No to anti social crime, we dont steal from our own!!!!!

15 Aug

Several days ago, a comrades house got robbed and several things went missing including a bike, a zippo, and valuables.

This crime, which targeted a local activist was seen as an easy score since its obvious that police will not be contacted is particularly hurtful because it takes advantage of the generosity and kindness of an organizor and spits in his face.

Although austerity is hurting our community we must take a strong stand against anti social crime and not fall into the trap of poor people hurting other poor people for a pittance while losing site of the bigger picture.

Anti social crime hurts the whole community and creates serious rifts and tensions breaking communities apart, as well as feeds into the police lies about us that we are all hooligans and thugs.

Since we can’t and wont rely on police to deal with these problems we ourselves must deal with the problems ourselves and all people must take a stand against this behaviour that is hurting our community. If anyone has any information or would like to return these things no questions asked, please email


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