Miller wasting tax payers money to silence dissent

14 Aug

The more and more i think about this charade that Miller is carrying on trying to throw me in jail simply because of my blog, the more and more i get pissed, not because im facing jail time, not because of the waste of my time and resources fighting these charges but rather because of the message he is trying to send, which is that dissent and ideologies that do not fit into the acceptable paradigms of the state will be crushed through the use of the state apparatus.

This trial is not about me, nor even about those who are openly revolutionary but rather it is about setting up and demonstrating to the public that if you fall out of line and dont accept the proper political parameters set up by the system you will be targeted for infiltration, you will be monitored and as soon as you say or do something that goes anaginst the will of the state you will be criminalized , charged, prosecuted and jail.

This is why the state so much money paying infiltrators and informers, this is why Miller is bringing in expert witnesses on the back of the tax payers, this is why he is leaving no stone unturned, so that he can get his conviction and send a clear message to everyone, this message is the same message the cops tried to send by beating me in public at the g20 with the van door open, if you are political and dissent you will be crushed.

So these charges are not simply about me, but rather about what will and what will not be tolerated by the state in terms of dissent.

As i stated earlier, Miller is trying to make an example of me, and if that is what he wants then he will get an example, maybe not the example he wants but an example none the less. i aim to keep this trial political and my example will be a political example of defiance resistance and refusing to cow tow to his threats and intimidation. When i go to court I will hold high my head and refuse to be submitted to the humiliations and attacks aimed at criminalizing me. I am a political person not a criminal and if the state choses to attempt to criminalize me because of what i say and write I will resist this and remain defiant because i have nothing to be ashamed of.


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