Report on Aug 23rd save the Schoolhouse demo by OCAP!!!

24 Aug

On Aug 23rd at Moss Park poor people, activists and those in the Shelter system had a rally to save the Schoolhouse Shelter which is being closed down as part of the city of Toronto’s plan to gentrify the east end.

The Schoolhouse, one of the only wet shelters in Toronto has been open for decades and is one of the only homeless shelters that takes a harm reduction approach to alcohol. Given the fact that it is situated on George St, a poor neighbourhood that is slowly being surrounded by yuppie condos, closing the school house is part and parcel of removing poor people from the east end and a direct attack on the community.

After several speakers, people began to march chanting “save the school house” and ‘one two three four this is fucken Class war”. When the march went down george st residents cheered and one lit off fire crackers.

After dropping several banners, protestors entered a place next to “the street that Toronto forgot” aka George St. and wheatpasted over the big condo advertisements “This should be affordable housing. All in all the demo was a success and showed the state the capacity that poor people have to mobalize and fight!!!!


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