Aug 21st meeting to support injured workers a success!!!!

22 Aug

Today at Queen St. Commons. Ralph Gerstenberg from local 1005 Steelworkers and Peter from the injured workers society spoke about the plight of the injured workers and the nepotistic deal between the Liberals and Tories that screws over injured workers to give the Liberals their beloved majority.

The meeting started with a poem written by a steelworker about the plight of injured workers. Speakers then spoke about Witmer stepping down from her seat in Provincial Parliament in Kitchener Waterloo to become the head of the WSIB (workers comp), putting her in charge of injured workers, the ones she screwed over as minister of Labour under Mike Harris, leaving a vacancy and forcing a by-election which would give the Liberals the chance to do what they want by securing a majority.

From the discussion it became obvious that both the Liberals and Conservatives are not fit to govern since they do so on the back of injured workers and others whom are marginalized.

All in all the meeting was a success since it created a space to discuss this problem and move forward. From this meeting it is obvious that our duty is to expose the dirty tricks of the Tories and Liberals and raise the issue of injured workers, whom the system marginalizes. More will be written on this issue as it develops.


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