Review of Clifford Cardinal’s play HUFF

19 Aug

HUFF, A peek behind the veil.
Review on a play by Clifford Cardinal

Most artistic works at modern festivals are pretentious, fake and a chance for bourgeoisie artists and their friends to show off how deep they are and how culture seeps out of their pours. This is not Huff.
From the opening scene where the protagonist has a plastic bag tied to his face, to the harsh and hopeful end this play takes one to the gates of despair and back. Set in an indigenous community, HUFF takes a look behind the scenes and facade that is presented through stereotypes, media and commercial bullshit and smashes all the myths presenting real people dealing with real problems and doing what one can do in a world where all doors are closed and where happy endings are like unicorns, nonexistent.
This play takes your deepest darkest well hid secrets, exposes them and forces you to confront them and though I will never understand the pain and hope that whole nations of people slated for genocide experience, there is enough hurt and darkness in this play that anyone who has traveled the roads of poverty, pain and misery can relate to, understand and see themselves in.

This play is not a work of art that can be understood by reading Foucault or whomever the coffee shop flavour of the week thinker that people look to guidance are into but is a play that must be understood by the heart and soul. In other words, this play brings art back to what it was originally, communion between the actors, audience and scriptwriter.
In closing if you want “culture” go to Stratford, if you want real, watch HUFF!!!!


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