is crown prosecutor Jason Miller smoking crack, and why do police like to scare old sick men like my dad?

23 Jul

Disclaimer: on the street when somone is acting irrational you say are you on crack or something, this blog is a mix of this and what they do in the movie corporation with a check list, as well it trys to address a serious issue through the use of humor, i am in no way stating as a fact that miller smokes crack

Several days I decided to call my dad and see how he is doing. I was in Toronto dealing with legal stuff and being that he’s on in his years i just wanted to let him know that Im fine and whatnot. As soon as he answered the phone he told me police came to the house looking for me and said i better have a good lawyer, i asked him what they wanted and he said he didnt know, but there handwriting is more horrendous than mine, which he also told the officer.

I called Waterloo regional police and asked for the police detective that was at my house, he was not in (probably off scaring other old men) and no one at the station had any idea what this was about. Finally I got my lawyer friend to call and he found out that on the behest of Mr. Miller i was served several important documents in regards to my upcoming preliminary hearing which is three counts, indictable for my blog.

i get home to talk to my dad and start reading these documents and my dad starts complaining how he feels like hes in jail with all this harassment etc. I look up from these documents and I break the news to him, according to these documents you are, it says here that the papers were served to an inmate, dumitru ichim at 126 madison ave s. kitchener. He starts laughing and says I always knew living with you was like being in jail, now the courts agree with me. I’m like hey I know sometimes im hard to live with but to say that im a jailer and your and inmate and my house is a jail is going to far.

I further read these papers and it states that Mr. Miller will produce a witness who is an expert on the internet also known as the world wide web (if they real were an expert they would know that they are two different things. I look down and the affidavit of service is not even signed by a judge or the person who served me. I ask a lawyer buddy what this is all about and i find out that they were not even suppose to give me the affidavit of service.
From these screw ups and other screw ups that Mr Miller made such as claiming to not receive my list of witnesses and issues which were due may 1st despite the fact that I have a stamped copy from the court stating I handed it in April 20th, as well as him ignoring the court and instead of responding to me by june 15th i get his response mid july, as well as that they had the wrong address on I can only deduce two things 1. Mr. Miller is on hard drugs and needs to get his shit together or 2. he is deliberately screwing with my right to a fair trial by deliberately ignoring the court not giving me enough time to prepare.

Given the fact that my dad was write the papers i was served looks like it was filled out by my cat, and the lack of a judges signature etc. I tend to think that a good argument can be made that Mr. Miller has a serious drug problem and needs help. What purpose does it serve to bring an expert on the internet and how ill that help him prosecute me? Is he just wasting the courts time and money or is he really pocketing money for his secret addiction? Given the fact i was at the crowns office last week and could have easily picked up these papers as well, it shows that he is suffering from memory loss, a side effect of prolonged use of crack cocaine and the fact that the legal papers were improperly filled and he mistakes my dads house for a jail and my dad an inmate shows that he has lost touch with reality. If this is the case for the sake of the court I would suggest to Mr. Miller that our organization runs many programs to get people off of drugs and he can access these services.

However I think that the truth is a little bit more scary then mr miller loving his blow too much. i think the truth of the matter is that the prosecution is acting in a malevolent way to hurt my case, intimidate those whom i love like my dad and deny me a fair trial. First of all I believe that my list of witnesses and issues were received on time since i have the court stamp to prove it and him not finding it was no accident but rather an attempt to stall robbing me of time to prepare my defense. This would also explain why i did not receive my response on june 15th as he promised the courts but rather a month later. The issue of my address being mistaken is bullshit at best since during the g20 this was where i was bailed out and during these recent charges this is where i was charged. The fact that my blog come get me pigs states that this is my adress and every cop in the area knows i live here also justifies this. His vagueness that he will either call detective a or b also stops me from knowing which cop to subpena and i have little time till september 18th to get all this shit done.

This and the quality of the papers my dad was served shows the arrogance of the crowns office that they feel they are above the courts and no matter what they will put me in jail. Well if Mr. Miller thinks his acts of sabotage will hurt my defense he is sadly mistaken I am charged for being political and my defense will be political. This is a political trial and even if he convicts me I still win because the political fallout will be evidence that CANADA PUTS PEOPLE IN JAIL SiMPLY BECAUSE OF WHAT THEY WRITE OR THINK!!!! AND AS STATED BEFORE IN JAIL MY POLITICAL STRUGGLE WILL INTENSIFY DEMANDiNG BASIC DIGNITY AND THE RIGHT TO HOLD MARXIST LENINIST IDEOLOGY WITHOUT BEING CRIMiNALIZED!!!

STILL I THINK AND KNOW IN MY HEART THAT i WiLL WiN THIS CASE BECAUSE IT WONT BE FOUGHT IN THE COURTS BUT IN THE COURT OF PUBLIC OPINiON and i don’t care how many witnesses and experts he brings on the internet or how to type etc. because i have truth and justice on my side. If he thinks his sabotage will achieve anything or even put a dent on my defense he’s got another thing coming!!!!!!


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