End The Torture of Marian Price!!!!

12 Aug

From Belfast 32csm webpage

End the torture of Marian Price
The 32CSM wishes to draw attention to the latest alarming deterioration in the health of Marian Price. Marian, who suffers from arthritis and who has been kept in isolation for over a year has now been diagnosed with pneumonia. The prison doctors at Hydebank jail attributed the decline in Marian’s health to her continued incarceration and warned that this would continue whilst she remained in the conditions that she was in. Despite this the British government have chosen to keep Marian interned.

Let there be no doubt from any quarter Marian Price is being interned and tortured. There is no legal basis to her detention, no moral defence of it and to all those who have to this point refused to speak out against this, there is no excuse for your continued silence.

Marian Price is one of many Republicans currently being imprisoned with no regard for legal or judicial norms. Martin Corey, Gerry McGeough and most recently Alan Lundy have all had their rights stripped from them. This is British justice in Ireland and this is the treatment all Republicans can expect to receive at the hands of Owen Patterson. The 32CSM is calling on all Republicans to further their efforts on behalf of Marian, she is being used as a political hostage and the British government intend to make an example out of her.

End internment and Free Marian Price.
Beir Bua.


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