Price and Corey rot in jail while the orange walk the streets!!!!

25 Aug

The internment of Marian Price and Martin Corey at the behest of Owen Patterson due to the fact that they are Republicans is a crime against humanity that everyone who states that they believe in justice or freedom should be outraged about. Yet many so called civil rights groups refuse to take a stand or say anything due to the fact that they state they are against violence and the ideology of Corey and Price is a barrier to the peace process in Northern Ireland.

This view, that there can only be peace if Republicans give up their politics is absurd and flys in the face of logic and justice. What these forces are really doing is putting the blame on the victims of colonialism and repression and criminalizing people for simply believing that they should have the right to determine their own destiny.

What sort of peace is this if the peace can only last if Irish people believe what they are told and if they disagree they can be arrested , tortured, held in isolation without cause or without trial? To me this is not peace but state repression and colonialist genocide through political assimilation.

The word peace imply justice and fairness and as one can see in the case of Price and Corey, there is neither justice nor fairness, but rather repression and criminalization of thought and politics.

In the case of Corey, in particular Britain has shown that the courts can and will be ignored when they dont play the role the imperialists want and that the ruling of a judge can be ignored and vetoed simply on the say so of the unelected British Secretary of State Owen Patterson.

The Irony of all is this is that as we speak the UVF and the Orange Order are currently attacking peaceful nationalists, and with the blessing of the PSNI/RUC are perpetrating hate and violence in Belfast. During the Visit of the Queen, these same forces attacked with hammers and machetes peaceful protestors, women and children on Black Mountain for simply displaying their flag.

Why are these lovers of peace silent as these crimes are being perpetrated? Where are these lovers of peace when the Orange Order march through Irish neighbourhoods inciting violence and hate?

All those who truly love peace and justice must speak out and condemn this hypocrisy. FREE PRICE AND COREY!!!!END INTERNMENT NOW!!!!!

please contact Owen Patterson and Demand that they be set free!!

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