Before he could even get out of custody and be with those who he loves, Owen Patterson British unelected secretary of state of Norther Ireland blocked his release and he is still being interned DESPITE the rulings of the court.

This pattern of imperialist intervention and kidnapping of Irish republicans is a crime against humanity. Martin Corey broke no law and is in jail for the sole reason that he is an Irish Republican. This attack on the right to conscience is an affront to all humanity and all those who claim they belief in justice and demonstrates there is no justice that an Irish Republican can get from the British system of genocide and subjugation.

Along with the internment of Marian Price we can see a pattern, and that pattern is a pattern of brutality, imprisonment and internment to all those who belive in the right of Irish peoples to determine their own destiny.

32 years after the death of Bobby Sands Joe Macdonnell and the other hunger strikers, nothing has changed. Britain is till torturing and interning people and promoting there colonial aspirations with an iron fist. All those who believe in justice, freedom and the right of all nations to determine their own destiny must take a stand and DEMAND THAT COREY AND PRICE BE FREED NOW AND AN END TO INTERNMENT!!!!!

Please write to Martin Corey and let him know that the eyes of the world are once again watching the crimes of the imperialists in the occupied Six Counties.

Martin Corey
Maghaberry Prison,
Roe House,
Old Rd, Ballinderry Upper,
County Antrim
BT28 2PT


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