Tertiary grounds, the state orchestration of the image of Kelly Pflug Back as a domestic terrorist

24 Jul

in court when trying to look at bail or sentencing there are several things one takes into account, tertiary grounds, which is if the public will respect the legitimacy of the courts to safe guard them is one ground that is always taken into account. Basicly it states that if releasing a person there will be public outrage due to the gravity of the offense then the person must be detained so as the public respects the legitimacy of the courts.

in the case of Pflug Back, she was initially arrested on three charges and released on bail. She was to reside in Norwood but other than that her conditions did not restrict her from leaving her house. So the police knew where she was and how to find her. Several months later, while kelly was out the police demanded that she turn herself in for several other charges. until this point there was no breeches, nor did Kelly have a history of disobeying the courts. The police instead of waiting a reasonable amount of time for people to get ahold of her and turn herself in, (which she did as soon as she found out from her friends not the media) The police went on every news channel and blasted her picture claiming that she was responsible for all the violence and was wanted, creating an atmosphere of hysteria.

As soon as the press release went out, in the public eye she was already guilty and as more and more articles went out there the police continued to promote this line which has not been proven at the time in the public eye that she was the “Mistress of Mayhem”. This in and off itself created the conditions that if she took her charges to trial she would be found guilty regardless of what actually happened, because in the public eye she was painted as the coordinator of all the violence at the g20 (which is really ironic cause last time i checked she was neither the head of the opp, nor Toronto police, nor the RCMP, nor did she kidnap over 1000 people and put them in cages).

in any case, this hysteria, started by the police and fueled by the capitalist media, particularly when she agreed to a plea bargain where she plead to seven counts of mischief (which is seen in the courts as not the most serious charge one can face) created the tertiary grounds that gave the judge no room to do anything other than make her an example.

The evidence they used to “prove”that she was more than a participant was guilt by association and a statement that she made to someone telling them not to break a window. This is the sort of evidence that if used to convict someone in a Muslim country would have amnesty and everyone outraged.

So as everyone awaited for the sentencing, in many ways the sentence was already passed due to the tertiary grounds that the state themselves created eg. they create the outrage then imprison someone to maintain their legitimacy by calming people that they themselves incited, sounds very Orwellian to me.


7 Responses to “Tertiary grounds, the state orchestration of the image of Kelly Pflug Back as a domestic terrorist”

  1. doug July 26, 2012 at 4:29 am #

    Kelly has now taken her rightful place in society…behind bars where she belongs!

    • Michael July 28, 2012 at 12:24 am #

      The real terrorists are those that force people to live in poverty and then criminalize it.

      • doug July 28, 2012 at 11:27 pm #

        Now please explain how anyone is “forced” to live in poverty?

  2. M. Richard Fox (@MREMann1969) July 29, 2012 at 12:01 am #

    Sorry Doug, I’m not going to engage in an argument with you; from reading your many divisive attacks here, I can see it’s not worth the effort. If you are asking that question in all seriousness, I’d suggest asking someone actually living in poverty and see what real options and opportunities they were given in life.

    • doug July 29, 2012 at 4:37 am #

      Well M Richard your just like Julian….avoiding the question.I guess Julian must be “forced”to live in poverty also according to some,but myself I just think he’s lazy and would rather leach off the hard working taxpayers.He’s too busy partying and making a fool of himself at all these stupid protests to have time for a job I guess.

      • Al July 30, 2012 at 1:38 pm #

        You realize you’ve kind of set yourself up here Doug for this comment. Julian is “…too busy partying and making a fool of himself … to have time for a job.”. Interesting analysis. Are you offerring him a paying job? Didn’t think so. That may be a big part of the whole situation. Jobs are like the game of musical chairs. There are never enough to go around and employers can and do discriminate at will. Allegedly they can’t legally discriminate on matters of race, religion gender etc. but they do anyways. However that still leaves hundreds of other opportunities to discrimainate and that is where they excel. Height, health, facial hair, job history including a past job that allegedly “overqualifies” a person, political beliefs, psychological profiling, hobbies, friendships, activism of any kind, all are fair game. Unemployment is intentional government policy in Canada. One it weakens unions and two it keeps wages lower. By increasing immigration during high unemployment you continually ensure a larger supply of labour chasing fewer jobs. Julian is right that the business class and well off, powerful interests have a vested interest in keeping a group of Canadians in poverty. It’s also an object lesson to the rest of us. Don’t complain and don’t try to have labour legislation enforced or working conditions improved because you will be out of a job and out on your ass in a flash. Lack of enforcement of health and safety legislation directly leads to both injury, illness and accompanying poverty.

  3. doug July 31, 2012 at 3:44 am #

    Al I realize in this current point in time of higher than usual unemployment there may not always be enough jobs to go around,and no I would not hire Julian for the simple fact that he has a very poor track record of being employed.He is well educated and could have been a contributing member of society but he made his own choices and chose not to.
    Blaming everything on Government is just a cop out!!

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