Info Picket To Free Marian Price And Drop All Charges Against Paddy McDaid, Frank Quigley and Marvin Canning a success!!!!!!

28 Sep

On Sept 27th members of the Anti Colonial Working group held an info picket outside the British consulate in Toronto demanding that Price be freed and charges against the other three men arrested at the 32csm rally in April 2011 in Derry be dropped. Despite the presence of RCMP, Toronto Police, intelligence etc. and threats of arrest if any of us set a foot on consulate property We held our banner and handed out 450 flyers.

When our comrades showed up with Irish flags and Republican banners, Police agencies decided that they had a right to intimidate people demanding names and addresses even though all we were doing was handing out flyers!!!! We were later treated to good old British hospitality when the British consulate staff decided to show us the middle finger!!!!
All in all the Rally was a success and we will keep on raising awareness around Price and other Republican prisoners locked by the Colonialist Powers!!!!

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