Poor Romania!!!!!

16 Aug

Today I went downtown with my dad and we ran into a bunch of Romanian people, this is not in anyways a new phenomena since growing up in the Romanian community in Canada you are pretty much always surrounded by Romanians, but the people we ran into go way back with my family and are the classic definition of exploited immigrants.

We went inside to have coffee and of course, this one person who has no money, in true Romanian fashion is demanding that he pay for the coffee, after refusing three times in traditional Romanian manner and him being insistent we knew we had no choice but to accept or else it would be an insult to his honor.

Of course the conversation started with how time flies and they remember me when i was a little kid, and how back then i was still causing trouble, the conversation then went on to talk about common friends and shared suffering.

One story was told about a Romanian who sold everything only to get robbed in germany and with his last money sending a postcard home saying he would have a mansion in a few weeks, despite the fact he lost everything and had nothing. The story’s were also told about people who would come here sacrifice everything only to send money home. Throughout these stories and memories, some funny most sad, i thought about the plight of my country and all the sacrifices that Romania has made in the 1980s to wake up and find that their country was now run by a bunch of thief’s, opportunists, and traitors.

Its sad, in 1989 when Ceausescu was assassinated on Christmas, a day that even the most desperate dregs of society is respected, the leader of the nation was killed, the world bank debt was zero. This was paid through the blood sweat and tears of the Romanian people. Today, as a result of “our liberators” the debt is so huge that you could buy a country with it. Ironically these new leaders, the biggest opportunists and asskissers under communism and the yes men whom one can squarely put most of the blame for the economic problems of the country under socialism are now the biggest “anti communists” who have sold the country to the world capitalists for IMF loans for non existent streets and factories that will never be built.

Poor Romania, your people are scattered, you resourses are plunder, your history degraded. Attacked on all sides and betrayed by all, you will be avenged!!!!


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