On the 86th anniversery of the birth of Fidel, let us honor the life of a true revolutionary!!!!

13 Aug

86 years ago, in the eastern part of Cuba, Fidel Castro Ruz, hero to anti imperialists and bane of the United States was born.Although at that point in time to many people it seemed like a non event, 86 years later Cuba, and the whole world has changed, for the better as a result of this event.

Castro, writer, anti imperialist, guerrilla, statesman and fighter is responsible for creating a movement that defeated the imperialists, liberated Cuba, wiped out illiteracy, gave land to the people, helped defeat apartheid and inspired generations of activists around the world!!!!!

On the 86th anniversary of his birth, let us honor Fidel by continuing the struggle that he has started and fight against the twin evils of capitalism and imperialism in the spirit of proletariat internationalism!!!

Viva Fidel!!!!!


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