Preliminary Inquiry finds grounds for commital,next court date Oct. 31st

18 Sep

The desision of the judge today at the Preliminary inquiry to find grounds to proceed is not a suprise nor is it a huge significant victory for the state. Yes it may be true that with this finding the political prosecution of myself continues, yet it is also true that we have learned many new things, or thather that we have confirmed what we already new.

1. The state has not stopped its electronic survellance of my blog.
2. That the police has crossed international borders and coperated with other police agencies to stop people from talking about there dirty tricks before the publication ban
3. Non political people who have allegedly broke the publication ban have not been charged, showing that it is an instrument to contiue imposing a silence on what happened.
4. Political survelliance, targetting and attacks are alive and well in “this great country”

Aside from this i raised many issues that will assist me at jury trial, which I wont blog about. I would like to thank everyone who has helped or supported including The WCC, Ash, Brandon, Rev. Cornel OZ, my old roomies, Toronto ABC, Patsy, Dio etc. I would really like to thank Mandy Hiscocks for agreeing to come from jail, be transported just to answer three four important questions. It was really good to see her and her assistance was very important!!!!


One Response to “Preliminary Inquiry finds grounds for commital,next court date Oct. 31st”

  1. Al September 19, 2012 at 1:00 pm #

    Holy Crap! The police are following this Blog! Ever get the impression that the Police/Crown need you guys (activists) to “prove” the existence of organized/radical “political terrorists”, just to justify their own existence? How do you get political approval to spend multi millions, with enhanced security, for a new downtown courthouse when crime rates are falling? Simply put you have to drum up business. I think that secretly senior management love you guys. Unfortunately their pretend fear and loathing filter down to the rank and file who sometimes overeact to your “provocations”. Hang in there and take the high road .

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