justice for the 9 dead and three injured Hamstead migrant workers, the working class is one!!!!!

22 Jul

Today members of various forces of the working class including Steelworkers local 1005, migrant workers and others answered the call of migrant workers group Justicia to remember those killed and injured 6 months ago in Hamstead due to the unsafe transportation conditions that migrant workers face. Despite attempts of migrant exploiting bosses to intimidate people from participating in this memorial, promising reprisals to those who attended, many migrant workers joined other segments of the working class to remember this loss and demand justice!!!!!

After greetings of solidarity were read from as far away as Japan and Mexico, and two songs were sung people started talking about the unsafe conditions that migrant workers face and the fact that those injured or killed get no compensation.

One speaker from St. Louscia stated that the silence must be broken on the dark side of capitalism which is no different then slavery. The event also had many messages read from people who were deported and thrown away because of injuries they have received in their workplace.

This issue of exploitations is an issue of the whole working class here particularly those who are injured. WORKERS ARE MORE THEN A COMMODITY TO BE DISCARDED AS SOON AS THEY ARE NO LONGER USEFUL!!!!!!!!! THEY ARE THE PRODUCERS OF THE WEALTH OF THIS SOCIETY!!!!!!!!

The plight of injured workers who fall into poverty or die due to the working conditions they face is MURDER by the exploiting class that builds their mansions on the blood they squeeze from those they exploit and oppress.

The issue of death, injury and harm that migrant workers and others face IS AN iSSUE Of THE WHOLE WORKiNG CLASS and we must not by into the feuds that the ruling class creates pitting one group of workers against another.

The nepotistic opportunism that allows Elizebeth Witmer, who under Mike Harris lead the assault against the working class to become the head of the WSIB(workers comp) is spitting on the graves of all workers who have died or been injured as a result of unsafe working conditions.

The fact that this was done with the blessing of the Provincial Liberals so that they make get their beloved majority is the hight of opportunism and an attack on all members of the working class. Let us remember those migrant workers who died in Hamstead and fight so that this will never happened again. Let us fight for the dignity of labour which begins by demanding justice for all injured workers. Let the bosses know THE WORKING CLASS IS ONE


2 Responses to “justice for the 9 dead and three injured Hamstead migrant workers, the working class is one!!!!!”

  1. doug July 23, 2012 at 3:47 am #

    These migrant workers come here by their own choice,nobody is forcing them to take these jobs.Just more grandstanding by desperate unions to sign up new members to their ever dwindling numbers!Pretty pathetic for unions to be using this tragedy to try and recruit new suckers…er…members!

  2. Al July 23, 2012 at 8:33 pm #

    These workers are seasonal . They are neither citizens nor immigrants. They have no rights other than minimum wage and a quick exit out of the country as soon as their job ends. I very much doubt that any of the farms they work on are unionized and I also doubt that they have any rights to organize a union. Their wages and working conditions are substandard and the only reason they are here is that their home countries wages and conditions are even more pathetic. Provincial governments like them because they put downward pressure on both wages and on food prices because they work so cheaply.

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