Why I attack Jason Miller in my posts

7 Sep

Recently quite a few friends have criticized me for my attacks on Crown Prosecutor Jason Miller in my blog. They feel that by doing this I am screwing myself over and makes no sense. I tend to disagree.

I feel that my attacks on crown prosecutor Jason Miller are warranted because this is my only avenue to expose the injustices I face, and it is the state that has attacked me. In my writings I am using the only avenue available to me to respond to these attacks.

It was the state several years ago that decided to put me under surveillance because I hold a criminal ideology, Marxism-Leninism. it was the state that chose to spend so many resources to infiltrate my group with their agents, simply because we chose to take a stand against the real conspirators who are conspiring to destroy the world for their economic gain, the g20, and it was the state that falsely arrested me, forced my mom to bail me out, put my on conditions, smear my name and even after my charges were dropped, still persecute me through giving people non associations with me, continue to monitor my activities and press charges against me when i decided to tell my side of the story with this Blog.

Enter crown prosecutor Jason Miller, Lackey of the rich, whom plays the role of the state in the normalization of repression. When there is a drug epidemic that has killed at least six people in the last month or two in Kitchener, and people are dropping like flys, while there is cut after cut to rehabilitation programs, Miller, on behest of the state feels it is more important to criminalize and silence dissent then it is to deal with the problems that we are dissenting against in the first place.

It is Miller who has decided to proceed against me through intidable charges, meaning that he is going to seek mad jail time, it is miller who handed his response to my list of issues and witnesses a month after he was supposed to in court, it was Miller who has denied my request for witnesses, and it was Miller who time and time again has tried to throw wrenches in my defense.

While it may be true that finally he is providing two witnesses i asked for, this is only after it became obvious that i was hell bent on getting them and only after I made it clear that I wont stop until i served them with subpoenas.

Miller is an agent of the state whose goal is to seek my conviction. What does he expect from me to buy him flowers and kiss him? I am a revolutionary and as such when i am under attack i will respond, especially if these attacks come from the state and are aimed at silencing me. People whom have been out of the struggle for a while and have found activist job have forgotten what its like to be under attack twenty four seven. My only response to these attacks can be resistance, and i do this by writing about what is happening to me and how i feel about it.

The very definition of political struggle means that antagonist contradictions can only be solved through resistance. I have nothing to be ashamed of, nor do I have any remorse for taking a political stance, or refusing to be intimidated by a state that aims to silence me. I will not grovel and beg forgiveness, nor engage in these social niceties with those who want to put me in a cage. My crime is my politics and wanting to tell my story and if I back down and they can come for me today, it is you that they will come for next.
I am a Marxist Leninist and i remain unrepentant and unbroken!!!


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