Dear Iran please give me money and nefarious plans to subvert this great country!!!!

15 Aug

Dedicated to Greg Renouf

Disclaimer this is tounge in cheek and is making fun of the warmongering/scare tactics used by Renouf to attack people, I am not actually asking for funding from Iran.

Dear Iran

I was reading the website of Greg Renouf and shocked to find out that you are funding so many people in Canada with the purpose of sowing discord in our glorious country where the streets are paved with gold and there are two cars in every garage.

I myself, a slave of george soros, who gets funding from the Tides foundation, feel like I have much to offer you in terms of subverting this nation, as well am better looking then other people you fund like Kevin Arnett.

I feel that with proper funding and nefarious plans I could be an instrument or your tool of world domination and hegemony. After all we know that all evil and ills in the world spring from your behest and any sort of dissidence only serves your interests and the claims of indigenous peoples, minorities or victims of state violence are propaganda concocted by those in your pay or in the pay of my other master George Soros.

please send me a check and nefarious plans of world domination as soon as possible so your will and glory can be served.

I look forward to working for you and help you in your quest for world domination.

Your Humble Servant

Julian Ichim

ps. I am not gay


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