Urgent, Contact Owen Patterson and tell him his desisions may lead to the death of Marian Price

1 Aug

Since Marian Price has been moved from hydebank prison to a psychiatric hospital her health has seriously deteriorated to the point that if she does not get the medical attention that she requires the logical outcome may be her death.

Despite public outcry at the injustice that she has endured including the illegal internment that she is facing, the psychological torture of over a year of isolation and being held for over nine months in a mens prison, and the rapid deterioration of her health to the point where Price, who has previously had tuberculosis has now got pneumonia, which is seriously hurting her lungs, Owen Patterson is trying to score political points AT THE COST OF PRICE’S LIFE.

Not only is there no legal basis for her incarceration, but her incarceration presently flys in the face of international law which states that no one can be unduly deprived of the right to their lives.

By keeping Price incarcerated despite her medical conditions the occupational forces are spitting in the face of justice in their quest to demonstrate to Irish Republicans the true costs of holding an ideology which goes against the status quo. By attacking Price and letting her rot they hope t teach a lesson to anyone who has an ideology that does not suit their political and imperialist aspirations.

All people who believe in the right to conscience must take a stand and DEMAND THAT PRICE BE FREED NOW!!!!!!

I ask all people who believe in self-determination of all nations and who believe in justice to contact Patterson and let him know the whole world is watching and ashamed at the actions perpetrated by those who call themselves “civilized” and “democratic” against a woman whose only crime is believing in the right of Irish people to determine their own destiny.

Email Patterson at patersono@parliament.uk

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